DA Puzzle of the Round (1)

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But first, can you solve this week’s puzzle?

To launch this season, DA will be giving us clues to three current players drawn from a single club, with a different club chosen each week. Bear in mind the clues are purely wordplay, with no definition. You’ll also find that the clues are ordered – in Brownlow style – from easy (1) to fiendish (3). Get amongst it.

1. Bendier plastic (3,4)

2. Heard to pinch left or right base (6,10)

3. One of 5X? Go hang (7,5)




  1. Got em. Do I post or does that ruin it for everyone else?

  2. MOC reckons he has it too. No answers here please, all will be revealed next Wednesday.

  3. What, is he going to ruin my football as well as my Fridays! At least my weekends are free for Football now.

  4. I have them too.
    Best wishes to all for the 2013 season….and Go Cats!

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