Almanac Flashback – Crio’s Racing: Caulfield Cup memories and other speculation

Chris Riordan has written about horse racing on the Footy Almanac site for many years, with his authoritative voice and respected comment  he has been keenly read and  appreciated by readers on the site. With the Caulfield Cup coming up we thought it time to reprise a story about memories and speculation from Chris.



The Caulfield Cup has a prized place on Australia’s sporting landscape.

Even as kids growing up interstate we were aware that this was when the races got fair dinkum. When Bart and Roy and even Rollo reached out in to the wider press.

The Cups nudge memories of life stages…if I may indulge – and invite others to do likewise.


• Sun drenched on Glenelg North’s beach, I reckon I heard Bunratty Castle slosh home with Mick Mallyon’s encouragement as a wet Heath seemed a galaxy away over the little transistor in 1968.


• There’s a recollection of being at Adelaide’s now disused Victoria Park racecourse, obviously ferried away from Mum for the arvo, and hearing (no TV coverage?) Swell Time salute in 1973.


• The first Caulfield Cup that I attended was Silver Bounty’s exciting 1981 triumph – I backed 3rd placegetter Deck The Halls.


• By 1991 I’d found other Saturday activities but still managed to slip in to Mickey Bourke’s Koroit pub to see Bart pull off a Handicapping certainty with the great Let’s Elope.


• Another historic win, but at the time a surprise to me, was in 1997 when the Pumper careered away on Might and Power, stepping up from the mile and setting a record pace.


• 1998 was only significant as the first time I swung the bag on course on a Cup Day – the race itself was a shambles with eventually Colin Cowdrey’s wife’s horse, Taufan’s Melody, being awarded an interference marred event – Tony Vasil’s bolter, Lisa’s Game, came second and the Sydney superstar Tie The Knot again missed out running anti-clockwise.


• George Hanlon’s bandaged head is the curious image from Diatribe’s 2000 triumph.



• I watched the dramatic pictures of late (and literal) scratchings on TV monitors from my post at Bendigo preceding Master O’Reilly’s 2007 triumph.


• The next year I was back at Caulfield and, when All The Good was posted the winner, could not even remember seeing it in the formguide!


Mixed memories of a great race. The Caulfield Cup is distinctive as a mile and a half Handicap.
Great horses have won it…but they’ve either overcome or avoided the Handicap conditions.
So the challenge for punters again this week is to acknowledge the weighting factor and look for those “well in”. It is one of those outcomes where so many factors come in to play – optimum distance, weight, barrier and, so often at the Heath, luck in running! If that sounds like a chocolate wheel, that is sometimes the case.


Punters were convinced that Glencadam Gold was the form and handicap favourite but Gai’s setbacks last week and a really wide gate have caused a rethink. How good is the Sydney staying form? Has “GG”s form been embellished by soft leads and dawdling paces?


As usual, the retrospectometer will unveil logical solutions – our task in advance is much tougher.
I take the gutless approach and renege on any bet. It does my head in trying to juggle the permutations.
Here’s one line of thought. French staying form seems to be the world’s best. Caulfield is, though, a track of nuances that can foil the uninitiated. Thus, why not select Voila Ici, French influenced (though admittedly predominantly Italian raced) with the P.G. Moody home track experience? The issue is complicated by a poor draw but, like I’ve inferred, there’s a push and a knock for pretty much all of the runners so you have to factorize each influence, including odds and jockey and track condition, before deciding to bet! Another option is to butter up on defending Cupper, Southern Speed, drawn to get a cute tuck off the pace and, last start aside, back OK this Spring. Anyone on Gatewood last start will have to butter up again if he gets a run and hope for more luck from a horror draw.


Deluded optimists will still want to take a Quaddy. The divvy should be healthy but there’s a good reason for that!
The first leg is the David Jones Cup (Coongy Handicap,MR7, 2000m, G3) – what the hell is this? I’ve got to say that there are several race names for this card that just don’t ring a bell. Punters’ elect in this will be Liteinthenite (C.Williams) but I’d rather include Shewan (4) and Maules Creek (6) and maybe even Waterford Hill (12) for Froggy. I’ll be barracking for old Pacino to notch an amazing double – last Saturday he won the Manangatang Cup (Les Beer, 7/4).


Those still alive after the Caulfield Cup then face key questions in the final two legs – one out the favs or wide?
I reckon it is one out for Mosheen (1) in the Tristarc (MR9, G2, 1400m, Mares). She’s back and, if so, is better than these, despite it being a cracking race. Red Tracer (4) for second.
Lady Melksham (2) provides the dilemma in the last (MR10, Alinghi Stakes, Listed, 1100m, fillies and mares). Freshened, back from 1400m and G2, this does look ideal. If that’s not your train of thought, especially if the track is too firm, good luck deciphering the rest of the form.


For those watching the day unfold, here’s a quick wrap of the card. Make your Jockey’s Challenge investments accordingly!
R1- 1400m, 3yo fillies. Villa Splendido (1) 5/2
R2- 1400m, 3yo C+G. Bart’s Divine Moon (8) 7/1
R3- The Norman Robinson G3, 2000m,3yo. Usually a Derby Trial. Phillippi (3)
R4- Ethereal Stakes, Listed, 2000m, 3yo fillies. Zuccutto (11) $7 or Summerbliss (6) $4.50
R5- Moonga Stakes, G3, 1400m, 4yo+. Time for King’s Rose (5) to win – not since the Stocks 10/09/2011. Amah Rock (6) will be good value.
R6- Caulfield Sprint, G2, 1100m. Good race. Bad names. Howmuchdoyouloveme (7) to beat Thankgodyou’rehere (3).
Another fabulous option for Saturday is a Country Racing experience. I recommend the Avoca Cup races and try to make it a weekend away as it is a great region and not too far from the city.


Finally, any thoroughbred piece must acknowledge Ascot’s hosting of the Champion Stakes on Saturday (overnight in Australia) – more notable as “Frankel’s last race”. This is not just an exhibition gallop as some quality acceptors will eyeball him at the gate – though probably only see his swishing tale at the furlong. There are concerns over a deteriorating track which would not be in his favour and would help opponents like Cirrus Des Aigles, but he is the highest rated horse ever. Should be classic sports watching. DD will no doubt give us his views on this event.


Bookies got smashed on Wednesday and will certainly be hurting. The fields look really open at Caulfield so we’ll be hoping to claw our way back before heading back across the Yarra for the last 3 weeks of The Carnival.

Good luck!



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  1. Peter Flynn says

    A really good Caulfield Cup field.

    With Cups Double and savers, I’ll have about half the field covered in my portfolio.

    Will Americain run?

    I can’t believe Glencadam Gold’s price. Can’t have it.

  2. Peter you made a grey hairs day last week with your comments that a trainer had a smile like a former Contiki driver (72 Europe – cant beat that mate)
    The Cup field is a lottery for me and I wait the “Managements” tips or others on the forum to give me a lead.
    Agree on Glencadam Gold as barriers beat a lot of good horses
    Crio – like the memories of the Cup but in the past 28 years bowls have thwarted my watching and too often Ive come in after to see my money gone – this year I can watch

  3. Please, one would be remiss not to mention that Caulfield Cup shares the day with Avoca Cup day.


  4. Skip of Skipton says

    I see Dunaden has won or placed 11 times from 12 starts at a mile and a half. Be told.

    All the Gatewood fanciers would have to be keen on Quest for Peace’s chances.

    Arctic Scent was one I couldn’t remember seeing in th formguide. I also know a bloke that got the ’98 trifecta that paid 32k.

  5. I wish they could put Olly on to Alcopop from its good gate.

  6. David Downer says

    Nice work Crio. Some Caulfield Cup reminiscing first, down through the years….
    As a lad of the south-east, Caulfield Cup day had generally been the one I, er, “set myself for”.
    I did rattle off a reasonably impressive streak by attending 17 in a row – from 1993 (Fraar) to 2009 (Viewed). By 2010, the pressure of maintaining said streak just weighed too heavily! So I let it go, and have missed the last couple, but I’ll be back tomorrow.
    I was 17yo when I attended in ‘93. I trundled along with another school-mate of mine – popular theory has it our absence from the school’s Year 11 retreat that weekend would cost us any chance of becoming prefects the next year. That mail was correct. Ironically enough, VATC committeeman (and K-Rock stalwart) Peter Le Grand’s son, John, did forego Cup day to head to the retreat, and was thus rewarded with a badge the next year. So while most of my school chums were up at Mansfield connecting with the Lord (of the spiritual non-equine variety), I was connecting with Victor Ma, the Asian bookie who would never query my under-agedness when placing bets. My height made up for lack of stubble. When I upped a bet to $20 on Silk Ali in the big one (impressive Coongy winner on the Wednesday), he did retort with a “whoa, big spender!”. He was probably two points longer with the bookies next door, but V.Ma was the fail-safe option!
    The most memorable Cup – Might and Power 1997. Backing and spruiking him to the mountain tops had helped, and this was my first decent collect on the punt. From memory M&P had never bowled along in front prior to this, and I couldn’t quite believe what was transpiring. Stuck behind the clock-tower, I lost him for a few moments and just assumed the worst – that he punctured and had been caught. That of course wasn’t the case. The crowd reaction was bewildered silence – most had been aboard Marble Halls from memory, but hyena-style jumping did ensue in my general vicinity.
    Sky Heights in ’99 is more remembered for the post-match. The Racecourse hotel (pre re-furb, pre-pokies) on cnr of Waverley/Dandenong Rd was ill-equipped to handle the post-races throng. Cue the punters pulling their own beers, for an extended period I might add, with no staff in sight!
    Northerly with 58kgs in 2002 was the other highlight. I happily took the $5. Cup day crowds were beginning to peak around this time – and it became better known as a full-on p1ss-up, particularly with your 16/17 yo private school set loitering out the front. Queues for a beer/toilet were horrendous, everything was just difficult. I had pinpointed a viewing spot early to escape the madness – in the “dry area” near the cross-over point. Not unremarkably, it’s empty, and I was afforded a great view of such a memorable race. The collect queue however was about 45 minutes long! The bookies risked him that day, they must have taken a killing.

  7. Skip of Skipton says

    Hopefully Tourniquet has the ‘pop racing a bit handier than usual. I will have a small win bet nibble, but he’s definitely in the multiples.

  8. Fantastic times DD.
    Victor K H Ma passed away a couple of years ago. He was reliably top odds and E/W and, for a fair while, offered a rebate on losing bets. His payout queues were endless. By the end he’s taken to getting out his deckchair and having a snooze around the back of the stand mid-meeting.

  9. for the Caulfied Gup:

    December Draw
    Folding Gear

  10. Jeez Crio,
    Still getting flashbacks of Cochrans ride on Taufans Melody, should have got 2750 weeks ( 1 for each dollar i failed to collect on Champagne)!
    The subsequent 2kg penalty Taufans got for winning probably cost it the Melbourne Cup.
    Thinking of Tie the Knot,brings back memory’s of another couple of milk drinkers Kaapstad Way and Marble Halls.
    I remember years ago someone telling me, that after every race meeting one horse should be offered up to the punters to do with as they wish, i’d need a new pair of Blundstones if any of those 3 were offered up!

  11. David Downer says

    And the race itself…
    Echo the sentiments so far – a terrific field and a cracking race this year. Agree with Skip’s observations on the whole also.
    Having already backed Dunaden last week, and given the pie-stand marble, no need to load up again. Still, from that position C.Williams would be your pick to conjure something special. Compared to his fellow international cohorts, I actually think Dunaden is in well on the weights. He is a few levels above others well in the market. Dunaden’s 2400m form is world class, and his run in the Hardwicke at Royal Ascot was phenomenal – I doubt any other horse in tomorrow’s field could reel off that sort of finish. With all the pace from the outside, Williams may just zag him diagonally and head fence-bound immediately. If he does get some nice cover, look out. If Viewed can slide along the fence to win with 57kgs, Dunaden certainly can with 58 – with a compressed weight scale to boot.
    I also like another from that Hardwicke form – (My) Quest For Peace, who lost a plate in that race, so a complete write-off. As one who’s been trending “gangnam style” for Gatewood, (M)QFP’s win over him at Goodwood surely puts him in this race, particularly with his draw. If he can muster some gate-speed from barrier 2 he should sit handy to have a crack. He won’t know himself with 53.5kgs either.
    Some of the other imports seem very, very similar in ability. Three in particular. Of those we’ve seen, Voila Ici and Sneak a Peek, and the globe-trotting Jakkalberry. The latter was also in that Hardwicke race – but finished 5 lengths astern of Dunaden, and a similar margin to him in the HK Vase too. VI, SAP and Jakk have some form around each other – in the 2200m Frederico Tesio (er, presumably “time-honoured”) in Italy last year. Sneak a Peak victorious with 53kg, a length to Jakkalberry with 56kg, and Voila Ici 3 lengths away lumping 58kg. Given those margins, the weight turnarounds here would have them very close on that form.  Voila Ici also beat Jakkalberry by 3 lengths (equal weights) in a G1 2400m in Italy in June last year also.
    For me Sneak A Peak is the x-factor horse. Has been unlucky in his runs here and hasn’t had any sort of decent crack at them, keeps running up backsides. The scenario may play out similarly on Saturday (gets too far back, requiring too much luck), but I think he’s worth a saver. Bossy might push him along a bit closer from barrier 10.
    So I’ve crapped on significantly and haven’t even mentioned December Draw or Glencadam Gold! DD’s lead-up form ticks all the traditional lead-up boxes – and of course his initials are omen-worthy. Can he really stay the 2400m against this lot? Kav is certainly due some luck in this race. GG drawing the car-park isn’t that much of a burden.  I don’t see many others burning off inside to hold him out, so Voila Ici and he should just ping forward from out there.
    Had earlier been looking towards Lights Of Heaven also, coming off great 2000m+ form in the Brisbane winter – but she’s been well and truly found at her current price.
    Might also note that Deane Lester picked Niwot on top this morning. Goodbye $31 there.
    The summary …Dunaden, Quest For Peace, and a spec on Sneak a Peek. With apologies to heaps of them (and all subject to change!).


  12. Well, my big cup on Saturday is Avoca. Looking at the field i’m interested in two runners from Ballarat, No5 Inaura, and No 7 Captain Segal. Let’s see how it pans out on the day.


  13. Andrew Fithall says

    The late Herb Barlow (grandfather of Fremantle’s Michael), having returned from the war, spent a significant amount of time in a rehabilitation hospital. He used his time wisely, studying form. The simple system he came up with was 2-4: a second placing, followed by a fourth, was frequently followed by a win. Using this system, I will be going with Voila Ici.

    In support of this selection I can draw on the expertise of one Billy Pinnell. On radio 3RRR at 6.40 this morning, Billy, using what is commonly termed, Abbottsford Logic, came up with the same result. I could try and explain Abbottsford Logic, but I would be wasting your time. Just as Abbottsford Logic is also a waste of time. Let it be known that once, quite a number of years ago, Billy, who at this time of the year from Caulfield Cup through to the Sandown Cup, heads into the radio station and is given much more time than he deserves to share his selections, actually tipped a winner. This could be his second success.

    Volia Ici

  14. Thanks for the Caulfield Cup flashbacks.
    It’s been probably my worst feature race punting success over the years, I have to go back to the early 90’s when Mannerism won to find myself backing a winner and that was only a saver……you only get one Shane Dye gift and that was mine. I have a much grander record on the derby but I’m prepared to save that up for another time..

    Galah, you couldn’t of missed it’s last run and very good second up. I noticed that it was 7/1 last night which looked pretty good despite the awkward gate.
    I’m having something on Sneak a Peek in the cup and hope Bossy turns his form around ( the jockeys form not the horse).

  15. Glen,
    I pushed Avoca in the article. Great little racecourse and a big crowd expected. Their numbers suffered for a few years when they banned BYO and went Toohey’s! We’ve stayed in the town and also a couple of times at the old Ampi pub – cheap, brilliant location and a shambles….photos of the great Ghost adorning the walls by the pool table. Anzac Day was always featuring a large two-up school. Looks like being cracking weather – enjoy. If the bookies are being (especially) miserly on Caulfield, try to organise a top fluc, best tote or even SP. Enjoy.

  16. Jockey,

    I’m with you mate. Sneak A Peek. If he gets his share of luck I reckon he finishes the quickest. I love the way grips the bit and attacks the line when daylight appears.

    It’s a drifter (bit like me) but I thought Full Of Spirit was an enormous run last start. Might want a mile now, but like Sneaker in the Cup, if she sees daylight in a timely manner, whoooooshka.

  17. Ta Crio, it’s always a nice day out. Tooheys i can bypass. i’ll not drink until we hit Talbot pub in the evening. Happy punting Crio !!!


  18. John Harms says

    Crio,, not a lot of success in this race over the years, but fair success at the meeting, and always great fun. Often listened to the race while playing cricket, and then after giving cricket away it was either off to the races at Eagle Farm with Otis My Man and Mossman Bob, or at a pub somewhere. Remember being at Kawana Waters pub eating seafood platters and drinking cold XXXX all afternoon with a terrific group of old uni crew. I reckon I backed Circles of Gold but the table had backed Arctic Scent because, wait for it, Rod Gallegos had made it a special and was expecting 33/1, which he got, as did the table ont he tote. Thought you’d like that. Had a massive day the day Laebeel ran second to Sky Heights. Backed Notoire that day straight out at 40/1. And somethign else at long odds. If Laebeel wins I retire.

    Best day though was the year Memoirs of a Mug Punter came out and the genius schedulers at Brisbane Writers Festival put me down for an event on writing about horse racing on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm. Top billing that day was Prof Brian Matthews, a terrific sportswriter, biographer, literary critic and St Kilda fan. He has written reports for the Almanac and this year is writing one of the essays at the front of the book. WE had both backed Diatribe and we were extremely distracted throughout our chat. Didn’t find the result out until about 5pm, and about 7 pm learnt that I had the tri while just sitting down to a Vietnamese banquet in West End. Cracking day.

    Loved Mummify’s win.

  19. Nostalgia rules on Crios racing and great to hear tales from the past
    Where are Budge and Elvis with theirs?

  20. oges,

    Budge might have a few CC tales, but we certainly share one. It was 1981 and I will let him tell it. Still too painful.

  21. Philippi scratched from the Norman Robinson.
    “draw a line, please”!

  22. Skip of Skipton says

    Top spot Avoca. Very pleasant vibe. We go to the riverside market 4 or 5 times a year. The weather is always better there, too. Some sort of Mediterranean micro-climate, hence all the wineries I suppose. Well worth a weekend or even day-trip being only two hours max from the Westgate.

  23. Crio,

    After some thought, I reckon my memorable Caulfield Cup moments are:

    Sobar. What a dominant win by the 3yo, only to go over to Dayana and Higgins in the Derby when “Handbrake” was decisively out ridden.

    The other was a losing performance. Grand Cidium. He ran 3rd to Swell Time on a bog, which he had an aversion to, after winning the Guineas. Never raced again before dying on the operating table. I was sad for weeks. He could have been anything, and, in a link to Sobar’s Derby, was a brother to Dayana.

  24. Looks like I missed the kick here. Good to see everyone get involved with their stories:

    With due reference to Miller’s Guide, here are some of mine:

    1969: At home, clearly remember Nausori win due to what what deemed, at the time, to be a brilliant ride by Des Lake. Subsequently the protest siren sounds and Big Philou wins the race in the stewards room (R. Higgins was always a strong advocate). Unfortunately that was the pinnacle for Big Philou as he was nobbled just prior to the Melb Cup and scratched just prior (I remember someone telling me he was scratched and I thought they were bullshitting me!).

    1973: Thought How Now was a good thing. Remember she drew the car park but I trusted Johnny Stocker to take care of that. Sure enough, from my memory, he settled on the fence behind the leaders going out of the straight the first time and was never in doubt.

    1978: So Called, one of my favourites. Shattered when he got beaten but followed him up in the Cox Plate so all was forgiven.

    1981: I was working in Adelaide with Elvis at the time and he had a hard on for No Peer. He started a short priced favourite so being a man looking for value I settled on Silver Bounty as the one to knowck him off. Just when Bart’s No Peer was being hailed the winner, here comes Silver Bounty. Looked as close as you could get to a dead heat on the line and only reason I was confident was that elvis was on the other one. Sure enough, I got the phot and he has still never got over it!!!

    1986: Remember being in a department store in Sydney, where we were living at the time. Told my girlfriend (to-be wife) that I needed to get to the TV area of the store. Once found, convinced a salesman of my interest in buying a TV and proceeded to switch them all to the big race for comparison purposes. Can’t remember what I backed but I know it wasn’t Mr Lomondy. Don’t think we ever heard of him again.

    1995: Was at Avoca Cup meeting and on the (to be great) Doriemus.

    1996: On track and very keen on Arctic Scent after a great run in the Stock Stakes. Had a very big thrill and collect when she sneaked up on the fence to get the money at around 20/1.

    Will come back with some thoughts on this years meeting….

  25. Elvis – for therapy purposes, tell us your version of the No Peer / Silver Bounty race.

  26. Budge,

    Don’t remember much of the race, mainly you reminding me of the result and taking the piss for the subsequent 31 years.

    It matters little, but I remember L Dittman getting off No Peer after winning at Flemington subsequent to being cheated out of a Caulfield Cup (Grey horses alter the reflection in a photo finish) and saying he was one of the best horses he had thrown a leg over.

    I can remember watching it in the upstairs bar at Morphettville like it was yesterday.

  27. I thought I watched it from the Morphettville betting ring or was I with you while the race was on?

  28. Skip of Skipton says

    Budge, great reminiscences. How Now was ’76. That’s the first Caulfield Cup I can remember I reckon. Think Big in ’75 is the first Melbourne Cup. I have to know who you backed in Mr. Lomondy’s ’86 cup.

  29. Maybe you didn’t have a bet?!

  30. Yeah sure Crio. I’ll have to get back to you on that.
    Sorry Skip, you are correct on How Now’s year. Blame my eyesight.
    Analight the year before was another winner I backed. Shows how few there have been in the interim if I can remember ones from the 70’s!

  31. Haven’t yet worked out who I backed in 86 caulfield Cup but I’d like to nominate that year as the worst Melbourne Cup on record:
    5/1 fav Mr Lomondy
    8/1 Born To Be Queen
    10/1 At Talaq, Samasaan
    11/1 Mister Mint
    14/1 Our Sophia, Empire Rose
    15/1 Kiwi, Reckless Tradition
    20/1 Just Now, Sea Legend
    25/1 Joal
    33/1 Black Knight
    50/1 Rising Fear, My Tristrams Belle, Fil de Roi, Final Advance
    66/1 Fordyce, Indian Raj
    125/1 Dark Intruder
    140/1 Enchanteur
    200/1 Waratah Bay

    Interestingly there were 4 eventual Melb Cup winners in the race counting the 86 winner At Talaq. Black Knight (84), Kiwi (83) and Empire Rose (88). Still a shit race- think I backed Samasaan.

  32. Budge,

    I’m happy to continue recalling watching the race with you. Makes for a better memory. Confident I have moved on from that controversial result.

    Just don’t tell Budge.

  33. Scratchings update…more of my hopes fall away!

    Race 3
    Race 4
    11. ZUCCOTTO
    Race 5
    Race 7
    7. VAL CHAMP
    Race 8
    21. IBICENCO

  34. Skip of Skipton says

    Budge; indeed. My Miller’s Guide says Canny Lass was favourite for the ’86 Caulfield Cup and came 16th!

  35. Sorry Skip – I got side tracked. The market I gave was for that year’s Melbourne Cup.
    Mister Mint 11/1 – who the ????

  36. I didn’t, think 86 was so bad, I backed at talaq in the cup as a result of his caul field cup second. Take note of all place getters in the caul field cup, delta blues, doriemus, let’s elope, gala supreme, baghdad note, van der hum,…

  37. Having had a look through the fields for tomorrow, I’m quite happy that I’m working and not just wanderin garound on the punt. Tomorrow and the Flemington week, I make my annual cameo appearances on the bag. I’ll be on the lawn tomorrow and expect to be too busy to bet for the sake of it. Having said that:
    Race 1: Maybe No 9 Catered
    Race 3: Following up on Right To Roam at good odds
    Race 5: King’s Rose looks a good thing
    The Cuo R8: Still like Sneak A Peek with Zabeelionaire and Secret Admirer as chances at big odds. Really don’t think Glencadam Gold will run a place.

  38. Skip of Skipton says

    Yes Budge , At Talaq on a hot day when I drank my first and last Darwin Stubby. I have the faintest of memories with regard to Mister Mint, or maybe it is Mister Minit where I got my keys cut and shoes fixed? ’85 Cup was probably pound-for-pound worse.

  39. call me crazy but how is this for a box quinella lights of heaven, mouser, zabeelonaire and sabrage.

  40. sorry moudre not mouser..

  41. Budge has a good memory.
    If Elvis had of been able to bottle his feelings for No Peer and sell it would have been branded Viagra.
    How quick will they go in the cup? I’m keen to break my drought, hopefully with Sneak a Peek ( also carrying Elvis) but if they go crazy I think Winchester is a hope, I know I expressed an opinion on imports from the US a few weeks back but he’s been quite impressive in his few runs.
    Also interested in the Norman Robinson with a view to the derby and thought that Right to Roam was an improver and notice there has been some backing. I think there will be a few quick improvers tomorrow and next week as they get out to a bit more ground.

  42. Jock – sorry but I also like Sneak A Peek and will be following up on Right To Roam so there’s 2 you can save your money on. As for Winchester, like him but really looks like a Flemington horse to me. Will run a good Bart 4th or 5th trial for the Cup. Are you following up on Real Stolle – I see blinkers back on?

  43. Jimando, save on Costa Nova for the Norman Robinson.

  44. Skip of Skipton says

    I think I might call Puabai crazy. Although his liking of Caulfield Cup placegetters converting to Melbourne Cup winners has some substance. Delta Blues still gives me a hard on.

    Jock, Winchester was originally a Pommy horse who got sent stateside. I was keen on him a few weeks back when making his debut, and still am for the Melbourne Cup.

    I’m a sucker for American horses and form, so I included #3 Jakkelberry along with Dunaden, Sneak a Peek and old cobber Alcopop in all multiples.

  45. David Downer says

    Americain is no certainty to run on grounds of a hard track …which would bring old mate Gatewood into the field – who then mightn’t accept anyway!

    Might be an intriguing morning as it all plays out.

    I’m also specking Sneak a Peek in the Cup if that worries you blokes!

  46. Jeez – Sneak A Peek is carrying about 10kgs over with all of us on board.
    Is he this week’s Oasis Bloom??

  47. Looks like Sneak a Peek is now carrying about 70Kg but I’m sticking. I do agree that Winchester looks better suited in the other cup but may be different odds.r
    Real Stolle is officially sacked by me, did zip with a good run, actually thought Catered had a hope but still waiting to see if the trainer can get a winner so I may pass on the early events.
    The only real roughie I give a hope to is Shannara later in the day but I’m lacking confidence at the moment.

  48. No

  49. Yep home-town cup for me too, being a North Caulfield boy DD.

    First cup was 78 – up on the malthoid at the back of the old stand I’d backed Arwon, and we all thought he’d won clearly – Taksan was completely covered by the George Hanlon galloper, but somehow Taksan stuck his nostril out to get the developed print. Unbelievable.

    But was on Hayai when it sloshed through the mud at 14s in 83. Been to 17 all up, 14 on the trot beginning with M&P in 97.

    Cricket commitments mean I’m not in the house this year same as last, but love the classic cups build up by Kav for December Draw. That injury last year was bone not tendon, so not worried by it. On him from Lights of Heaven – unorthodox prep but Moody up to something, and will be including Moudre in the exotics in as Maher reckons he’s over the shoulder issue.

    Good luck punters

  50. Crio, Budge, Jock,

    Sunday paper Sports Section headline “PEEK PERFORMANCE”

    I will say no more, except, if that proves to be incorrect, City of Songs in the last.

  51. Skip of Skipton says

    Freeza’s account of 1978 is what we all want to hear, malthoid and all. To think Arwon was that close to the famed Cup Double! He was still kicking around the Cup Parade not too long back either, old Arwon.

  52. David Downer says

    Alright chaps, selections…

    Giving a few races a wide berth – we spend so much time concentrating on the Cup just not enough time to properly sift through them all…

    Race 3
    Have been following HVASSTAN and not jumping off now. Jimando meets him better on weights here, but Jimando had the gun run at Flemington whereas Hvasstan was still wobbling very wide around the home turn. I keep referring to Hvasstan as a “strong, bullocking type” – hoping he can shove his way out again today. Wary of Sydney’s Honorious coming through the strong It’s a Dundeel form.

    Race 5
    Gawd do we give AMAH ROCK one more chance?? Not sure if he’s good enough against King’s Rose in this – but she’s certainly been found now at the price. Opened up way overs.

    Race 6
    Haven’t had a prolonged look at this race, but have noted D.Lester and D.Beirne both fancy Altar. Is old Green Birdie better suited in this today at big odds?

    Race 7
    Terrible Coongy! Will probably look towards WATERFORD HILL at odds. Up and coming horse, and third up last time won a good 1800m race here. Way down in the ratings, but trainer is quite confident. Seems to be the sort of race where he might break through. Have to now respect any French horse so have to keep Prairie Star safe. Bagman wide all the way in the Cranbourne Cup was a strong run. Jeez, open start in the quad here!

    The Cup
    Have prattled on extensively thus far. I will stick with DUNADEN. I had initially thought he might jag back, but I reckon Williams will now take him more forward on the back of V.Ici and G.Gold, and now Sabrage too, and try and then slot in handy or midfield. Might be wishful thinking he can somehow get one-off the fence (!), but I just think he’s so much better than the rest. You probably don’t want to get too far back as these particular on-pacers have the opportunity to really dictate the whole show unopposed. Sabrage now throws a spanner in the works though.

    Others I’ll be looking at – MY QUEST FOR PEACE is no superstar – but he is drawn to get a great run, and is ok at the weights. SNEAK A PEEK is the X-factor spec – gets back and finds trouble, and may do so again today – but I’ll have a minor each-way interest. Might become a “Crio’s racing forum” legend yet!

    Race 9
    Great Tristarc this year. Where the Melbourne and Sydney form really collides. Mosheen might be back to her best and could blow them away, but I don’t mind RASPBERRIES at the odds. Sat wide all the way in the Mosheen race at Flemington but still finished off well. Have been following Soft Sand, inside draws just do not help! I’ll be going wide in the quad here.

    Race 10
    We got Serene Star home last week and she’s flying, not sure about today. Had nice weight drop last time, they’ve found her today under Hcp conditions. On footy principals alone, I’m hoping Lady Melksham does not win. Wider again here in the quad! Bit of work to do cutting it down. Staring at some low percentages currently!

    Happy punting folks.

    Will be on track with PJ Flynn today. The prodigal son returns to the Heath!

  53. Amah Rock scratched

  54. Skip of Skipton says

    Ker-ching! and so forth. The best horse in the race beat the best weighted horse.

    Alcopop ended up unders on the tote (party-goers and battlers money), Dunaden overs. $104 quinella was reasonable I suppose.

  55. Excellent summation Skip

  56. Elvis,
    re: horses’ names – todaywehitanallnimelow

  57. todaywehitanalltimelow!

  58. Skip of Skipton says

    I hate when the Exacta pays more than double the Quinella, which is often. Any rate, enough of that whining small talk.

    Nephew Bazza plonked 250 coin fixed odds multi on A Time For Julia, all up Howmuchdoyoulove, all up Dunaden. 17k collect.

    He wants to know Elvis now.

  59. Peter Flynn says

    D Downer is to be commended.

    There is now a spot called Downer’s Corner in the Owner’s Bar.

    A terrific win by Dunaden.

    Spring racing in Melbourne has changed forever.

    The days of the Aurie’s Star/Liston/Craiglee/Underwood/Turnbull etc pathway are gone. You may make a case for the Turnbull but that’s it.

    The only two races that matter are the Caulfield Cup and the soon to be Group 1 Geelong Cup. It’s a better race than the Metrop FFS.

    I thought Green Moon was a weight special in the Melbourne Cup. It may not finish in the first 5.

    Remember when the Ebor was a good form race e.g. Persian Punch? Not any more.

    Terrific effort by the French. Imagine if the Japanese came back? I’m really enjoying watching good stayers. Did anybody watch the 2 mile race at Ascot last night? One of the more enjoyable races I’ve watched. Crafty DK Weld salutes.

    Did anybody understand the push for Niwot yesterday?

    And I could never understand the push for Glencadam Gold.

  60. Flynny, if DD has helped you prop up a bar all day then Lady Brooke might dump him in the metaphorical Werribee Quarantine Centre – not to be seen again at this Spring!
    I did not think it a vintage card yesterday but there was some willing racing. Derby – again – looking sub standard (whatever standard is?).
    There was a possible push and knock for nearly all of them in the Cup. Niwot?
    Am off now to Seymour. Excellent Cup today.

  61. Skip of Skipton says

    Dean Lester was spruiking Niwot and Secret Admirer, strangely.

    Amah Rock in Seymour Cup.

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