Crio’s Question: “What windsock?”

San Antonio won game 1 in the NBA finals with no air conditioning in their home stadium. They just happen to have the deepest and best bench in the NBA!

Miami winning Game 2 just reinforced the efficacy of this tactic – a beautiful conundrum faced by anyone who tries to challenge a conspiracy theorist.

Thanks to PeterB for this week’s Q? – the scams that have gained an “edge”.

Doctor the pitch? Surely not!

What windsock?

A dose of food poisoning for the All Blacks? Can happen to any traveller.

Shareholders, stakeholders, directors….call ’em what you will, but they’d all concur that Machiavelli understood the importance of percentages.

Winners are grinners and the losers, I guess, can please themselves – and, of course, throw mud. Some of it, as we know, sticks.



  1. The AFL uses the FIXture to gain an edge for its favourite teams. They’ve obviously been reading FIFA’s best seller called “Achieving Desired Outcomes”.

  2. Dips, that might be because Goldspink is no longer there for “direct action”!

  3. Tony Robb says

    Collingwood have filled Carlton with all their duds rendering the hapless Blues as basket cases
    The localised rain at Morabbin on Friday nights.

  4. Flemington experienced similar “rain events” whenever Makybe Diva was to run.

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    As late as 1980 there was a suggestion that Russian officials were opening the giant end doors of the Moscow stadium when it was their javelin throwers’ turns, hoping the extra tailwind might assist the Soviet spears. (MS – not my own words)

  6. runners are under scrutiny in AFL – they can serve purposes beyond relaying a coach’s message.

  7. Whenever Makybe Diva was facing Hay List for instance

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