Crio’s Question: Is there life after footy?

The footy finals hog the headlines but, for many of us, if your team’s not playing then the season is over.

What’s next?

We went down to Money Valley on Saturday and then to North Port on Sunday for the extraordinary semi between Willy and Werribee.

This weekend it will be races on Saturday (Craiglee Stakes @HQ) and cricket practice match on Sunday.

The seasons move on very quickly.

What are others doing to supplement their footy fix?


  1. The NFL have timed their run perfectly to coincide with AFL wrapping up, and I always find succour by watching EPL on Grand Final night. For some reason, I’m not so amped for the Sport of Kings this spring. This might change in a couple of weeks, but at the moment, I’m not feelin’ it

  2. David Zampatti says

    I’m sitting here giving my Taylor Vectors a polish and watching the Chargers at Arizona. And Freo’s still in it!

  3. Dennis Gedling says

    Instead of Footy in the winter Cricket in the summer I’m Footy in the Winter Football/Soccer in the summer. NFL helps too. Glory do not..yearly.

  4. Melbourne Marathon attempt 2 (only thing I hate about it is that it’s on the same day as Bathurst), followed by Point to Pinnacle attempt 1 in November (first time ever in Tasmania) with a few smaller events in between such as the Twilight Bay Run in Brisbane next weekend will keep me occupied. There used to be the NBL too, but the whole Melbourne Tigers/United thing has probably turned me off, and that was before the Boomers tanked and got burned.

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