Crio’s Question: Good Friday entertainment

Tom yelled up from his PS module from where he bestrides Euro soccer whilst listening to SEN.

“We can go to the District Cricket Final at the Junction on Friday.”

He reckons it was mentioned on the radio but, sadly, research has not confirmed what would have been a good idea.

So it is back to the drawing board.

It is hard enough for sports to find a market in a congested sporting landscape and nearly impossible once the AFL season clogs the media.

But, uncharacteristically, the AFL gives the other organisations a “free kick” on Good Friday.

Most incredibly, the VFL fail to pick up the baton and launch their season with a blockbuster at North Port or an RCH fundraiser at Princes Park.

Racing, of course, stops only for Good Friday and Christmas Day.

So options are very limited, especially here in Melbourne.

Elsewhere, the NRL plays in Sydney and Brisbane, the A-League in Newcastle and the Union in NZ.

Early research offers me the Strathmore v Keilor game @ 2.15 in the EDFL (I’ll pass on the WRFL’s twilighter @ St.Albans!).

I know that there’s a game in the Ovens and King.

Suggestions please?


  1. Crio

    I know it aint everyone’s cup of tea, but Good Friday is a wonderful day for a round of golf.

    Golf was invented to make beer taste better, and has been largely successful in this aim.

    As I have done for the last ten or so GFs, I’ll be having 18 holes with my old man and my brother down on the Mornington Peninsula – washed down with a few Red Hills.

    Peace be with you.

  2. Clubhouse leader MOC…. though what my son does to me at golf has corny Good Friday parallels

  3. I now picture you with the 18th pin piercing your side.

    Fortunately, my old man is the third worst golfer in the world.*

    Don’t ask me who the worst two are. I haven’t met them yet.

    * Just kidding, Dad, in the unlikely event you read this. And, NO, you can’t have two shots a hole.

  4. Two Murray footy league games should be crackers.
    Echuca United v Moama in the derby and Nathalia also hosting Tongala. Both should be good matches.

  5. I’ll be sitting around a camp fire having a few coldies – beats the hell out of a game of golf I reckon.

  6. Travel day for me, complete with a training run on the Gold Coast mid morning should the weather be favourable (which it doesn’t appear to be forecasting).

  7. Anyone been to Bells on the Friday? I know the joke is that it ends up being at Winky Pop a week later, but it is another of those events I’ve yet to see.

  8. The Stations of the Cross…. an essential

  9. the big Good Friday match-up (Australian TV time) is the always fantastic Power v Barney clash in the Premier Darts.

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