Deja Vu all over again?

Why do I get the feeling that I’ve seen this before?
Crap team ditches coach and goes in search of the best available to replace.
No self-respecting coach is interested until ridiculous dollars get thrown at a “retired” premiership coach which piques their interest and “the Messiah” is duly appointed.
Malcolm Blight lasted about 12 weeks into the season before the Saints sacked him!
The moral of the story? If they don’t want to coach, don’t try to lure them back with your filthy lucre as their heart’s not in it anyway and it will all end in tears.
Bottom line: Paul Roos is not the man to coach Melbourne. Discuss!


  1. True.
    But he may be the one to attract corporate support which has deserted the Demons and is so necessary.
    A sad scenario.
    Barassi perhaps?

  2. Maybe, but if he doesn’t want to coach for $800k a year why would you want to employ him if he’ll do it for a mill? This is essentially what happened with Blight. Didn’t really want to coach again but got an offer he couldn’t refuse. Don’t think the extra in the bank put anymore fire in the belly!

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