DA Puzzle of the Round (20)


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But first, can you solve this week’s puzzle?

What player in this week’s press owns a vowel-free surname of seven letters? And sifting the lists across the league, I dug up two prominent players – both hailing from SA originally – who brag all five vowels (and no extras) in their first and surnames combined. Name all three fellas.


DA Puzzle (19) solution: Bluey McKenna, Luke Shuey, Nic Natanui


  1. DA — I presume u have checked out the Brits’ equivalent of SBS’s Letters And Numbers: Countdown.
    On one episode I saw the dictionary whiz got TWO full Monty’s — 2 x 9- letter words off one set of nine letters.

    And she is using the proper dictionary, of course.Yep, the Oxford: the world’s only proper English language dictionary.

    Not that abortion you were forced to employ, and moreover, foist a copy on each unsuspecting contestant !!!


    The British version is rather bland compared to Letters And Numbers. My wife and I watch it religiously.

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