Crio’s Question : Hidden Gems?

It has been (as Tone used to say on the Coodabeens) a big week in Sport.

Saturation television. Tremendous variety. Mixed quality.

Cricket, footy, soccer, League, darts, winter games, races, bowls…

Even the most ardent IQ/remote surfer cannot have managed – we’ve been pretty much limited to cricket and some (EPL and A-League) soccer.

The Aussies, of course, were magnificent. Firstly the partnership of Marsh/Smith which wrestled control and then Mitch the Mo’s demolition.

Obviously they’ve earned the back page glory. But other cricket has also been worthy of note. The Shield resumed – the Vics were humiliated and Queensland staged a remarkable recovery. Yet possibly the most astonishing performance has been in Wellington (what a weekend for Kiwi sport!) where the Black Caps have continued to stand up to India. They’ve had a wonderful series of matches but nothing prepared us for the fightback begun yesterday. Trailing on the first Innings by nearly 250, NZ collapsed to be 5/94 midway through Day 3. At stumps on Day 4 it is game on with NZ 6/571 and eyeing off a declaration. (

Among the treasure chest of sporting options, this may well be the unlikely jewel in a glittering crown.

Anyone else got some highlights from this past week which may have slipped under the radar?


  1. Crio – full marks to the Kiwis in the cricket but I’d be investigating the betting trends through that game. Smells like a portable loo.

    A highlight for me (I think it was last week) was Melissa Breen breaking the 100m Australian record (knocked off Gainsford-Taylor’s old record). I saw her win the Women’s Gift at Stawell. Very talented athlete.

  2. Another cricket story – Australia’s U19s lose to Afghanistan at World Cup this morning!

  3. memorable moment…sideon slow mo replay of Amla’s head/helmet snapping back

  4. Kath Presdee says

    Karrie Webb coming from five shots back to win the Australian Open golf is also pretty special. Not sure if it was televised, but it’s a memorable achievement.

    Actually, I don’t know if you’ve included anything that suggests there was anything of note (such as the final of the Interstate T20 cricket) in women’s sport at all, other than perhaps the Winter Games.

  5. That’s true, and I doubt I mentioned any of the Winter Games as I’ve seen none – though I’d noted Webb’s achievement, without which the tournament may well have been invisible to mainstream sportswatchers. Lydia Ko will need to be the banner girl of Australasian golf for future years. Didn’t watch T20 of either gender with any interest.

  6. One image I won’t soon forget is the slo-mo side-on of Amla’s head/helmet snapping back as a Johnson handgrenade smashed in to the grille. Extraordinary.

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