Crio’s Racing: New Year’s Day

Old timers insist New Year’s Day was always a big one at the races. The enduring programming of the Standish (sprinters) and Bagot (stayers) Handicaps attests to a feature meeting though the crowd will be sparse at HQ next Tuesday.
Occasional punters will instead be posted under trees, beside bars and in betting rings at the many meetings dotted around the holiday precincts. One that is recommended is at Burrumbeet (near Ballarat), though the year that I worked there it boasted a new cover for the betting ring – a tin roof that created a “Weber” effect in the 43 degrees!
Before then we have a fairly modest Sat’dy afternoon meeting at the Valley to tackle.
For habitual Quaddy players and those getting to a pubtab and away from the beach (and nippers), here are some early possibilities:-
MR5- 1600m. 4,3,12….risking the short priced 16!
MR6- 1000m. Like the 7. 1,3,8 worthy exotics
MR7- 2040m. 5,10,11…maybe 4.
MR8- 1200m. 5. 3,8,12 multis.
January 1 at the races. They blur together after so many! Bleary blokes grabbing a gasper, battling a “butcher” and specking on the Hurdle to free themselves of any lingering resolutions. One year (about 30 ago!)our staff was especially crook (myself excepted) so it was a tortuously long haul through 8 races at Vic Park and then on for 10 more at the Angle Park dishlickers…by which time a reviver was in order!
I’ll be at Flemington starting 2013 in a familiar, nostalgic environment. I’ll whine about how things have changed but will be happy to sling on the bag to kick off the New Year.
May there be many more.
Good luck!


  1. Nostaglia rules eh Crio? All Croweaters miss the Park.
    Now question time
    Where is Elvis ? Surely you can raise a comment over this quiet period?
    DD- did you go to Drouin or like a lot of us are feeling the effects of a Spring Carnival ?
    Budge- are you laying “doggo” too ?
    Glen- Corowa today?
    Skip- no races for you?
    and lastly to all the bloggers a happy new year

  2. Skip of Skipton says

    Oges, we used to go to the Terang Cup on New Years Day. A relative was secretary of the club and we got our own marquee etc. They still race that day, but the cup is in March now.

    I got a tip for Bryce Stanaway’s horse in the Bagot Hcp. It won by a dozen lengths at Ballarat last start I am told. It’s a High Chapparal too. It might be handy. I can’t recall its name.

  3. Skip, the horse is Crafty Cruiser (R.Wheeler).

  4. R. Hore-Lacy is a “colourful character” but he has managed to get some very good ‘uns along his chequered path. There are murmurs that Clevadude (MR1, No2) might be up with the pick of them1 Little will be proven today with only 4 opponents at the Valley, but they are talking Magic Millions/Golden Slipper. Worth a look as an excuse for an early cleanser (12.50 Melb time).

  5. Skip of Skipton says

    No crio, I just looked at the form. It’s the bottom-weight, Warwarick. It’s not rated very highly, despite winning its last couple. Should be good odds.

  6. Wow Skip. Cory Parish to ride – after a big day today at Towong! – it will be 20/1 in a very open race.
    I think the hoop is ex-Qld apprentice.
    By the way, Towong is one of the prettier tracks I’ve seen but a far cry from HQ.

  7. btw- Kav’s are firing again.

  8. Hello from Glen. Sunny day in Corowa, temperature circa 30C. Nice day on track, with one of the biggest crowds i’ve seen for a while.

    7 races, TAB status. Didn’t see any runners we’re likely to see in town in the foreseeable future. Riding honours to Mick Heagney, and Omar Ay, both riding doubles. Training honours shared by seven trainers with a win each.

    For the locals Geoff Duryea started the day on a good note, with Got The Message breaking its maiden status in the first. Slim pickings from that point, with Mandy Jones training, and Shirley Hunter riding, one place getter each.

    Next races in Corowa, Saturday February 16. Join us for a good day of Riverina racing.


  9. Glen- drove through Corowa on our trip to the Eastern states recently and went to the racecourse for a look
    Would love to be there at the course with you but like all my bucket list races its too far

  10. Skip,
    Heaps of early money for your tip. Best shortener. Good mail!

  11. Skip of Skipton says

    Not the best performed horse in the race on paper, but the way it shot clear to score by a dozen at Ballarat has a few keen, no doubt.

  12. G’day Oges. We’ll be in Corowa February 16, then on Cup Day, which is Labour Day Sunday, March 10. Hope to attend Ardlethan picnics late March. Happy punting in 2013.


  13. Skip- was going to have a bet free week but cant resist yours
    Glen may be able to get there one day- we have stayed at Corowa and its a great place
    Crio/Budge- Victor Trots today – Flashback time – but have baby sitting duties unfortunately

  14. Oges, I saw this week a reference to the 30th Anniversary when 20k fans showed up at the ‘G @ 9/ to see if Thommo and Border could eke out the winning runs.
    I remember going to The Grand in Victor to watch it en route to the trots.
    Great days…. and a recommended babysitting venue!

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