DA’s Puzzle of the Round (1)

Catch the delightful puzzles and words of David Astle at http://davidastle.com/.

In the meantime, David has once again been good enough to provide with a puzzle a week for season 2012. Here’s his first.


To help you segue from one season to the next, we look at the 16 Aussie cricketers currently preparing for the Windies tests, and some peculiar links to Aussie Rules that four of these players possess. (If you don’t know the Test squad, you may be wise to peek elsewhere in the Almanac before you tackling these brain-ticklers.)


Seasoned solvers will find the first three challenges a gentle ride into 2012. But beware the lash of the last. And so, among our current Test tourists, which:


1. Can lose one letter in his surname and be spun to spell an AFL team?

2. Is the only one to boast AFL among his letters?

3. Sounds like a footy side’s logo? (And name his historic opponent is in the one-day squad!)

4. Can lose an O and be mixed to make an AFL team?


Solution next week



  1. DA, you are giving the brain a workout in 2012…..
    I have the first three – but the last is indeed hard. Shane Watson?

  2. Quite right, Dinah. The last cricketer is SHANE WATSON, but why? What’s the footy club involved?


  4. NA? Na

    But very close. And you’ve picked the right mob, Gigs

  5. Hmmm.

  6. I’ve always seen Shane Watson – with the O – as “Want Ashes? No!” That doesn’t really help.

  7. I had THE SWANS too…..the rest is N/A.

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