Crows take off

Domination, a word used to describe the Adelaide Crows’ performance in their round one demolition of the Gold Coast Suns. The NAB Cup premiers continued on from their blistering pre season form sinking the Suns by 69 points at Metricon Stadium on the weekend.


It was obvious across the board the ease at which Adelaide defeated the mostly inexperienced Gold Coast line up. They had 30 more inside 50s, 17 extra contested possessions, 26 further marks and a whopping 25 additional tackles.


Need the scoreboard be mentioned? But as a Crows fan I’m going to do it anyway. The travelling side had 24 more shots at goal resulting in a nine goal and 15 behind victory.


Clearly, it’s a good time to be an Adelaide supporter. With few to little expectations on the side’s season I’m finding this pressure-free football as enjoyable than ever. Double that with what appears to be a new found fight for the ball, especially given our string of non-performances last year, and you have the perfect equation for a happy Anne.


It was widely reported in the pre season that first time senior coach, Brent Sanderson, was out to up the ante on the Crows’ on field intensity and pressure. There’s nothing more frustrating in footy than seeing a half-arsed effort at stealing the ball off the opposition.


Nothing pleased me more than seeing an obvious improvement in this area on Saturday afternoon. I’ve been a tough critic in the past of 28-year-old Brent Reilly but he, in particular, impressed with his increased intensity in the game. Statistics even showed cries of “Tackle!” from the Crows faithful were done a staggering 75 per cent.


What also would have stood out for fans was the free shooting return of forwards Kurt Tippett, Taylor Walker and Patrick Dangerfield. Walker roamed the forward 50 like a free spirit. ‘Tex’ had his swagger back and showed it with a running goal from 60 odd out. Tippett, despite missing a sitter early on, never dropped his head and soldiered on to nail four majors. The Danger man also unreservedly took on the goal sticks with his 60-metre bomb also a match highlight.


Add to that trio the touch of class and footy nous that was on show from the newly senior listed Ian Callinan. He knows how to throw the ball on his boot, no matter the angle, and had a licence to thrill.


While the game was no clash of the titans, as the football public saw over a handful of matches over the opening round, it was no doubt a satisfying win for the boys in blue, red, yellow and er… white. But I daresay it was even more pleasing for supporters who are witnessing the rejuvenation of their favourite team.


  1. Ben Footner says

    Well said Anne. My satisfaction as a supporter is based far more on endevour than the scoreboard in a way. I can still be happy with a loss if I can believe the boys have thrown everything they have at it.

    From what I’ve seen so far this year, “Throwing Everything You Have At It” must be the front page title of Sanderson’s game plan.

  2. Nick Sculley says

    Season of few to little expectations??? Have you forgotten the top four clause now entered in the contract for the NAB Cup winners? But, all jokes aside, think I will enjoy watching the Crows this year. There’s alot to like in their list and Sandos style of play.

    And it’s obvious that the AFL love the Crows in 2012. Note how your boys don’t have to travel to face the Saints at Etihad this year; the scene of one of the most heinous destruction of a side witnessed in the modern era. Haha

  3. Come on Nick, the Saints will be no threat to us this year!

  4. I hope you’re not basing that too much on pre-season form ;)

    Technically St.Kilda’s loss against the Power on Sunday should have been classed as a practice match, as it finally caught us up with the rest of the competition in terms of pre-season matches played.

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