Day 3 at Galle; mixed metaphors at the G.



I often wonder what journalists do when there is no play.  They sit and chat about yesterday’s play and so it was this morning.

Strangely there is no music that Marvin Gay wrote about yesterday but the atmosphere is one of happiness which to me epitomises life in Galle.  After what they have been through one could not think otherwise.

The 200-odd ground staff have spent most of the morning from 9am taking the covers off, putting the covers on and off again in military precision.  As one tourist said to me it would never work in Australia.  What with duty of care, occupational health and safety and all the other legalese the game would not happen. I just love the precision with which they work.

They do a marvellous job.

But here in beautiful Galle the “workers” just enjoy what they are doing.  In many cases it is the only job that they have and probably would not call it a job as they don’t get paid.

We only have two sessions of play .  Moans from the Media centre: “When will we get lunch?”

The Australian camp is keen to get on with the game as they feel they have the Lions on the ropes. (Must remember to watch the big game this afternoon.  The Catters are favourites here although the heathens couldn’t care less)

With an overnight lead of 284 it probably looks enough on this pitch although the curator did tell me last night that the game would go four days. He not only curates the ground, he is club administrator and is responsible for the rebuilding.  Shades of Clem Jones.

Have been advised that there will be two three hour sessions which will make for an interesting day.

The “Bring Back Simon Katich Stand” has been launched for the third day running and they are no doubt confident that they will need a bigger sign for the next test.  Likewise the Kangaroo Island group.

The batsmen made their intent obvious with Johnson  and Kharwaja  hitting out at the bowlers.

Johnson’s intent came to an abrupt end when his nine iron was caught by the green keeper.

Harris struck some lusty blows while UK tried to improvise.

Suddenly Usman broke loose and from then on in Australia went for the runs with all remaining batsmen striking some lusty blows

Copeland (23 not out) and Lyon (13) must have thought they were back playing cricket in the bush. The two long-time mates have had a great match so far.

All out for 210  Herath 5/79 was the best of the bowlers but he got some stick from the tailenders.  Still eight wickets for the game not a bad effort.

Peter Lalor (The Australian) sighted a Crows jumper and I had to investigate.  Michael has been working in the mines in Tanzania and thought he would pop over for the game.

Harris is having a good second half to the game. First ball and Paranavitita is out lbw.

“How many test matches have there been where in the second innings an opener has gone out first ball?” posed the Rev Jim Maxwell the doyen of cricket statisticians.

Dilshan swishes and flays like the grim reaper.  He obviously has more important things to do than be out in the centre.

Maybe he wants to see how the Collingwood  v Geelong game is going.  There certainly will be a bigger crowd there than at this game.

Dilshan finally goes after a nothing shot against Harris 2/15

Sangakarra is batting outside his crease and moving down to Copeland to put him of his length  but he is not making any runs

Ponting seems to be giving orders. Pup must put a stop to that and take total control.

Lyon into the attack and he again looks impressive. The laconic Canberran says he only has one ball and this is his stock ball.

Sangakarra and Jayawardena have settled in very well and are as watchful as Bill Shorten.

Clarke bowls the last over before  the  tea break.

Quarter time Collingwood 4 goals (24) Geelong 2 – 5- (17)

Watson breaks through when he has Sangakarra taken by Hussey 3/52. The Sanger could not get his game flowing at all

Samawareera  does not like scoring and plays one straight through to Haddin of Johnson 4/63 as the Cats skip out to a 50 point lead.  Most satisfactory on both accounts Michael is now getting up steam and so is Stevie at the “G”.

Harris claims his third when Jayawardena plays on 5/68 and the Lions are looking very lethargic

Mathews is playing much better in this dig and plays some fine strokes and supports Mahela J very well indeed.

The pitch is now slow and certainly not the minefield it was on Day 2.

The Cats are going further ahead as the third quarter progresses. Mick was right again about equalisation.

Three fours in a row of Lyon brings up Mahela’s fifty  5/98.  He is the only Lion showing any resistance although Mathews continues to support him well.

The Cats can’t be beaten now surely as news comes through that Jimmy Bartel has re-signed.

As a good cricketer in his own right Bartel would be happy with the situation in Galle.

Clarke brings on Ponting and himself  as the light deteriorates.

Bad light stops play at Galle but not at the “G” .

Jayarwardena  ( 57) and Mathews (32) have battled on well to take the score to 5/120 at stumps with 2 days to go and 259 runs to win it will be a big task not like the Pies who have no hope.

Harris finishes with 3/24 as the best of the bowlers

Cats 22 – 17 – 149     –      Collingwood 8 – 5- 53  Go Catters.






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  1. Good one Bob.

    Sorry I missed you yesterday we stayed at our resort until about 11:45am.



    PS My mum’s cousin is Marilyn Dangerfield. Any connection?

  2. Yes I am sure she is there is a Marilyn on the sire’s side though I hasten to add the ability come from the mare.
    Are you here today?
    I will come over at tea time which I am sure there will be. Distinctive orange shirt. Old age

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