Cup Day has nothing to Show for it

by Josh Barnstable

This is a question I have asked myself each year. The question is filled with answers, yet I never find one. Why is the Melbourne Cup day a public holiday?

For years, I wondered why we got the day off in November to see a bunch of horses running around a track, with small men on their backs whipping them, pushing them to go faster. Why though? Is this horse faster than that horse? Let’s have a day off work to find out! Some schools take the day off, and I being one of them quite enjoy being able to sleep in, but once I get up I ignore all the Cup hype; it’s a senseless act. In 2007, when the Melbourne Cup wasn’t a public holiday, I went to school that day and found that my class had only 6 students present, with 17 absent. Did those kids take the day off to see the Melbourne Cup? Nah, especially when the race starts when the bell has rung to finish the day!

This year, the small town of Numurkah will run its annual Show, and we always get the day off from school and work to go to the footy grounds to take part in the day. Sure, it doesn’t compete with the Melbourne Show, or even the Shepparton Show, but its small, its safe, and it’s a bloody good day to be involved in. So why is this year’s Show day a working day? Because the Government have stepped in, have said NO to a small town having a casual day off to have a bit of harmless fun, and all because of the Melbourne Cup. It’s either the Cup or the Show; they chose the Cup. Why should us kids, who frankly don’t give a rat’s tossbag (sorry, Malcolm Blight) about the Cup, be robbed of the privileges that we get at the Show? Fun, entertainment, excitement; sure some adults might get that through a few beers at the local footy, some old folks might get that through reminiscing on their heyday with their grandchildren, us kids, we get it at the local Show. But no, we have to go to school don’t we? One day off school for thrills is not allowed these days, but a day off to see animals race around a track while adults get off their faces, woman parade around the gates in their frocks, not giving a stuff about the horses, and most gamblers are thrown a money bone with plenty of horses to put the family savings on, that is allowed.

So on the 21st of October, the day of the Show, don’t expect me to be in class pretending I’m learning, you’ll see me, with a bunged up leg mind you, at the showgrounds wasting money on rides, showbags and food, good money though, money you save up for to have a good time, not money you save up for to punt on one horse with the slim odds of it returning a fortune. That’s a cheater’s way of making money, and on Melbourne Cup Day, you might see me enjoying the sleep in, but once 3:00pm hits, I’ll be in my room, watching my beloved footy. Even, dare I say it, soccer.


  1. lol, oh come on josh!
    even i get into the spirit.
    dad gets bets from the whole family and ill ethier pick a horse cos i like the name, number or the Jocky colours, nothing to do with odds mind you.
    What girl doesnt like a chance to frock up?
    for the wags its been too long since the brownlow, let them have their fun at spray tan salons! lol :p

    like i said, ive always wanted a horsey..

  2. Steve Healy says

    Yes, good idea of continuing the convo here.

    Me and my family usually has a sweep as well.

  3. Well i did get intrigued by the horse jumping at today’s Show, but then stopped watching after an ambulance was called because a female jockey fell off and broke her leg or something

  4. Steve Healy says

    lol. Maybe Jockey’s should ride something closer to the ground, like a rat.

  5. Lol this jockey was quite tall, tall for a jockey anyway.

  6. ..yeah cos that would really work.
    like EWWWWWWWW soo gross

  7. ill bet josh was giving the jockey looks behind his aviators!

  8. Steve Healy says

    Jockey’s are so short and light, they could ride air.

  9. short…i wouldnt say im light though so there goes that career!

  10. Steve Healy says

    Was there anything today in the other paper (don’t wanna say its name) about the fixture?

  11. well this will be me before the Book launch:

    Thursday 19th NOV
    8:55-10:35 ACCOUNTING EXAM
    11:00-12:40 LEGAL EXAM
    1:40-3:20 LITERATURE EXAM

    I will be the one looking half dead and drained at the launch.

  12. Steve Healy says

    Anyone hear that Andrew Swallow’s younger brother David is going to play for Gold Coast?

    HOW OLD?

  14. Nope didnt know him.

    Steve, me and my mate call the Herald Sun “Harold” for obvious reasons so you should call it that if you dont want to say its proper name. Nope nothing about the fixture either.

    This is me before the book launch:

    P1: Science
    P2: Science
    P3: Science
    P4: Science
    P5: P.E
    P6: P.E

    I’ll just get dressed into whatever i’ll be wearing after P.E and start heading to Melbourne

  15. Steve Healy says

    He’s, so he’ll be 18 or 19 in 2011.

    Hang on, you’re 17 Danni!

    He looks a lot like Swallow except he has darker hair

  16. Steve Healy says

    Sorry it’s meant to say he’s 17 at the start.

  17. WELL, aslong as hes older… :)

    argghhh i have to be in uniform for exams and at 3:20 ill have to race home shower, fix my hair, makeup and get dressed in record time. i dont think i will be staying teh whole time cos ive got a MEDIA EXAM teh next day at 11:00

  18. Steve Healy says

    You better not wear aviators to the book launch Josh lol

    hell get picked up by girls on hi sway to the launch LOL

  20. Steve Healy says

    I’m not sure what my dates and times for my exams are.

  21. well i hope its not like mine.
    im so upset that im gonna have to leave early! :(

  22. Steve Healy says

    Hey did you guys see the email that Daff just sent about the launch?

  23. Yes i’ll be wearing them, but wearing them up on my head like i usually do. I only rarely wear them over my eyes. I want to wear my Waaia gurnsey but im afraid people will mistake me for an Essendon supporter so i might wear my Waaia training jumper instead

  24. NO..i havent checked my mail yet.

  25. Steve Healy says

    Why wouldn’t you just wear your Roos jumper then Josh?

  26. Steve Healy says

    Its here:

    Hi All,

    A few things before I head off to the beach for a few days with the family:

    The book went to the publisher on Monday evening. (Thanks very much to the designers, John Kingsmill and Lesley Bunt at Tabloid in Adelaide.)

    It is going to the printer this week.

    Books will be available for pick-up in Melbourne mid-November. Details to follow this time next week.

    The Melbourne launch is at the Clyde Hotel in Carlton on Thursday 19 November.

    The Sydney launch is at the Alexandria Hotel in Alexandria (South Redfern) on Thursday 26 November.

    The Perth launch is at the Subiaco Footy Club on Friday 27 November.

    All launches 6-8.30pm.

    Details on Brisbane, Adelaide and Tassie to come.



  27. I just checked my mail and yeah i got it. Who’s comin to the Sydney and Perth launch with me??? LOL

    Well i dunno if i’ll be able to get my Roos guernsey because they dont sell the clash one anywhere around here so i might have to make a quick stop in Arden Street before i head to the launch.

  28. Steve Healy says

    I thought you already had a Roos guernsey?

    All of us should go to all the launches lol- that’d be fun

  29. I do but its from 2003, and it barely fits me.

    Lol we’ll take our Brendan Fevola-Brownlow performances all round Australia!

  30. Steve Healy says

    Yeah lol. Josh you’re used to long drives, so you may as well go that little step further by driving all around the country.

  31. And the Roos jumper is made by Bladez, it’ll match my Bladez Footy boots. I love my footy boots.

    For anyone interested, here is a progressive ladder from a fake fixture i am working on: (up to Round 14)

    1st Geelong (pts 48)
    2nd Brisbane (pts 44)
    3rd Port Adelaide (pts 36)
    4th Adelaide (pts 32)
    5th St Kilda (pts 32)
    6th Hawthorn (pts 32)
    7th Sydney (pts 24)
    8th Melbourne (pts 24)

    9th Collingwood (pts 24)
    10th Western Bulldogs (pts 22)
    11th West Coast (pts 22)
    12th Carlton (pts 20)
    13th Essendon (pts 18)
    14th North Melbourne (pts 16)
    15th Richmond (pts 12)
    16th Fremantle (pts 10)

  32. so it ends at 8:30? why do i remember someone saying midnight?
    this is good ill porb be able to stay till the end. :)
    Josh im willing to come with you only if we hitchhike

  33. It might have an after-party lol. Paul also told me it was going to be in Fitzroy so they must have made some radical changes.

    I remember coming to Melbourne with my Dad 6 years ago and we picked up a hitchhiker lol

  34. Steve Healy says

    Josh did you ever finish my fixture?

    Lets all hitchhike around the country. The Fab 5’s walk around the country- sponsored by the Footy Alamanac. We’ll raise money- for the Footy Almanac

  35. ohh and we can only hithhike if i approve of the driver, im talking hot dudes!!

  36. Steve Healy says

    Why can’t the book launch be closer to me? I have to go all the way to Carlton lol nah just kidding. I hope it goes late in to the night cos my parents said I can stay till the end and sleep in the next day.

  37. Nah we’ll get picked up by a truckie! lol

    Nah Steve i scrapped it after 10 rounds or so. I’m gonna do it again once the draft has been completed so i can do it with 2010 team lists

  38. Steve Healy says

    Ok. I might make another fixture soon. I love making fixtures.

  39. Yeah im gunning for a day off on the friday as well Steve. Why does it have to be in such a dump though? LOL

  40. Steve Healy says

    Yeah it’s just across the road from Melbourne Uni

  41. And how would i get to Carlton from Waaia?

  42. Steve Healy says

    Do you know where Carlton is Josh? lol

  43. Nuh lol i dont even know how to get to the MCG. But i do know how to get to the Coburg Clay Tennis Courts and Etihad Stadium

  44. Steve Healy says

    Carlton is just north of the CBD. The MCG is east and Etihad Stadium is west

  45. i love carlton, its melbourne own piece of Italy!!

  46. Steve Healy says

    Muzza central? For gods sake Danni lol

    Josh will prob see his first ever muzza!! :)


    ohh and i apologise in advance if im not very social at the launch. it will be cos ive gone through endless study and 4 days of exams, so if im grouchy, quite, stressed or look like im on the verge of tears, you know why.

  48. Michael Allan says

    Lygon street is the best.

    Josh, I’m not interested in the Melbourne cup. I prefer harness racing as Dad is a part owner in a horse and is a gambler I watch them a bit.

    I’ve never had an exam on the Friday so I’m expecting to have the next day off. Of course I’ll nneed it after my Fevola performance

  49. Steve Healy says

    Danni I think you’re saying all this too soon- the book launch is in 4 weeks.

  50. Michael Allan says

    Don’t worry Danni. I’ve always thought of you to be grouchy, quiet, stressed and on the verge of tears.

  51. Im probably not gonna be myself at the launch either, im not very social around new people. With you guys i should be alright though.

    I wonder if this Pub is like right next to Damo’s house? lol

  52. trust me i will have to say it anther 5 times before then!
    you guys dont know too much about me and school well beside the fact that i study at home a lot, but when it gets near exams im not the same person i should be. i get REALLY STRESSED to the point where you would say:”DANNI SIT DOWN, RELAX, BREATHE!”
    im not a person who can deal with stress well and i always feel really tired. its nearly the end of the year but you have no idea how demotived i am right now.
    i should be saying this to turn you off year 11 and 12 but its not a walk in the park if you know what i mean.

  53. gee thanks Michael.
    good to know that even when i am myself, in really not.

  54. lol a whack over the side of the head alright with you Danni?

  55. why do you want to whack me on the side of my head?

  56. to make you snap out of it if your going crazy about exams on the night

  57. Steve Healy says

    Yeah go with the flow Danni

  58. Michael Allan says

    Haha. One of us will be too stressed about exams to socialise, another will be too scared to talk to us because we’re new faces. Lol it looks like it’s just you me and Damo Steve.

  59. Steve Healy says

    Yay! Nah seriously we’re the Fab 5 and we talk to each other at least once a day so we should be fine on the launch

  60. Trust me you dont want to see the side of me that all my mates see lol

  61. Steve Healy says

    Everyone should see my stop motion animation that I did last year- It’s of Wonaeamirri taking a specky over a Richmond player and then kicking a goal.

  62. And then getting knocked out lol

  63. Steve Healy says

    yea I just put em on Facebook

  64. I made a similar story once Steve. I wrote about a North Melbourne v Richmond grand final and after Nathan Thompson kicked his 100th goal for the season i ran onto the ground along with everyone else and Richo knocked me out lol

  65. lol well i cant help it!
    and Josh isnt alone. im much more shy and quite in person.

  66. Yeah but once i get some Fevola juice into me i’ll be right

  67. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I am as well Danni.

  68. Michael Allan says

    I’m just glad we’ll all be in our team jupers. If we weren’t IU’d be calling Steve Damo and stuff like that lol.

  69. Michael Allan says

    Haha when Danni’s behind a computer screen she can talk as loud as she wants lol.

    How many arguments will we have throughout the night?

  70. lol none, ill be too tired to argue.
    umm not comming in my jumper.

  71. Lol dont do a Wayne Carey and glass her Michael.

    If your looking for a North guernsey to find me, also look for a Grey and White styled Essendon jumper coz i may be wearing that

  72. ill be the one in the black and white dress and sore feet cos of heels!

  73. Steve Healy says

    A lot lol.

  74. Steve Healy says

    I’ll be in a Melbourne jumper and Jeans. And no aviators

  75. nah steve, i wont.
    i think ill be too shy to arguie.
    the only thing you guys will probably hear from me is a hello.

  76. I think we’ve planned to stay in a motel overnight, dunno where though.

    I’ll be in a footy jumper, jeans, skate shoes and aviators!

  77. know, if i bring my big purse i can bring some media notes with me!

  78. Steve Healy says

    I’ll probably be in skate shoes as well, cos I usually only wear two pairs of shoes

  79. I asked mum if she was gonna bring a camera and she said it was the dumbest question i’ve ever asked

  80. My skate shoes are size 15 lol and are very dusty after today. Better clean them before school tomorrow

  81. Steve Healy says

    Danni, I’ll take those notes out of your bag and rip them up lol

  82. lol i think my mum will too.
    ohh gosh i hate taking pics!
    only cos i dont smile in pics cos im so insecure! and mums like

  83. Steve Healy says

    Size 15? thats huge I’m only about 11 or 10.

    Gotta go for dinner but I should be back

    Im gonna panic with or without them! so you might as well let me have them.

  85. lol im a 6 and a half to 7 in ladies depending on the heel.

  86. Cant find any info about the Dees B&F.

    The AFL has announced that teams after Western Sydney will be located in WA and northern Queensland. Where would they put a 3rd team in WA? Broome? And i think by 2020 we’ll see Cairns Football Club.

  87. Oh and Port have signed a US Basketball star, following in the footsteps of Dean Brogan

  88. ohhh god!
    this is too much!
    im so annoyed at this its not funny!
    i think in the end the AFL WILL LOSE MONEY because of this being so unsucessful!
    oh by the way a huge fight happend in our hallway near the lockers at school, my year level ofcorse!

  89. Ooh what happened??

  90. Steve Healy says

    Status- annoyed at the absence of Melbourne Best and fairest coverage

  91. Typical Melbourne, not doing anything for there fans

  92. Steve Healy says

    That’s not true lol

  93. Lol it is. Steve i just did that who’s following you thing on FB and your number 3 and the only guy in there haha

  94. Michael Allan says

    Lol Danni I didn’t expect to get you confused with any other Fab 56 membeers since your the only girl in the group.

    I’ll be the red head in the Richmond jumper. Still undecided whether to go with Collins or Newman.

    We never have any cat fightsa at school. Tell me about it Danno.

  95. We do, there bloody hilarous too . There was a fight yesterday that i was involved with

  96. Michael Allan says

    Haha, country folk.

    By the way, there’s still only 5 members. I hope you guys didn’t think I added 51 members when I said Fab 56. lol

  97. Lol i just assumed it was another one of your grammer mistakes lol

  98. Steve Healy says

    Lol. There are never many real fights at my school. Just joke ones.

    Nah I added all of Melbourne’s list lol

  99. I have added some of North’s players but they haven’t accepted me yet :( and i added Hayden Ballantyne and Jason Porplyzia too

  100. Michael Allan says

    The only fights at our school seem to happen at sport. I’m in an all boys P.E class so it gets pretty heated. There were a few punches thrown last lesson but the teacher never does anythiong. lol

  101. Wait i hope we were talking about what i think we were talking about then..

  102. Yeah yesterday there was a punch-on between a guy and a girl in P.E

  103. Michael Allan says

    Lol, we’re talking about fights where people are fuull on fighting eachother. What are you talking about?

  104. Steve Healy says

    Really? Geez your school must be a bit wild Josh.

  105. Michael Allan says

    ROFLMAO, what a loser. Did the guy get bashed. Is the girl manish looking? What wass the fight about?

    I couldn’t imagine fighting a girl in our uyear level. Actually there’s a girl who does kick boxing, I could imagine her taking on a guy.

  106. When Steve said he added the Melbourne list i thought he either meant he added the players on Facebook or he added the Melbourne players to make up a Fab 56 lol

  107. Lol well the story goes like this:

    I was in P.E, sitting out coz of my foot, and i was talking to a guy on the sidelines. I was also sitting next to a girl, this guy’s ex girlfriend and she’s from NZ. They are pretty good friends, sorta a love-hate relationship but he started sayin oh all Kiwi’s should be exported, especially sluts like her but he was just joking around and he kept sayin stuff like that and then the girl got up and starting kickin and punchin him and he was swinging his arms around trying to block her and apparantly he hit her accidentally.

  108. Michael Allan says

    Haha your school sounds crazy. Was she a massive Mauri?

    I wish we had a Kiwi go to my school, they have awesome accents.

    Did the teacher do anything?

  109. Well the rest of the class was playing basketball so the teacher was umpiring that but he saw the last bit of the fight as she stormed out. And she was a massive Maouri, but not massive as in muscular. Hope she doesnt see that…

    I hate there accents lol. Anyway the teacher made me tell him what happened then made me go get the V.P so i limped to his office and got him. The guy got an interschool detention.

    There’s been heaps of fights in P.E, a few weeks ago one kid smashed a Badminton racket over another kid and two girls had a brawl on the tennis courts.

  110. Michael Allan says

    rofl, I wouldn’t survive at your school Josh. I think I’d make freinds with that Mauri and just hide behind her. lol

  111. Steve Healy says

    Josh, your school would make a great TV show.

  112. well since our year level is labbeled the worst year level stuf always happends.
    two girls got into a fight about one of them supposidly saying something trashy about another girls group. it was all verball screaming and until it got physical and punches where thrown, girls where pushed and other friends tried to get in to hold them back. it got bad!
    meanwhile me and candy were standing a few feet away going:”its just liek in the movies!”

  113. Michael Allan says

    I agree Steve. I’ve always been interested in country schools. I’d watch it.

  114. Michael Allan says

    Lmao. That’s so funny. Private school girls are so boring. They justn bitch about eachother behind their backs and that’s it. The year level would go wild if two girls ever fought eachother. I just couldn’t imagine anyone other than the kcik boxer fighting.

  115. Lol my school wouldnt make a good movie. Do you guys have smokers at your school?

    Candy aint a fighter ey? Hmmm

  116. nah it got Bad like girls were choved at lockers and they were screaming abuse and the teachers had to come in and break it up.
    yeah thats a negative about girls schools in that they all talk about each other and you never really know what they think of you.

  117. lol not that i personally know of.
    lmaoo yeah Candy..well im not gonna say incase it gets me in trouble but lets just say theres a few girls wed love to tell what we really think of them.

  118. Oh and a few weeks back in Science the maouri chick and other chick punched on coz the other girl drew on the maouri chick’s drawing lol

  119. Michael Allan says

    I heard one girl is but nobody has been caught. They year 9’s were searched for drrugs last week. They’re the bad year level.

  120. Steve Healy says

    Don’t worry Danni. The whole world isn’t watching

  121. Michael Allan says

    Haha the maori certainly has a temper.

  122. Lol and yet she’s nice.

    We have about 40 smokers at our school, they all go for a choof at lunch

  123. lol Micheal, my year level is the bad yearlevel.
    sorry steve, better safe than sorry i dont wanna be flung through a locker

  124. Has Candy checked out me picture yet or what?? lol

  125. hmm you know what, imma text her right now.

  126. Steve Healy says

    Tell her to look on page 1 of google images for my picture!

  127. Okay lol.

    I just realised its gonna be thursday tomorrow. 4 periods of Science to start off the day! ARGH!!

  128. josh if i find out your one of them..YOUR IN BIG TROUBLE

  129. Steve, she dont wanna go for blonde eyebrowed city kids like you lol

  130. Yes “mum”

  131. Does everyone agree with me when i say Damo is the least active of our fab 5?

  132. NAWWW Leave Damo alone!
    Damo is awesome hes never got me into debate mode once or said something i dont a agree with.

  133. But he goes for Carlton so thats a debate in itself between use two

  134. Michael Allan says

    Haha yeah, I would’ve thoguht it was me after my poor weekend effort but then I realised he’d hardly been on either. lol

  135. Steve Healy says

    Damo’s still an equal part of the Fab 5. It’s like a pizza with 5 equal slices.

  136. bloody hell CANDY, LOOK AT YOU PHONE WOMAN!!! CHECK YOUR TXT!!!!!!


    :) lmaoo
    last night he won the youngest kid comment and now this

  138. Steve Healy says

    Josh chicks love blonde eyebrows

  139. Michael Allan says

    Very profound Steve. However I didn’t think anybody mentioned that he should be kicked out of the group. By the sounds of it it’s just going to be me and him talking at the launch. lol

  140. we do?
    that depends on if they like blonds in the first place though.

  141. I bags being the bolagnaise part of the pizza :D

    How did he get the phliosophical comment award? What does it mean by the way?

  142. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Danni, It’s good that you’re appreciating my comments.

  143. ummm no one said anything about kicking anyone out!

  144. and looking at comment 141 Josh wins the:
    “OKAYYY THEN’ award

  145. Michael Allan says

    It means that we’re all equal and nobody’s ranked higher than the other. In fact, I guess we’re a Communist group.


  147. Steve it works like this:

    Blonde girl goes for a Brunette guy
    Brunette girl goes for a Blonde guy

  148. Steve Healy says

    What about Danni and Nathan Brown/ Jack Anthony


  150. Most comments posted on this website award goes to:

    Me or Danni!

  151. Michael Allan says

    lol I thought we could go one night without a fight. We’re deffers Communist Danni. We’re “back in the U.S.S.R.”
    Any beatles fans here?

  152. Well, does anyone know that Brown and Anthony are natural brunettes? They could be blondes

  153. Michael Allan says


  154. “wow, firstly id like to thank my fans, i wouldnt be here without you, Jack, my hubby, i love you so much thanks for your support, Candy, thanks for always being there AND NOT CHECKING YOU PHONE WHEN I NEED YOU!!”

  155. Michael, no one im afraid.

  156. nope josh they are NOT blonds.
    ummm ranggas are cute but it kinda depends.
    Blonds porbly more than brunetts

  157. Michael Allan says

    Shut up Josh.

  158. Actually, according to Michael’s myspace pics, Japanese girls might go for the Rangas



  160. Steve Healy says

    Josh, I think you, me and Danni would have equal comments

  161. Michael Allan says

    Haha yeah they loved the red hair. It was pretty awesome.

  162. ive got a second cousin who has red hair!

  163. Okay Steve.

    Award for the most sayings of: “lol”


    Has Candy texted back?

  164. :(
    im going to kill her 2mro!!
    i swear out of all the girls shes the worst when it comes to replying to a txt!!
    shes prob working out or finishing study.

  165. Workin out ey? Lol…wait why do i wanna text a 17 y.o???

  166. lol you brought it up i jst said she wants to see a photo.

    i miss my cuddlesnrainbows

  167. Hmm true, my bad.

    Why where is he? Has he left for Arizona?

  168. ohh while everyone well almost everyone is on here what should i put on the back of my yr 12 shirt?

    Danni, Jonas, Federer, Darcy or Magpie?

  169. …im not sure.
    but.. i miss him and his black shorts and amazing arms!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  170. Steve Healy says

    Magpie or Nathan Brown

  171. Who’s Darcy?

    I’d put Danni, i’m getting Barney put on mine if i do year 12

  172. WHOS DARCY???
    Colin Firth played MR.Darcy in pride and prejudice.
    im naming my first born son
    Andre Federer Dracy!
    Isnt danni unoriginal?
    hmmmm Yeah my frined fiona said to put Nathan on the back.

  173. Michael Allan says

    I thought you’d have Crunchie.

    I was asked the other day but I’ve got no idea what I’ll put on mine. I’m still a fair way off though.

  174. Actually i’d put Magpie on it.

    I’ve never watched Pride and Prejudice.

  175. yeah the Crunchie thing died off lol.
    Josh you wouldnt appreciate Pride and Predjudice TRUST ME!
    yeah im so stuck.
    Magpie, NathanBrown, Dracy,Federer
    are my top four.

  176. i dont think
    Cuddlesnrainbows will fit on it

  177. Steve Healy says

    Put em all there. It’ll look awesome.

    I’m busting to know how the bets and fairest is going so I can write my piece

  178. Do you guys get to design your own year 12 jumper? We do


    OMG, is he wearing a tux?/?

  180. Michael Allan says

    Lol, how lazy am I. I still havn’t ddone a Richmoond one.

  181. nah i dont think we do Josh.

  182. Michael Allan says

    We don’t, I like the way it is though.

  183. Michael Allan says

    I’m interested to see how my boy Blease frocks up for the night.

  184. ours changes every year.

  185. Steve Healy says

    Good old Bleasey. I reckon he’ll get a rising star nomination next year.

  186. A lot of Melbourne players will. Trengove, Scully, Blease, Watts

  187. Michael Allan says

    Steve that’s only if he stops injuring himself. He’ll be the new Gumbleton.

  188. Steve Healy says

    Dees for a clean sweep of Rising star nominations! All 22!!!!!!!!

  189. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, good luck with that.

    I’m off now, bye.

  190. hey im dragging candy onto this convo asap

  191. Steve Healy says

    Yea, candy was on this site before wasn’t she?

    Jim Stynes was just on Sports tonight. They said the count was still going but Aaron Davey and Cameron Bruce were right up there whatever that means.

    Bye Michael

  192. WHERE the fudge is JOSHY!

  193. That means Bruce and Davey are leading

  194. Right here

  195. Yes Danni, I am here.


    Hello, footy-heads, how are we all? ;)

    And I say footy-heads in a very endearing way!

  196. Is this a fab 6 now?? lol

  197. awwww my blond betch!! :)

  198. Steve Healy says

    Hello Candy, I can’t believe it’s really you!

    We’ve heard so much dribble about you


  200. Haha lol

    Steve, i still cant find any info about the best and fairest, maybe the rest of the world doesnt even know its on?

  201. lmaoo steve, yes shes real!

  202. Yes, I’ve been reading…. :P

    I must admit, I have been feeling rather left out, knowing that you’re all coming on here while I still have no idea about football!

    I’m getting around to it, though, trust me…

  203. Steve Healy says

    All Demons supporters do.

    So Candy if you’re still there, why did your parents name you such a cool name?

  204. Whoo comment 200, 200 comments in one day, good effort fab 5

  205. Mother Dearest loves everything American, so I guess I’m a tribute to that!

  206. yes, she really is trying.
    Josh welcome a fellow Roo!

  207. Lol yes our numbers are multiplying!

  208. Steve Healy says

    Ok, my Mother is very dear as well.

    You should’ve been called the Statue of liberty instead of Candy

  209. WOOT WOOT go the Roos!

  210. candy tell josh about the spedos incident

  211. Oh my God Steve, I am so going to get a name change now! ^.^

    I’m always at the bottom of the roll at school so the teacher would say everyone’s names, and then all of a sudden… “Is Statue of Liberty here?”

    I’m actually liking that.

  212. I bet she’s jealous of this, it’ll top any speedos story:

    My mum was in the showers with the Roo boys after a match in 2005! She hasnt closed her eyes since

  213. Oh God Dani, I’m sure you’ve recycled that story like A MILLION TIMES already!!!!

    Well, here it goes:

    I’m at the swimming pool, I look up, there are all these guys in Speedos. Another lady tells me they’re the North Melbourne footy team, and I was all ‘Well I guess I’ll go for the Roos now’… but I didn’t fully decide until I found out they are the ROOS, and since kangaroos are my favourite animals, it just stuck.

    The End. :)

  214. WHAT!!?

  215. Steve did Sports Tonight say what round the B&F was up too?


  217. Lol can you name any North players?

  218. AND that josh n steve is how candy became a roo.

  219. Steve Healy says

    Oh, Candy did you hear my story about a kangaroo I saw.

    Oh on camp I got within a couple of metres of a kangaroo, or it might’ve been a wallaby lol but still. I nearly touched it but it hopped away

  220. Steve Healy says

    They didn’t say Josh…………………..

  221. Well it was me birthday and we drove to Melbourne to see Roos v Dogs and we lost by 30. In the rooms after the game Mum was talking to some old lady saying “we drove 3 hours to see this!” and she happened to be talking to the club president’s wife or something so she went and got him and he let us into the players area of the room and he said stand over there which was in the doorway of the showers so she could see all the players having a shower lol. And she knows how Big Sav got his nickname now

  222. Awwww Steve I am officially jealous.

    LOL now you’ll see me trying to hug a kangaroo next time I go to the Melbourne Zoo!

    Josh – well, is there one named… Mark, by any chance?

    OMG CANDY, steve said that yesterday and i DIED FORM LAUGHING

  224. Oh that reminds me Steve, i patted heaps of Rock Wallabies when i went on camp to Uluru.

  225. Mark…nope im sorry

  226. BRB people

  227. Steve Healy says

    Ah, the beauty of the copy and paste.

  228. I nearly touched it but it hopped away
    i cnat breathe..ITS SO FREAKING CUTE AND FUUNY

  229. Now Dani, kangaroos have that effect on you LOL.

    Wow Josh, I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep now, ;)

    You watch, I will seriously try to pat a kangaroo or a wallaby and I’ll end up in hospital….

  230. Steve Healy says

    How did you get so close to them Josh!!!!!!!!!!AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i was dying form laughter

  232. Steve Healy says

    Best and fairest news- Liam Jurrah won best first year player and he was offered the number 24 guernsey from Robbo.

  233. Steve Healy says

    Lol yeah. I didn’t try and be funny when I said it lol I was just trying to sound excited about a Kangaroo/Wallaby that I saw.

    We also found a carved stick in the dirt which looked like it could’ve been done by Aborigines 200,000 years ago

  234. steve, have it forever in you mind the exact wording of teh story, never forget it so when i feel like a laugh you can say it to make me feel better

  235. Wow, that’s really cool – did you keep it, or leave it?

  236. Steve Healy says

    Maybe at the book launch if you’re stressed about exams?

  237. lmaoo exactly steve

  238. Steve Healy says

    Nah Candy out teacher just said it was useless so we had to leave it on the ground. Plus, it would’ve have fit in anyone’s bag if we took it home and if one of us carried it on the bus we would poke someone in the eye and then they’d tell on us and the teacher’s would take it off us anyway.

  239. Hey Steve, have you got Facebook?

  240. Steve Healy says

    Yes I do Candy. just add Steve Healy and bingo

  241. Back.

    Steve, you gotta have food in your hands to touch them lol

    There’s aborignal artwork surrounding the caves in Uluru

  242. LOL I guess it’s a good thing no-one tried to sneak it out!

  243. Coolio, shall do. :)

  244. hey josh i jst saw ur aviator pic

  245. Steve Healy says

    Shouldn’t Danni have Facebook if you do Candy? lol

  246. That’s nice Danni. Jurrah should keep the number 48, its unique.

    Add mee Candy

  247. Lol no i dont have facebook!

  248. Steve Healy says

    By the way Candy I’m the Steve Healy with the plasticine Wonaeamirri on the shoulders of a plasticine Richo.

  249. No, Dani’s smart LOL – she probably saw how much I got addicted to it and though ‘Hmmm, I’ll keep away from that’ ;)

  250. Steve Healy says

    Josh that just sounds desperate lol

  251. There’s only one Steve Healy aint there? Im sure she knows who Wonaeamirri is lol

  252. lol im sure candy has a few pics of me on hers though!

  253. Josh – hang on a sec, I’m getting to the adding!

    I might just say that I am a terrible multitasker – I’m listening to Evermore, on MSN, Facebook, and here, and I CAN’T HANDLE IT lol.

  254. Desperate? Nah no way mate lol

  255. Evermore is gun as, i love Between the Lines lol.

  256. Steve Healy says

    Have ya added me? lol

    Stupid Melbourne B&F!!!! hurry up and finish

  257. Joshy i think u need to cut your hair!

  258. Mmhmm Josh surrreeee.. LOL

  259. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Josh cut your hair mate!

  260. Danni that photo was last month, i’ve cut my hair since then. My hair would look like…Russell Robertsons hair now, but brown and blonde

  261. Jeez is this pick on Josh’s hair night or something??

  262. LOL uve gone from dale to robbo in one go?
    lmao :P
    lmao steve, you take my side when Michaels not here eyy?/

  263. Isn’t Evermore just, WOW?!

    I must admit, I was a bit delayed, I only bought ‘Truth of the World’ and ‘Real Life’ on Saturday, but I had always loved Running and Light Surrounding You, and after listening to their albums… I am hopelessly devoted LOL.

    My favourites would have to be Max is Stable, Everybody’s Doing it and Hey Boys and Girls.

  264. Steve Healy says

    Good that your being inspired by Robbo. I am

  265. Yeah im really wanting Robbo at North next year.

    My friends got a signed album of their latest album.

    Yeah i was in the hairdressers for 20 minutes lol but it was fun talking to the girl cutting my hair

  266. “i make them bad boys go good!’

  267. Steve Healy says

    Matthew Bate finished 4th!!!!

    Live feed off Twitter

  268. Haha my friend sings that as well Danni, and he goes for Collingwood as well! Knows nothin about them tho

  269. Steve Healy says

    BRuce finished 3rd!

  270. I got a Twitter account.

    Who came 2nd and 1st?? Oh the suspense!

  271. Okay guys, I’ve added you on Facebook…

    Dani wanted me to change my Profile Pic, but I rather like it! ;)

  272. Steve Healy says

    Warnock, Jones and Sylvia 5th BTW

  273. Steve Healy says

    Thanks Candy. I love your surname too

  274. lmaoo ohh gosh!
    i want candy, rhymes with mandy, her hair is sandy, shes really dandy!!

  275. Steve Healy says

    Moloney 2nd, OMG Davey must have won!

  276. candy will make sure to put some embarrasing pics of our lunchtimes on there too

  277. Steve Healy says

    Official: Melbourne’s best and fairest is Aaron Davey!

  278. ohh god lucky michael isnt on, i would have never heard the end of it.

  279. I’d laugh with someone like Juice won it lol

    Thanks for the add Candy

  280. Awww thanks Steve…. I kinda dislike it ’cause I don’t think it goes very well with my first name… but I guess it makes me me, lol

  281. omg blonde the muck up day is 2mro

  282. Oh my God I hope that guy in the tutu comes back, LOL. ;)

    It’s gonna be good, I love seeing what everyone’s going to wear!

    I think I already have a faint idea though… *rolls eyes*

  283. yeahhh WOOO I NOE!!

  284. Oh man they have GOT to start being a bit more original!!!!!

    Do you reckon they switched the lockers?

  285. OHH GOD!!
    I hope not!
    night all
    cya 2mro
    have to get ready for prision!


  286. See ya Dani…

    I’ll get off at some point… are you guys still there? I have a feeling I’m going to end up talking to myself :P

  287. Steve Healy says

    Yeah lets all smash the HELL OUT OF LOCKERRS!

  288. Im still here, but goin to bed shortly

  289. Steve Healy says

    sorry what are we talking about?

  290. “Candyyyy, don’t go to bed too late”

    “I won’t, Mum”

  291. LMAO Steve – muck-up day.

  292. Steve Healy says

    That’s what my mum said as well lol

  293. I cant wait till my muck up day…

  294. Any second now she is going to be standing behind me and I won’t realise until it’s too late to change the page… I told her I was doing homework LOL.

  295. Me neither – it’s going to be AWESOME!

    Our school doesn’t call it muck up day – the teachers want it to sound more positive so they call it ‘Celebration Day’ LOL

  296. Dont you have the privliges that comes with owning a laptop Candy?

  297. I don’t own a laptop… BOO YOU NOW I WANT A LAPTOP lol

  298. I was going to buy the Clamshell MacBook off eBay a couple of weeks ago, but then I was all “Ohhh I’ll be practical and just appreciate the computer I have”.

    Bloody regret it.

  299. Lol they’re great for staying up late on.

  300. What brand is yours?

  301. I got mine for $200 lol what a bargain

  302. Its Acer

  303. Awwwww man I officially hate you now!!!

    Tonight’s been fun, but if I don’t get off now I may not see daylight tomorrow! ;)

    Do you guys mind if I intrude on your footy convos in the near future?

  304. Jeez fine hate me why dont ya :( :(

    Lol yeah i better get to bed too, and yeah lol you can make our group the fab 6! lol by the way we hardly talk about footy these days since there’s nothin goin on in the world of footy.

    Anyway im off to bed, had a long day. Night

  305. Steve Healy says

    Lies Josh. Melbourne’s best and fairest!

    Are we willing to have another member in our Fab 6?

    Footy news today:

    Tom Harley has called it quits, St.Kilda has delisted Colm Begley (heading back to Ireland!), Eljay Connors, Ross Tungatulum, Sam McGarry and Khan Haretuku

  306. Steve Healy says

    Liam Jurrah didn’t finish in the 10!

    Well I better do my piece on the best and fairest award.

  307. lol breathe steve!
    defensive about lovechild or what?

    Well it was mcuk up day today.
    our year 11 hallway which is the traditional target was trashed veyr well.
    they didnt do much to the school b/c they put all the enery on our hall way.
    the locks on our lockers and all the classroom doornobs had vasaline on them!
    from the start of the corridor it was filled with newspaper shredings im talking about 40CM DEEP! Ballons covered our hallway ceiling as the custumed, crazy year 12s danced it to loud tunes. ofcorse as traditon the year 11s have to clean up our hall way so that took all of period one only because we were having so much fun having newspaper shred fights, burying our friends in newspaper and popping ballons! lmaoo it was CRAZY!!! BUT SO MUCH FUN!

  308. Steve Healy says

    Gee I wish there was something like that at our school. There was no smashing heads into lockers like I suggested in comment 287 was there?

    Did anyone have sore lips and rub them against the locks?

  309. OH MY GOD – okay, I am a Vaseline addict, but NOT ON MY PRECIOUS AMERICAN LOCKER!!!!!!!

    So I intruded again… ;)

  310. Steve Healy says

    Yes you did Candy lol, maybe you should start writing pieces for this site?

  311. Steve Healy says

    Ah so you’re an America lover as well Candy? It must run in your family and Danni.

  312. Uhhhhhhhmmmmmm….

    *tries to come up with something she knows about football*

    …I think I’ll stick to observing, thanks! ^.^

  313. lol, steve Candy isnt exactly the right person to write about footy. trust me.

    yes candy all over your lock!
    still cant believe u didnt rock up it was so much fun.
    ohh i got your txt, nah we didnt get caught!

  314. I believe I’ve been an American fan longer than Dani…


  315. there was about 5 yr 12s dresses as COPS!
    There were 3 dressed as cheerleaders!
    and one of the girls was dressed as Marie Antionette- SO COOL

  316. You know Dani, there’s no need to be determined to dress as a cop – they sell them everywhere LOL.

    I’m looking at the pics on Facebook – I love the Lady GaGa, Joker and Marge Simpson!

  317. you you still coming as a Turkey??
    the girls agree that id make a great cop! :) hehe.
    they had pic of some of the techers around the school with bubbles near them saying what that teacher wants to be when they grow up! it was funny as

    you missed out on serious fun today!

  318. Man I am soooo pissed off I didn’t come now…. ACK ACK ACK!!!!!!

    I mean, MISSING OUT ON PERIOD ONE TO CLEAN UP THE CORRIDOR is like my dream way to spend Period One, LOL!

    I don’t know if that sounded sarcastic or whatever, ’cause I’m actually being serious. ^.^

    You’ll just have to wait and say how I come… :P

  319. Gday people, just got home from town. Had my stitches cut out and made a tool of myself while they were doing it, then got my two kittens from the vet coz they had surgery.

    Our muck up day was today as well, the students parked all their cars in the teachers parking area so the teachers couldnt park theres in there but they got back at the year 12’s by parking there cars at the entrance so the year 12’s couldnt get out LOL

    They also made a beach on our oval, filled with a slip ‘n’ slid, an inflatable pool and cars to play music on. Today resembled a beach too, 30 bloody degrees in the country!

  320. Steve Healy says

    Hi Josh, it was only 21 or something in Melbourne. I’m doing my Best and Fairest report. I’m upset with my Geography teacher, he said Jim Stynes only has 6 months to live!

  321. What? He’s got years to live!

    Colm Begley ay? Why do the irish bother coming over to play our sport if they are gonna throw the opportunity away after a few seasons. Begley wasn’t gonna get a game in the Saints anyway

  322. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I know my teacher thinks he knows everthing. I know, what’s with the Irish thing this season. 5 players have gone home!

  323. Jimmy wont be going anywhere that’s for sure

  324. Oh i got home today and Dad tells me i got to have all my info ready for my radio interview on Saturday! I’ve got so much to do in 2 days! Stuff school tomorrow!

  325. Damian Watson says

    Hey the ‘least’ active member of the fab 5 or 6? is here.

    I would’ve thought that a Tasmanian team would be next on the agenda, Tasmnaia really are the Forgotten State. lol

    I was wicketkeeping with the bees today, our school oval is filled with pollen.

  326. Well at school i hanged with the UV rays, F**K it was hot!

  327. Jimmy is a fighter!
    hes got loads of support!

    lol i visited my ras3/4 teacher during my free to ask him how i did on the last oral
    he said
    “Well Nathan Brown, you did well, you kicked a few goals and made soem good marks..”

    lol i love my teacher!

  328. Who does everyone think the next Geelong skipper will be? Selwood for me.

    Oh and Danni, you know this David Swallow Steve was talking about? Well i hope you like troublemakers coz he was suspended from his school! He vandalised a school

  329. Mackie??

    ohhhhh really!!?
    yes i like myself a rebel!

  330. Steve Healy says

    Are you Danni lol?

  331. steve, what do you mean
    ‘are you danni?”

  332. Are you a rebel?

  333. ohhh!
    lol well that depends, i think Candy would say that i am. theres a lot of things i do and she gives the “Danni what are you doing!” Cautious look.
    so year sometimes i am.

  334. I wouldnt call myself a rebel, just a kid who acts up at school

  335. Damian Watson says

    The captaincy will be a toss of the coin between Ablett and Selwood.

    Josh, what will you dicuss on air on Saturday? with the footy season over.

  336. Local footy Damo. I think we have a new team coming into our league that no one wants to happen, if it happens i may consider playing somewhere else

  337. I meant our league as in the league i play footy for, not the AFL lol

  338. Michael Allan says

    Good afternoon everyone.

    Lingy will be captain.

    There’s way too much to read. Have I missed anything good?

  339. Nope just Candy and Danni babbling on

  340. Michael Allan says

    Yeah, I’ve read a few of Candy’s comments.

    I might prefer Candy to Danni cause she seems to be exactly the same just without the football argumments.

  341. Yeah we’ll just replace Danni then lol if we did her name would be at the bottom of the Knackers list

  342. Damian Watson says

    Sorry my power went out for a few minutes.

    why doesn’the public want this team to enter the comp?

  343. gee Michael!
    firstly im happy to be called exactly like my bf cos that means i chose well! :)

    secondly its funny cos candy has a good friend called Michael.

  344. Steve Healy says

    Good point Josh.

    I’m working on my Best and fairest piece

  345. Damian Watson says

    I hope Candy isn’t like the character of the same name off the sitcom Two and a Half Men!

    I’m guessing none of you watch that show.

  346. lol Damo, no i dont watch it, but Candy does get a little crazy.

    by the way, HI DAMO!!!!!!! :)

  347. I love that show!

    Coz the team has a weird name (Hay) and they live 2 hours away from us. They live next to bloody Sydney!

  348. BREAKING NEWS: Mum and Dad ordered a North clash guernsey for me!

  349. Damian Watson says

    Hi Danni! I’m sure she’s not.

    OMG!! I just heard that Don Lane died today!! he used to be a funny man.

  350. Coolz, im happy for you, eventhough i dont approve of the gersey itself.

  351. Damian Watson says

    You mean the Argentinian guernsey?

  352. i have to say, Damo is my favourite member of the fab five! lol
    never says a cross word that Damo!


  353. Yeah i heard about Don while i was at my Nana’s place today.

    Yeah, wondering how much it’ll cost to get a number on the back.

  354. I thought i was your favourite Danni! :(

  355. Michael Allan says

    Nice Josh.

    Get number 7. You’ll get good value out of it.

    Danni I’m pretty sure I’m the most popular member. lol

  356. Damian Watson says

    Thank you Danni!

    Poor Josh is probably traumatized, lol kidding.

  357. I am traumatized Damo!

    Nah im gonna get number 20 or 35 if i can. 20 coz its my favourite number and also Petrie’s and 35 coz its my lovechilds number, even though im expecting him to move to number 19 next season.

  358. lol sorry Josh!

  359. Steve Healy says

    Danni, there’s no picking favourites in the fab 5. Remember what I told you about the pizza? See comment 135.

  360. lol im jst saying!
    Damo never says anything to upset me and does SOMETIMES defend or agree with what i say.

    Damo is awesome! :)

    btw STEVE, cue the story im tired of study and need a laugh.

  361. Yes but deep down everyone loves Bolagnaise Pizza and thats me!

  362. Steve Healy says

    Oh on camp I got within a couple of metres of a kangaroo, or it might’ve been a wallaby lol but still. I nearly touched it but it hopped away

  363. nawwwwwwwwwwwwww HAHAHAHHAHAHHA!!

  364. Damian Watson says

    Is anyone watching Thursday Night Live?

  365. nope im doing english hw.

  366. Damian Watson says

    lol poor Danni.
    I’m heading off to Ballarat tommorrow, so my weekend starts early.

  367. Oh Ballarat’s near me, sorta. I think anyway.

    God im craving footy, can’t wait till the 30th when the fixture comes out

  368. Damian Watson says

    Yeah likewise.

    I wish they still televised the Northern Territory League on ABC2 to at least get some sort of action.

  369. I remember a few years ago they showed an exhibition match on TV during the off-season, i think it was Collingwood vs Fremantle from England. I loved every second of it.

    How come everyone says Tasmania needs a new team, GWS needs a new team, what about the NT?

  370. naww thanks for your sympathy Damo :)
    homework is bodgey but i like english so its okay.

    OMG STEVE i jst saw the pics from Melbs b&F
    OMGGG AT WATTS HES SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEEE!! lol and hes wif Blease in the photo!

  371. Damian Watson says

    What about the International Rules? actually I think tey’re holding the series every two years, unless the Irish chicken out again lol.

    Yeah they haven’t televised those London games since 2003, I remember Geelong played the Power a few years ago and there was a massive brawl.

    Don’t forget about the climate in NT Josh, remember their footy season is in our summer months and I don’t think a side can play a seasons worth in their warm weather.

  372. Hmmm they could just play night games at TIO or something.

    Did anyone say yuck when they saw Clint Bartram’s girlfriend? Cmon man you can do better

  373. anyone know when the tennis comes back?
    i miss Roger!
    the only thing ive got is his offical website fanclub thingo!

  374. I know that tennis comes back for me next saturday, can’t wait! Usually around December Danni

  375. Damian Watson says

    I thought it was January but that’s the Grand Slam season.

    Did anyone see the seagull on Nine News the other night, how random lol.

  376. lol i think i did.
    Pia Miller is really pretty though!
    most of their wags are blondes!

  377. Damian Watson says

    Is it just me or was Bartram’s girlfriend wearing fake tan?

  378. Yeah i dunno how Brad ended up with that lol.

    Yeah i saw it this morning, lol funny. Good bloke for not laughing while reporting too

  379. She looks like she’s had 10 injections of botox. God its only the Melbourne best and fairest, not the Collingwood best and fairest

  380. Steve Healy says

    Thanks for that link Danni, yea Pia Miller’s hot

  381. yeah Damo, that deff a spray tan victim

    Josh, is that supposed to be offensive?

  382. No Danni

  383. lol no problem, i love endorsing the Herald Sun! :)

    ohh and Brad Miller isnt that bad aswell!

  384. Steve Healy says

    Yes!!!! 2 down 38 to go. (hot players for Melbourne)

  385. Steve Healy says

    You can already tell that Danni’s jumping on the Demon bandwagon

  386. lol steve, calm down, two is only a small number but its better than 0.

    tell me does Candy have any embarassing pics of me on her facebook?

  387. Steve Healy says

    Well Danni, there’s a few of you. They aren’t embarrassing, just you and her next to each other and back to back and stuff. I presume it was you, me and Josh were saying that there was no proof that it was actually you.

  388. ohhh lol yeah the back to back on. if there a girl in an aqua/greeny dress then yerp that me cos i think thats from our year ten ball! i know Candy loves that photo on the stairs.
    most of those pics are old we have to take more recent ones!

  389. Steve Healy says

    Yea thats you Danni. I just took a couple of pics of me and put them on Facebook yesterday

  390. cools lol
    told you i was pale!!

  391. Steve Healy says

    I’m pale as well. Jeez my friends were making a joke about it today, it was so annoying

  392. lol tell them to SHUTUP!
    Me and Candy like being pale.
    i think its nice.
    in the olden days girls used to put white powder on their faces to look pale and sit far from fireplaces so their checks wouldnt go red b.c pale was considred beatiful!
    my other friends on the other hand are begging me to get a fake tan.

  393. I’ve got really red cheeks i dunno why. You didn’t look that pale Danni.

    I was trying to get a tan on today lol

  394. I am currently procrastinating, since Chemistry is frying my brain… so I’m back suckers!!!

    And since we are on the ‘pale’ topic, can I just ask why there is a stigma attached to it?!

    Pale is BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL!!!

  395. lol are you serious josh.
    thats me with HEAPS of makeup on!
    like heaps of foundation and bronzer and i still look LIKE SNOW!

    you were? i wasnt. i had a double free today, it so soo good doing nothing!
    me and the girls called candy during teh free cos she couldnt be bothered coming to school!

    that reminds me, Josh do you have nay cows i could borrow for my muck up day next year?

  396. Steve Healy says

    lol Josh will drop off a cow on your front door step

  397. Candy i found the pic of you and me doind that singing with our waterbottle mics at the park in year 9?? was it?
    LMAOO its so cute!

  398. Cows? No, we have goats though. And cats, lots of cats. But i could organize a cow for you lol

  399. Nah i’ll place it in her mailbox

  400. Michael Allan says

    I’m really pale because I never wear shorts or singlets lol.

    In Lit one of the girls was talking to her freind and she said I’m really iompressed with how my fake tan is lasting. I haven’t had it done since, like last Thursday.

    Me and my mate burst out laughing and she didn’t see what was so fuinny.

    It was hilarious. We wre expecting her to say 6 months or something.

  401. LOL Josh I’ve already been asked to provide a cow, so wait in line! ;P

    LOL I love that pic – I can’t believe that was two years ago…. wow.

  402. lmaoo!
    were thinking one in each senior classroom and maybe a few geese out teh front!

  403. Michael Allan says

    The year 12s let out chooks in the yr 9 locker room for muck up day. It was pretty funny.

  404. ohh candy, i took a vid of the mess in our corridor at skool before i could get told off LMAOO you have to see it!

  405. Do you want a talking Cockatoo as well? I got one of those, it can say my name, and also say a few profanities…Dad had a lot of fun teaching him to say them lol

  406. LMAO Michael!

    Power to the Pale People! ;)

  407. I suppose you girls are saving a lot of credit by talking on here instead of texting?

  408. Can I just ask – is my lock going to have Vaseline all over it tomorrow?

  409. Yes Josh, that’s the plan!

  410. Steve Healy says

    I’ll leave Liam Jurrah on Danni’s doorstep

  411. Steve Healy says

    Well I presume Danni has a doorstep, unless you have to jump into the house lol. Over a river full of crocodiles and kangaroos.

  412. lmaoo yes candy! and its on our classroom window on teh door!! ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    STEVE;lol and WHAT am i supposed to do with him???

  413. Steve Healy says

    Don’t be mean Danni. He’s a human. Remember the pizza Danni. Everyone’s equal. Liam Jurrah’s should join our fab 5/6/7

  414. LOL Steve that last comment just made me crack up!

    Anyhoo, I will have to farewell you all as this Chem h/w won’t do itself, and I would like to experience ONE Chem lesson where I don’t have to say sheepishly “Sorry Miss, I didn’t do any work”…

  415. Steve Healy says

    Cya Cando.

  416. steve, i think u have an obsession with pizza and josh an obsession with topping!

    lol ill bet she wont rock up again!

  417. Steve Healy says

    No I just have an obsession with philosophical pizza lol

  418. Michael Allan says

    Why does Jurrah get to be in the group. I’m voting LeCras in before him.

  419. Candy’s got the right idea, school on friday is just not on.

    Cmon Danni everyone has an obsession with pizza

  420. We all know we want the expert opinion of Warren

  421. and so the lovechild war begins

  422. Who’s Damo’s lovechild? Does he have one?

  423. Steve Healy says

    Jurrah is faster, taller, stronger, and generally more freakish than Warren and LeCras

  424. Michael Allan says

    LeCras is a ten times better player than both players.

  425. lol well i dont have a lovechild!

  426. Steve Healy says

    yeah right, you can’t compare LeCras to the SUPERSTAR FROM THE DESERT THAT IS JURRAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  428. Warren would have won our goalkicking if it wasnt for his broken leg which he suffered after running back into a big pack of players. Dont see LeCras or Jurrah doing that. I only see LeCras kicking dead-straight accurate goals and Jurrah just being a freak of nature.

  429. Steve Healy says

    Danni, when are you going to get back to me on that doorstep theory? in comment 411

  430. Steve Healy says

    YOU CAN’T BEAT A FREAK OF NATURE, JOSH!!!!!!!!!! JURRRRAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  431. Michael Allan says

    I g2g now but we’ll continue this debate later.

  432. yes i have a doorstep LOL

  433. Do you have a mailbox?

  434. Steve Healy says

    Do you, Josh?

  435. Yeah, its 137 metres from my front door

  436. Steve Healy says

    Lol cool,, I saw a lot of houses like that when I was coming home from camp.

  437. yes i have a mailbox

    well Im going to as farmfolk would say
    “hit the hay”

    night all

  438. Actually i exaggerated a bit, maybe 113 metres.

    Yeah when Mum says can you get the mail i really dont want to! lol

  439. Apparantly if Australia hosts the World Cup for Soccer in either 2018 or 2022, the footy is going to take an 8 week break in the middle of the season.

  440. Oh and go to this link if anyone wants a bit more info on the league that Waaia is in:

  441. Steve Healy says

    What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! An 8 week break! That’s hell! Please don’t hold the soccer world cup

  442. Yeah i know.

    Have you heard back from Gigs for when your Melbourne B&F will be up? And did you hear what Brent Moloney said in his speech the other night?

  443. Steve Healy says

    What did Moloney say?

    Nah lol I didn’t even send it to Gigs, just the John and the Daff.

    Candy just told me on Facebook that she’s staying away from footy territory but she wishes everyone well- not fab 5 material!

  444. Lol how dare she.

    Gigs told me to include him along with Daff and John when i send anything to them.

    Moloney said that people who think Melbourne will take ages to rebuild and get back up the ladder should leave and go to Carlton, or something. Obviously taking a swipe at Brock McLean, and he gestured towards the door when he said that, meaning they can leave if there heart isn’t 100% commited. Then Moloney passionately sung the team song into the microphone to conclude the night. I think he’s my favourite Dees player now, how passionate can you get

  445. Steve Healy says

    yeah he’s so passionate. When the Dees win he sings the song like a maniac. And what suprises me is he used to play for Geelong- you’d never think that now

  446. Yeah i remember his first game for the Dees against the Bombers. He kicked a good bouncing goal as well.

  447. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, and he averaged 24.3 possessions this year, which I put in my piece lol

  448. Damian Watson says

    Hey guys just got back from Ballarat.

    Hmmm lovechild. Nah I just focus on Rebecca Twigley most of the time. lol

    Brent Moloney’s move to Geelong suprised me at the time, I thought he would have played a great career at the Cattery but he’s making a helpful impact at the Dees and has for a few years.

  449. I think if he stayed at Geelong and had the same seasons in 07 and 08 as he did at the Dees, he wouldnt be in 09 premiership side

  450. Steve Healy says

    Yep, he’s brilliant.

    Lol, I understand Damo.

  451. Another 30 degree day in Numurkah today, me and my mate bought 12 zooper doopers between us lol

  452. Damian Watson says

    ahhh those zooper doopers are lifesavers and they only cost 40 cents.

  453. 50 at our school, i always get the crappy yellow and pink ones though

  454. Steve Healy says

    I’m not sure if they have zooper doopers at my school, or if they do I’ve never gotten one.

  455. They sell Chicken Parma rolls at my school too, i’ve never gotten one but im gonna next monday

  456. Steve Healy says

    They sell barbeque chicken subs at my school, I loe em.

  457. Steve Healy says

    Love sorry not loe

  458. Damian Watson says

    Our canteen used to sell us those chewy lollies like Zombie Chews and Sherbit Bombs but they can’t sell them anymore lol.

    Would anyone tip the Bulldogs as Grand Finallists next year?

  459. Michael Allan says

    Hey guys,

    They used to have Zooper Dooper’s but then the mums stopped working at the canteen and now we’ve got a company workingh in our caf selling differnt foods.

    They sell BLT’s on wednesday so I always by one.

  460. Michael Allan says

    No Damo because I find it hard to see Geelong or Saints missing out. If one of them was to slip I’d say it would be Geelong.

    Do your cafs only sell healthy stuff? Ours started that way and they’ve been gradually getting woorse and worse. This term they’ve started selling coke and lift cans./ I’d buy one but they’re $2.50. It’s an absolute rip off.

    Especially when you can walk down to the sports complex and buy them from a vending machine for $1.60 lol.

  461. Steve Healy says

    I think the Dogs will play Geelong in next years’ GF. It’s interesting to hear Rocket say that though

  462. Steve Healy says

    cans are 2.50 at my school as well. Everything’s too expensive, but there haven’t been any health changes luckily

  463. Ours used to be heaps unhealthy then they changed it all and you could only buy one unhealthy thing for the week, a few unhealthy but not too bad foods and you had free range of all the healthy foods lol. That got scrapped and now we have heaps of food like Pies (Mrs. Mac Pies :(), Parma rolls, Chicken Tender rolls and stuff like that. And they sell Cokes and stuff but the diet version of them. We also have two slushy machines in our cafe :)

    Yeah i can see the Dogs even winning it next year with Barry Hall in the side now. My tip is a Dogs and St Kilda Grand final. The battle of the one-cuppers

  464. Damian Watson says

    Nah we still have a lot of junk food, usually I make my own lunch at home.

    Yeah Rocket’s comment was interesting but in a way I do agree with him, after all they have been close after wasting oppurtunites over the past couple of years in the Prelim finals and with Johnno and Aker enetering their twighlight years a Grand Final should be their goal.

  465. Michael Allan says

    Yeah we’ve got the good ol’ slushee machine. Doesn’t beat 7 Eleven though.

    We’ve got stupid Mrs Mac aswell.

    Josh how did they keep track of how many unhealthy things you ate? Couldn’t someone else buy something for you if you’d already used up your turn?

  466. Steve Healy says

    We haven’t got any slushy machines or vending machines. Yeah Michael that system seems unreliable.

    My Mum always makes my lunch- a salami and cheese sandwich

  467. Damian Watson says

    That reminds me 7/11/09 is approaching, I think they sell free slurpies at 7 Eleven on that day!

  468. Steve Healy says

    do they?

  469. We dont got any 7 Eleven shops in the country, unlike Melbourne where there is one every two shops.

    Yeah thats why they scrapped it lol we also had a tab system where we could just buy something and pay for it the “next day” but the list for wanted money became too large. Plus people were buying stuff under random names lol

  470. Steve Healy says

    lol. Josh I think you’re over-exagerating a bit. They’re not that common.

  471. Well to the untrained eye of the city, that’s all i see when im down in the big smoke

  472. Looking forward to the last part of comment 463 coming true next year.

  473. Dont get your hopes too high Gigs, but 2010 might be the year

  474. Damian Watson says

    Yeah in the city there is always a convienience store every 300 metres,they’re fairly scarce in the suburbs though.

  475. I remember me and Dad could NOT find a park anywhere near the MCG this year, which was weird coz it was a Dees game lol but we found a side street which was free, had a little shop out the front with really cheap drinks and stuff and the walk to the G was about 10 minutes. It was the best

  476. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Damo’s right, in the city it’s 7 Eleven galore. McDonalds as well

  477. Michael Allan says

    It’s hard finding a park for the G. Mum and I usually catch the train. The Dome is much easier finding a park. Dad just parks in the ground for the G.

  478. Damian Watson says

    lol, I usually take the trai into the ground but when we drive in we usually park around that Fitzroy area that are filled with alleyways.

    We only parked in that Yarra Park precinct once and it was a nightmare getting out.

    Status- listening to Pearl Jam

  479. Steve Healy says

    I think Gigs may be on the money, but Barry Hall’s agression will be a key factor

  480. Steve Healy says

    And thanks Gigs for contributing to this conversation. No one over 17 ever gives an input to our conversations- although Stephen Cooke did a few times.

    I always take the train to the G from the baby-incident station

  481. Who says I’m over 17…???

  482. OK. Maybe just a bit.

  483. Steve Healy says

    Wasn’t the Gubby Allan incident more than 17 years ago Gigs?

  484. I’ve got Hall tipped for the Coleman next year. If the Dogs can kick up to 20 goals a game and they do that fairly often, with Hall down there now he should be kicking goals from everywhere.

  485. Damian Watson says

    Guess which team has changed their logo.

  486. Steve Healy says

    Adelaide? or another team?

  487. Adelaide?

    Hey maybe Gigs can join our group and make it the fab 6 again!

  488. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, we all need some experience at the club for some leadership, where all still developing young picks.

  489. Damian Watson says

    No,the Brisbane Lions:

    I don’t think it looks too bad, they’ve had the original logo for at least a decade.

  490. Steve Healy says

    That’s an awesome logo, I think.

    Lol Adelaide have changed theirs, now Brisbane. Who’s next? Carlton?

  491. Yeah it looks pretty good. I wanna see the Dockers, Saints and Swans get a new logo.

  492. Steve Healy says

    I think the Roos need a new logo actually

  493. Same but we only got a new one 2 years ago, i want a logo that says more about North Melbourne than it does about The Kangaroos if that makes sense

  494. Steve Healy says

    Yeah,I agree. I liked the old kangaroo better, the 2d one

  495. Damian Watson says

    Weren’t the Dockers going to change their whole marketing appeal, with the logo,colours, song etc. last year, barely anyone in the general footy public outside WA knows the whole Fremantle song off by heart.

  496. Yeah i read about that too and i was waiting for them to come out wearing a pink guernsey and sing We Will Rock You after they win.

  497. hey guys jst in for a quick break after 5-6 hours of hard constructive study.
    ill bet you all missed me very much :)
    if im luck ill get another 2 hours in before bed, im so TRIED!!

    i dont like the new Bris logo, kinda looks like a sign for the zoo.

  498. Hmmm…seems like we’re missing someone today…can’t quite tell who…nah im sure its no one..

  499. Worst timing to post a comment Danni, WORST timing! Hey!

  500. Steve Healy says

    Freo heave ho, Freo heave ho,

    give em all we owe Freo heave ho,

    Freo way to go, hit em real hard send em down below, oh Freo! We’ve got the old heave ho, we are the Freo Dockers!

    We’re the rollers we’re the rockers, were the mighty freo dockers, we’re gonna roll them and we’ll rock em, were gonna send them to the bottom, and when we get up, we’ll do it again, they know nothing, nothing.

    Freo, way to go, hit em real hard send em down below oh freo we’ve got the old heave ho, we are the freo dockers!

    God I need a break after that

  501. lmaooo sorry Josh! ;)
    arrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhhhh SO TIRED!!!!

  502. Steve Healy says

    Danni, put your bed on your door step and get some sleep on the floor where your bed used to be!

  503. The Freo song may sound schauzeinhausen on paper but it sounds pretty good when its blaring through the speakers at the MCG

  504. I sometimes prefer to sleep on the floor if i cant get to sleep on my bed, usually works for me too

    and those word are wrong steve.

    why would i do that??

    steve quick tell me that story to wake me up, ive still got 2 hours of hard yakka to get through

  506. Damian Watson says

    I did say BARELY anyone didn’t I? lol

    I find that the Hawthorn and Geelong logos are similar to the Brisbane one.

    Anyway I better go, have to wake up bright and early for cricket at 6am.

  507. Damian Watson says

    I did say BARELY anyone didn’t I? lol

    I find that the Hawthorn and Geelong logos are similar to the Brisbane one.

    Anyway I better go, have to wake up bright and early for cricket at 6am.

  508. Steve Healy says

    Once I was finding hard to get to sleep, so hard that I fell off my bed and hit the floor, but I didn’t feel any pain cos I feel asleep in mid air.

  509. We’re the rollers we’re the rockers, were the mighty freo dockers, we’re gonna roll them and we’ll rock em, were gonna send them to the bottom, and IF THEY get up, we’ll do it again, DOCKERS STOP AT NOTHING, NOTHING.

    thats the correct way.
    :) id know cos i listen to it all the time

  510. Haha Damo doubled up, does anyone get something that pops up saying “you’ve already posted something like that” if you post a comment twice?

    I like the Hawks logo the most, and then Melbourne’s

  511. umm steve, that the wrong story.
    i want the one about the KANGAMAROO!!

  512. I hate Xmas Eve, i can never sleep.

    Status – listening to Fall Out Boy’s new song

  513. Steve Healy says

    why thank you Josh.

    Sorry Danni!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow Danni knows more about footy than I thought

    poor guy had to get up at 6 on SAT!!

  515. Steve Healy says

    Oh on camp I got within a couple of metres of a kangaroo, or it might’ve been a wallaby lol but still. I nearly touched it but it hopped away

  516. Steve Healy says


  517. But she’s wasting all her knowledge on Freo!

    Maybe you should just buy Danni a WallabyRoo and give to her at the book launch and she’ll be forever laughing


    thanks steve, that always works!


  520. Steve Healy says

    Nah I’ll just say it her at the launch. I hope it remember it off by heart.

  521. omg pizza obsession!!!
    im sorry that you two get jealous cos Damos my favourite but i cant do naything about it! the guy never says anything to upset me!

  522. Steve Healy says


  523. OMG HAWAIIN??
    ME TOO!!!

    yes steve you have to say it on the Mic!

  524. Hawaiin? I hate pineapple, gross!

  525. Steve Healy says

    Should I say: This story is dedicated to Danni? lol

  526. Maybe they will serve pizza at the launch, what sorta foods do you reckon will be there do ya think?

    Yes i can imagine Steve saying that in the mic lol

  527. Steve Healy says

    You don’t what you’re missing out on Josh. It’s beautiful.

    Ha, Waiian doesn’t like Hawaiin

  528. lol you can say it if you wanna get really weird looks from my parents and probably get tracked down by joe afterwards!

    hmm i dunno, hope its easy to eat, i dont wanna dirty my dress.

  529. Steve Healy says

    pies and sausage rolls would be good lol

    Nah I won’t say it in the mic, i’ll just say it you in a normal conversation

  530. I heard finger foods from Daff

  531. ohh finger food is good!

    lol steve, did i scare you?

  532. Steve Healy says

    Actually, no.

  533. wow, brave guy!
    Joe is a tad protective.

    well fellas i gotta go i think ive had enough for tonight, i need to sleep before my brain explodes.

  534. lol Steve would be able to take him on haha.

    Now back to the movie of my school, and there has been a weird twist in the plot of the fight between my friend and the kiwi girl. He punched her in the belly and kicked her she has declared.

  535. Aww dont say that stuff Danni lol he might come on here and see it.

    Okay nighty night Danni

  536. Steve Healy says

    I thought Australia said no to voilence against women?

    I’m not sure about New Zealand though lol

  537. Steve Healy says

    Don’t worry Joe, I’m only Joe-King.

    Is Joe’s last name King hahahah wouldn’t that be funny.

  538. Lol well i wouldnt call this girl a woman, i’d call her a sheep :D

    7 days to go till the new fixture is released

  539. Steve Healy says

    lol. Apparently there’s a New Zealand horror film called Sheep or something and there in a car and someone asks who’s driving? and a sheep is lol one of my friends told me that.

  540. Steve Healy says

    I can’t wait till the fixture- It’s more important than Christmas for me.

  541. Haha one of my teachers was picking on the girl today saying sheep jokes lol

    Ahh i was supposed to get my work done for radio tomorrow but i couldnt find any info! But im gonna just talk about the Almanac, and give the Fab 5/6 a shout.

  542. Steve Healy says

    Josh, is this station avalible in Melbourne or on the internet?

  543. Hmm i wouldnt go that far coz i get some pretty awesome presents lol but the fixture is like a massive present for me filled with 176 goodies.

  544. I really don’t know Steve

  545. But im doing it in Barooga, which is in NSW so probably not Melbourne

  546. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, and I already know 8 of those goodies

  547. Same, its like peeking through the christmas wrapping on xmas eve lol

  548. Steve Healy says

    yeah I know. And you don’t get in trouble for it

  549. And when you can finally open it, you dont know what present (round) to go too! lol

  550. Steve Healy says

    yeah, and then by the time you’ve played around with it for a while, it finally becomes real

  551. Yeah. Well i better hit the hay as country folk say, very early start tomorrow. Night

  552. Steve Healy says

    cya mate.

  553. Gday everyone

    My radio interview didnt go very well, but i had some fun afterwards, as you will see on my new Facebook picture Steve lol

  554. Steve Healy says

    Hi Josh.

    Yeah lol nice drink, did you mention the fab 5?

  555. Nah i got there and they said we’ll be with you in a moment then the bloke came up to me and said they wouldnt be able to get me on today so i gotta do it next week lol

  556. Steve Healy says

    Cool maybe you should talk about the fixture next week

  557. Damian Watson says

    Guys I have some good news!

    The new digital channel 7TWO is coming out next week and they have daily AFL replays that go as far back as the 1970’s!! plus they have repeats of Footy Flashbacks!

    Our summer hangover is cured, lol.

  558. Damian Watson says
  559. Steve Healy says


  560. Steve Healy says

    Wow thanks Damo, but my only complaint is is that all the footy replays of old games seem to be at 1:30 am

  561. Damian Watson says

    Sorry I’m getting too excited aren’t

    Still I like watching old replays.

  562. Damian Watson says

    Can you tape it? I have Tivo so I’m safe.

  563. Steve Healy says

    Nah I can’t tape it, but i really hope I’m able to watch some games. Maybe on Melbourne cup eve

  564. Ohh dammit! I cant get digital channels!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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