Crio’s Question: Who else gets both barrels?

Radio commentators were having a chuckle during broadcast on Sunday when they’d noticed how the Doggies’ Number 10 was always referred to by his full name – Easton Wood.

When we flicked on the telly last night it seemed that Eddie Betts copped the same treatment.
I do recall as a kid thinking that the surname of a Hawks winger was Desmar…not being familiar with the late premiership player Des Meagher!
Who else gets “both barrels”?



  1. Dr Goatboat says

    I still think that Siracusa’s first name is Gene!

  2. Skip of Skipton says

    “Eddibetts” rolls off the tongue well, unlike “Gerald Betts”.

    “Luisanchez” the biter/footballer is another.

  3. NicNait.

    There was a TV entertainer in the 60’s called Tommy Leonetti who had his own Tonight Show for a while. As a kid I remember thinking they were a trio, and wondering when Lee and Eddy would show up.

  4. cowshedend says

    John Hawkes, whilst hoops were never blessed with a christian name, just an initial, G Boss, D Beadman, G Hall,

  5. Cowshedend – you prompted me to nominate the late “Colin Hayes”. Both names or CS always used to distinguish him from his sons and other Hayes racehorse trainers. I remember there were minor trainers with the same surname in Victoria. One a Hayse.

    Crio – you will remember the Peter Plus character who was on with Bazz and Pilko on 5AD brekky radio back in the 70’s.
    When the “Colonnades” Shopping Centre opened in Christies Beach, Plussy quipped that it was good that they named it after the great SA racehorse trainer.

  6. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Peter Plus was Barry Ion (Bazz) (ex Footscray and Woodville)

  7. Dave Brown says

    I can’t think of any that quite get both barrels with the frequency of Wood. Maybe Beau Maister, Kepler Bradley or Jake Neade.

    A separate but related category might be players that commentators like calling by their nicknames (not counting Rex Hunt). Usually forwards (Buddy, Tex, Roughy, Poppy, Gumby, Tomahawk), ruckmen (Mummy, the Canadian) or exciting midfielders (Stevie J, Daisy, Danger)

  8. It was rare to hear either Newman or Brownless when it can me to the former Geelong pair. They always had a prefix, Sammy or Billy, not the stand alone surname.


  9. Young David Glascott was still young at the end of his career

  10. daniel flesch says

    Farren Ray always seems to get the full treatment. Because his surname is a first name perhaps. Bucking the trend of surnames as first names e.g. Campbell Brown , Taylor Dureya.

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