DA Puzzle of the Round (18)


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But first, can you solve this week’s puzzle?

How weird’s this? There’s a quick-handed player running around whose first name is a team-mate’s surname. Who is he? (While I reckon this fluke is unique, here’s a test to make sure you found the right bloke: mix the last three letters of his first name with the first three of his surname, and you reveal what the same club’s ex-major sponsor dealt in.)

DA Puzzle (17) solution: GOT + IN + THE + MAGPIES = EIGHT-POINT GAMES (and not TOP-EIGHT ENIGMAS as Tails so eloquently suggested!)


  1. That’s a brilliant one, DA. Surprised it’s the only current case given surnames like Thomas, Michael etc. North have Ben Warren on their list and a couple of years back also had a Warren Benjamin on the list at the same time. I’m really hoping that Ben’s full name is Benjamin. Surely to have two players in the one team with their first and surnames reversed would be a first!

  2. Would have said Corey Enright but that doesn’t add up with the extra clue


  3. Thanks Gigs – and good sleuthing, Sean. (I wasn’t sold on this double being unique, hence the fallback challenge to isolate the one pair.)

  4. Ripsnorter says

    How about Dyson Heppell – same name as Ricky Dyson – letters are an anagram of phones – supplied by Samsung who was a former sponsor

  5. Aren’t we supposed to not give it away?

  6. Ripsnorter, Gigs – I’ve hidden Ripsnorter’s answer to give others a fair run.

  7. Ripsnorter says


    Sorry – are you not supposed to try and get the answer and just wait for the next week – will do in future.


  8. Stephen Cooke says

    No need to apologise mate, it was a good get, I hadn’t worked it out. We just like to keep people thinking a bit longer. Cheers

  9. Good get, though, Ripsnorter. Well done!

  10. Andrew Fithall says

    Another incorrect answer is Taylor Hunt, Geelong team mate of Harry Taylor. And the Lonrhu is a concept vehicle produced by Ford. The Ford Lonrhu never made it to production.

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