Crio’s Question: Singo and Gai

…to love you and honour you…

Mick and Eddie.
Now it’s Singo and Gai.
The love doesn’t always last and, as Mum’s have always warned us, it can often end in tears.
It is not a new phenomenon but it is always hard to bear.
What other doting couples have publicly crumbled?


  1. Kevin and Julia

  2. If we’re talking about conflict in the world of horse racing, how can we go past the Berriman sisters ???


  3. KB and Richmond

  4. Tiger Woods and Steve Williams
    Aker and Brisbane

  5. Wayne Carey and Glen Archer

  6. Jelena & Damir Dokic

  7. Oh, and Jeff Kennett and practically everyone he’s ever been involved with – most recently Big Ted.

  8. Stan the Man says

    There are heaps in racing :
    Colin Hayes and John Stocker
    JB Cummings took about 20 years to give “Pumper” Cassidy another ride.
    Lets face it its a pretty emotional and volitile industry when money is involved so its bound to happen. Im sure they will both move on in time.

  9. Ripsnorter says

    Brian Clough and Peter Taylor is a famous one in English Football.

  10. TJ Smith & George Moore
    Nathan Tinkler & everyone else

  11. Lord Bogan says

    Lennon and McCartney
    Sonny and Cher
    Peter Moore and Tom Hafey
    Philippousis and every coach

  12. Eddie and Mick

  13. Sorry, failed to read your first line, Crio! Like Cool Hand Luke, I’ll spend a night in the box.

  14. Chrissy Amphlett and Mark McEntee (Divinyls)
    Sheeds and Derek Kickett
    Paul Roos and Barry Hall

  15. Tony Robb says

    Wilber and Mr Ed

  16. Norm Smith and the 1965 Demons committee
    Malcolm Fraser and the Liberal Party

  17. Have Team Hawkes taken over Singo’s horses’?

    MickMalthouse & Brad Hardie ?


  18. Lleyton Hewitt and Darrell Cahill
    Lleyton Hewitt and Jason stolten

  19. whoops

    Ley Ley and Stoltenberg, Roger Rasheed, Tony Roache et al
    Mark PoPo and Anna Kournikova
    Greg Norman and Chrissy Everet
    Hugh Grant and Devine Brown or was that Warney’s chick
    Choco Williams and Allan Scott
    Danny Nikolic and Mark Pegus/Terry Bailey…I’ll stop there or I’ll need to get protection

  20. On a roll there Jock!

  21. Budge,

    Just writing a speech for Roger’s 60th and was getting bored.

  22. Rod Butterss and Grant Thomas

  23. Macleod and Edwards at Adelaide

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