DA Puzzle of the Round (2)

Remember that David Astle is always just a click away at http://davidastle.com/

But before you make that click, try this:


A snap if you know your cars – but what two Volkswagen models are both listed footballers ready to rev in 2012? (And to check your answers, throw in GO to the pair’s first names, and see if you can make two car-related words, using every letter once only.)

Solution next week


Solution to DA Puzzle 1: Mitchell STARC (Cats), Ben HILFENHAUS, Nathan LYON (Dan CHRISTIAN), SHANE WATSON can lose AN O to spell THE SWANS


  1. Ripsnorter says

    Would have to be Jetta and Polo – not sure about the second part though as their are three Jetta’s playing Neville, Leroy and Lewis – can you point us in the right direction at all there?

  2. dew gasoline?

  3. Good car counting, Rip. And you have the right 11 letters, Edward (mixing DEAN + LEWIS + GO), though you’ve stalled on naming the right auto-terms.

  4. Ah, and one of those car-related terms was the nickname of a Brownlow medallist?

  5. Of course Gigs. And the other word is partially full or empty depending on how well your team is going.

  6. Ripsnorter says

    Diesel Wagon it must be then !

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