Crio’s Question : The good old bad old days?

I’m getting (gotten?) old and it has become a habit…how “things were better when”.

I know I’m not alone. And I know that in many instances I’m right.

But how it must grate youngsters – and how it must set me in a negative mindset!

So here’s the invitation.

Sure, you can be nostalgic for “contest” footy and sportsmen who worked for a living.

But what about those toilets at Windy Hill? The drunken brawls? Thugs glorified on both sides of the fence.

Can you recall our relative ignorance of sports beyond the Empire? Look at the breadth and immediacy of coverage today –  “live” cricket from Sth Africa last night and  La Liga and World Matchplay over breakfast  this morning!

How much stronger is the commitment for junior participation, of both genders, in sports?

Give me some positive reinforcement. Sportslovers today are better off than ever before.


  1. Well Crio, they say the more things change the more they stay the same, though is that a glass half full-half empty, statement?

    Re the AFL i’ve only been to one game this century. Sure i don’t miss the drunken thuggery, and other less pleasant aspects of the old footy, but how can you play a winter game under a closed roof, on an artificial surface? That’s something i ‘ve not managed to come to terms with in the last 14 years.

    Similarily with cricket, it’s great to watch it on TV , with matches happening across the globe, at all different hours on the clock. But i can’t take this BBL razzamatazz. 20-20/T20, i enjoy watching, but why have we not got NSW playing WA, or the Vics versus Tassie? Seriously who relates to/who can give a &#@K about the Scrorched , or he Heat, or whatever Americanised names these sides have.

    The good old bad old days never return. Aspects of them reappear, continue, but as the Great German playwrite Bertolt Brecht once said, “the longer things stay the way they are, the more they will change’. Too true.


  2. I agree with your point Crio, but like Glen, you can leave me out of the so-called razzle-dazzle of the modern game.

    It would be nice to leave Docklands one time without Tinnitus from all the bloody ads and muppets with mics on the boundary line shouting at me to look at the highlights at every break.

  3. Hi Crio

    I’ll give you something.

    When I moved to VFL city in the late 70s from the West the one thing I could not come at was the mud.

    It was bad enough getting half drowned in the stuff by the Spud Farmers up at Springbank. Yes Frank Duggan you know what I’m talking about.

    But to sit and watch two indistinguishable groups of mud covered plodders struggle to move a ball ( only 1 a day ) that resembled a 10 lb dirty,brwn jellyfish was painful.



  4. Crio, I’m not sensing your heart really being in this one.

    I’ll see you down the Curmudgeons’ Shed. :)

  5. Malcolm Ashwood says

    A hard one Crio facilities for spectators and ovals fo players a huge improvement but game style interpretation of rules ( the rules committee in particular Bartlett should be shot ) give me the old days in particular . Cricket wise these bloody drop in shit ha meant we ar gradually losing the individuality of each aust test venue
    I am trying to find the improvements and be positive but I am struggling Thanks Crio

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