Crio’s Racing: Morphettville and Eagle Farm

What a pity that the many magnificent memories from the fabulous Sydney Carnival are now being overshadowed by a tiff between big money and big egos. Wherever there is gambling there is greed – and corruption lurks nearby. The Singo/Gai tripe is disappointing because not only have we enjoyed a period of wonderful horses and races but an almost unparalleled run of “good news” stories whilst other sports floundered in controversy. The sideshow will hopefully end soon and we can concentrate on the gallopers.
Adelaide has to share the features with Brisbane this week due to an unfortunate collision of programming. Both meetings are strong.
Morphettville hosts its Goodwood Handicap card. The 1200m sprint (AR7) has long been the undisputed G1 on SA’s calendar and is always hotly contested despite its sandwiching onto a national fixture. Moment of Change heads the weights and probably most tipsters’ polls despite being asked to carry 58.5kgs – a hefty impost, a really good sprinter and a tight quote – an algorithmic challenge for punters. Facile Tigre looks the most likely of a score of place chances, many of which have drawn poorly. There are black type races strewn through the race book so I suggest putting some time in to the AR form – the track should be hard after 31 degrees on Wednesday.
Meanwhile Eagle Farm hosts the G1 BTC Cup (also 1200m, but held at WFA) after a swap from its home of 40 years, neighbouring Doomben, when Black Caviar was being courted to run!
Some of these owners will be relieved not to be chasing the mighty mare’s sizeable rump and another win for Buffering would be well deserved and very hard earned against this smart field with Better Than Ready, Sea Siren and Rain Affair all being well up to this class. For knackers to note, Gollan’s “Boom” duo are also runners. Rarefied and Your Song also deserve some contemplation in what is a ripper race. Again, supporting races include plenty of Group classifications on what looks to be a strong kickstart to the BR winter riches.
Melbourne’s city meeting is at Caulfield and has pretty strong acceptors for this time of the season. For those with a Quaddy habit, I’m throwing some darts here:-
MR5- 1200m. Interesting race. 11 a big query. Include 12.
MR6- 1600m. Consider 2,6,7.
MR7- 2000m. 4,9,12 worth thought.
MR8- 1200m. Good finisher. 1,2,7 must be among the chances.
As always there is plenty to discuss and this forum is open to any opinions.
We are still awaiting our USA correspondent’s review of the Kentucky Derby (now that required a mudlark!) and tips for the remaining North American features – and, in Northern Europe, Knacker stalwart Haiku Bob has been seen on course in Stockholm (Täby Galopp).
Wherever you go, you are never far from a good meeting and, thanks to this site, the opportunity to share your views.
Good luck!


  1. Crio,

    Hasn’t been a great week for racing has it.

    What struck me the most in the Gai Vs Singo war was some of Gai reported comments on Singo, they lacked any class. I reckon there’s a pecking order of importance in racing and at the top is the punter who’s turnover provides the prizemoney.

    Second is the owner who spends a motza on buying horses and paying training fees which then gives the punters something to bet on and also gives the trainers and jocks a chance to earn a living.

    If I was paying what Singo would have been for horses in work ( probably about 4K a month each), I would want to know every time they farted. To label him a drunk was weird, because he’s always been the same but obviously it didn’t matter previously…. you can’t have it both ways.

    Anyway, as an unsuccessful owner, I’m on Singo’s side but I hope it gets sorted quickly so racing can be the star again.

    Adelaide is an interesting day, lots of runners engaged at both Morphettville and Caulfield so fields will change a bit. Also Adelaides turn to run the Queens Cup, look out for Motivado.
    got some studying up to do.

  2. The Singo V Gai side show wil die a natural death. It is almost a fortnight since the episode, all of these alleged witnesses , who have said A B & C, then denied saying A B & C, failed to attend the hearing. By the time the parties are finally brought together, if it ever happens, the stories will have been so concocted, and sanitised it wil be a non issue. A public spat between two exceedingly weathy individuals has been little more than a side show, which has further sullied the image of racing in the minds of many people.

    On an equally sensational note, what is the latest with the Berriman sisters ?


  3. You want scandal??
    Have a look at today’s West Australian newspaper – WA racing has always had a stench.

  4. Back from a Tassie trip and ready to go after 3 and a bit weeks of not following the neddies mostly because our great mates are trotting people and touring got in the way
    Well said Glen and Jock on the Singo vs Gai affair.Its always been an industry of minor and major brawls and scandals. I wait with interest to see what Elvis has to say on WA racing.
    Jock its a pity you keep the wheels of govt going in the city as we had a pleasant day at Strath yesterday although winners were thin on the ground
    Im itching for some tips and will do some form later to see if I can jag a winner especially in Adelaide

  5. Who gets the Winning Post?
    Turn to “Your Say” on p.4 (Vic edition)
    Savour the final letter (“How dare he?) responding to Andrew Rule.

  6. Pumper is in Brisbane for 2 rides – Hawkspur for Chris Waller in the Rough Habit (BR5 No2) and then Sea Siren for John O’Shea in the BTC Cup (BR7, No10).

  7. Ripsnorter says

    Happy to pot Moment of Change at that price Facile Tigre and Yosei look well treated at the weights while General Truce flying if he gets the 1200 could be a knockout chance.

    Plenty of boat races over here in the west on a Wednesday and a Saturday……………on the swan river of course !

    Good luck tomorrow.

  8. My best E/w is SR7 No4 Fazzle

    Yosei is really well weighted but not “one of mine” (to my loss)
    Linton is the other handicap monty.

  9. oges,

    I knew nothing of the Perth Brouhaha until I just entered The Alamanac. Sounds dangerously like “He said, she said” as in the Gai/Singo thing, which will fizzle out, once that imbecile Johns tells the truth. Loved the part though when Chris Murphy, Alan Robinson’s lawyer, referred to Gai as “A failed actress who married a perjurer” Fantastic.

    Funny thing is, the only place I ever seem to have a notable collect is in Perth. I might expect a call from the relevant authorities.

    Tomorrow. The Goodwood I like Amaethon. A lot of 1200m horses in it. I’m a bit of a fan of 1400/1600 metre type horses in those big field 1200m races. Two good runs in after a year off, reckon they’ve earmarked this race, and with D Lane on board, lacks nothing in piloting.

  10. Elvis,
    Hope you found the Winning Post letter to ed that I mentioned…. magic.
    In another letter on the same page the Waterhouse conundrum (trainer/bookie) is referred to as “a case of the fox being appointed as manager of a fowl house”.

  11. Crio,

    The more this thing goes on, the less Singleton will have to do with it in my opinion. Thousands of owners across the country go to the races uninformed ever single day. It should be a storm in a tea cup. It’s the Gai and bookmaker son Tom that is the issue. If his profession runs on any degree of trust, he might be proper [email protected]#%&d, let alone the ongoing scrutiny of his role in the televised media.

  12. Thanks Stuart Littlemore.

  13. Crio,

    Just had another CC and thought NO. It’s not Tom that can be brought to Earth, but the failed actress. Her game spins on trust, and wealthy owners would be prudent in equating smoke to fire and entrusting their gallopers with other, less Dame Edna lookalike trainers.

  14. I used to think it was Dick Smith in drag – with the same marketing budget!
    Even more fun as QE2 is now one of her owners – and older than singo.

  15. Elvis vs Crio on Singo and Gai
    Love your last comment Crio
    It used to be Budge vs Elvis . By the way where is Budge ?
    Elvis- my one for Adelaide is Stella Lante- brilliant run last week and ridden wide by Duric covering more ground than Burke and Wills (but then it had a rotten barrier) – this time?
    Goodwood is a raffle

  16. Essendon have been winning so Budge has been following the footy. That should change soon.
    I’ve got my first Saturday off since September and Tom and I are off to watch the Doggies – can’t get out of that losing Saturday arvo habit ( and laid North at the 10s on!).

  17. Crio, i read the Winning Post letter. If it is truly the said gentleman, and the address is bona fide, it is very sad. I met this gentleman, circa a decade ago , in a health care institution i worked in, and his predicament then was quite worrying. Seeing the letter, with its details, is concerning.


  18. Glen, I wasn’t trying to play down his problems – a really talented hoop whose life has taken a lot of bad turns – but the letter itself displayed a great wit as well as raising as lot of Qs.

  19. No probs Crio, i wasn’t intimating that, just that i have memories of him being treated in my old wprkplace, and find where he’s finished up quite a worry.


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