Darts: World Championship Final

Phil Taylor v Gary Anderson.

Add your comment as the match unfolds.

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  1. Handy darts from the challenger. 180 to get back into the decider of the first set, then out with 121: T20, 11, Bull.

    He’s in this.

    Has been playing well, but can he handle the pressure of the occasion, and the relentless Taylor?

  2. Anderson is hot.

    Taylor, 180, lifts.

  3. Theo7 loving the darts because Elmo and Cookie Monster are there.

  4. Dangerous theatrics with the chin rub and ooger-booger from The Power.

  5. No one wants this leg!
    Taylor wastes six chances at double 16 / 8 – finally Andersen takes it.
    The upset is on!
    Andersen has flattered to deceive in his career, he needs to take this tonight.

  6. Andersen finding his range with double top – now 3-1.
    A shake of the head from the Power, the margin of error is disappearing if he wants title number 17

  7. Phil continuing his love-hate relationship with D8.

  8. Taylor turning the screws now. D8 still giving him trouble.

    D10 giving Anderson trouble.

    Mental calm a factor now. Well, more than it usually is.

  9. Incredible from Anderson. he’s thrown 3 x D20 there. (One fell out)

  10. Incredible from Anderson. he’s thrown 3 x D20 there. (One fell out)

    Taylor 4-3

  11. Outrageous fortune for Anderson as he knock his own 2 x T20 darts out with his third. dart.

  12. Now a study in tension.

  13. 6-6


  14. Gary Anderson in a riveting see-sawing contest where the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune didn’t get the better of him.


  15. Peter Flynn says


    I must remember to breathe when I watch this sort of drama.

    That was awesome.

    Taylor’s darts stuck.

    Anderson’s darts were interesting.

    The two boards used sometimes didn’t handle his angle of contact.

    Great effort to win the 9th set and the match.


  16. Kath Presdee says

    That was a brilliant and epic match.

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