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Mick Stumbles has a great Aussie name and is an NT icon.
After coming to Darwin originally to train greyhounds, Stumbles found himself at the microphone at Fannie Bay and has been an integral part of the Racing Club and its Carnival since 1971. He announced recently that he will hang up the binoculars after Monday’s Darwin Cup, adding further media fuel to the conclusion of the wonderful Carnival up here.
Everyone in Darwin likes to tell you how much it has changed. “Almost a city now”, some of ‘em claim. Even I’ve noticed. 2 years ago Mitchell St was awash with Euro girls in micro skirts while the blokes stood around drinking schooners. This year , though, the Britchicks wear shorts that put Wozza to shame whilst blokes stand around drinking schooners!
What hasn’t changed since my last time up here is the bookies’ vulnerability to the fortunes of trainer S. Browne, who, with Scott Hillebrande, notched another double at yesterday’s (Wednesday) meeting – fortunately for the satchel swingers, a big go on Ra Ikane in the main race was foiled by David Jupp’s 20/1 pop No Hesitation (by Not A Single Doubt).
Stephen Browne again holds the key in Saturday’s feature, the $130,000 Palmerston Sprint, with three runners including the tip and likely fav Emboldened (R6, No8). Better known horses like The Soldier and Periduki are acceptors but are weighted to lose.
Sorry that I can’t further elaborate.
I made plans to be i-savvy but they’ve failed. No access to fields and markets so can’t elaborate. The plan now is to find a “live” hotspot tmrw to send this excuse!
There’ll be tips galore amongst the “Southerners” flocking here and I hope to relay some.
Back home Moonee Valley finally hosts!
Let me know if there’s any mail – looking at the passengers on my flight up, I suspect the bookies see Darwin as a better option!
Monday’s Darwin Cup is run pretty late – well past 6EST – and, I suspect, on TVN. Watch it if you can. I’ll try to respond to any inquiries and fwd tips of varying worth!


  1. 30C vs 15C and cold in SA.I know where we would rather be. (A beer at the Trailer Boat Club as the sun sets).
    Crio is Malcolm Carson now training at the Alice and not Vic? I see he has a few in on the weekend
    Adel 8 no. 4 Comic Composer – one of syndicate flew down from Brisbane a few weeks ago and said the horse needed a couple of runs… we”ll see
    Budge – tomorrow at Prospect North vs Bays for middle of the table bragging rights and mine too (yours if they win)

  2. Funnily enough the only tip I’ve got so far is for S V Browne’s Canali at Moonee Valley. D. Oliver replaces apprentice Ms A Browne.
    No idea re M. Carson.
    Did the Trailer Boat and Sailing Club sunsetters last night and the Ski Club for lunch today. Struggled on the quick back up!

  3. By the look of things dehydration is not a problem then

  4. Oges, Looks like the Bays have hit rock bottom. I guess we sack another coach??

  5. Budge – dont worry North wont beat the top couple of teams but somethings wrong down at the Bay.

  6. Andrew Starkie says

    Crio, Darwin is the best our country has to offer. Other worldly. Enjoy yourself.

    Roos too good for Dogs yestdy. LOts of effort by Dogs but no forwards. Played a four man forward line for much of it.

  7. Cup Day today. Good judges at yesterday’s Calcutta reckon Sheahan is a false fav and that Bolton will run clear-cut 1st elect. The emergency and The Third Baseman are seen as trifecta value.
    6pm Melbourne time.

  8. Headlines today that Nikolic is under investigation for race fixing and another jockey in the race and trainer plus other assorted racing people are too
    Wont do the industry any good at all

  9. DNik is a rabbit in a spotlight

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