Crio’s Question: which individual can drag you to a contest?


by Chris Riordan

News and Sport was silently on a TV in the corner.

“I reckon I’ll go and watch a Storm game”, said Robbo, glancing up over a post-cricket drink.

“D’ya like League?”,pestered a team-mate.

“Nah…but Billy Slater’s on fire. He’s gotta be worth going to watch.”

Sounds fair enough to me.

We’ve had novices coming to recent race meetings just to check out the remarkable Black Caviar.

I’m glad that people can step beyond their norms and go to see the very best perform to their very best. In these instances it is not about a contest – rather a display.

Who or what can drag you to a “contest” simply to watch an individual?


  1. Buddy, Juddy and Tuddy?

    * Lance Franklin, definitely.
    * Chris Judd, maybe.
    * Des Tuddenham, I’ll let the old Magpies decide if he was.

  2. Beer

  3. That would be a ‘Jimmy” of course Dips.

  4. Sort of on topic Crio.

    I was listening to the ABC one morning a bout a year after the Sydney Olympics – slow news week.

    listeners were asked to ring in and nominate a big mopment in the games.

    There were many for Cathy (richly deserved) and a few others.

    Then some lay back snoozer rang in and told a yarn about the women’s beach volleyball.

    ‘Me and Muzza was sitt’n on the couch hav’n a few tinnies and watch’n the women’s beach volleyball final. We was concentrat’n real hard when me missus cum in, looked at the telly, looked at us then asked who was winn’n. I gave Muzza blank look an he sad ‘nar mate I dunno eiver'”

    Obviously there was something of interest dragging them to the contest.

  5. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Daicos at Victoria Park. Even if we got done, which was rare, you just knew you’d go home with at least one great memory that the Marvel conjured for the adoring fans.

    If I had been a Cats fan I wouldn’t want to miss seeing G.Ablett Snr in action. If I lived in Barcelona I would pay good money to watch Lionel Messi mesmerize the best defences in Europe.

  6. The point is, Phil, that I’d go to watch Messi despite not supporting Barcelona. I’d feel ripped off if he wasn’t playing and scoring. He is mesmerising.
    Slater is in that category for League fans and is crossing codes with his appeal.
    I don’t follow Storm. Love watching “The Kid” make his runs.

    A flip of this is The Masters. I’d go to see Augusta regardless of a Tiger or Rory.

  7. Dave Nadel says

    I went to the races for the first time in years to watch Black Caviar, I didn’t go to too many games where Geelong was playing teams other than Collingwood but I watched a lot on TV. G Ablett senior was my favourite non-Collingwood player. It wasn’t that he was brilliant, it was that he was brilliant EFFORTLESSLY.

    I tend to watch Australia play cricket each summer but I made a point of going when Warne was likely to be bowling. I only saw Gary Sobers and Viv Richards batting live against Australia but I wouldn’t have missed either for quids.

    I will always regret that in the sixties I was a poor student not fond enough of tennis to go see Rod Laver at his peak.

  8. John Harms & Peter Flynn.
    I’m going to see the Cats and Dockers purely to watch them perform.

  9. Plugger was always worth the admittance price even for non-Saints (or Swans) fans.

  10. Richard Naco says

    “which individual can drag you to a contest?”

    Danny La Rue

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