Crio’s Question: Change of plans

Crio’s Q?….a change of plans!

School holidays beckon but, for some sets of fans, it is too early to make plans. The Prelims are still to be played. Next week might be a whirlwind of ticket searches, training schedules, lucky omens, the GF parade and, hopefully, an unforgettable MCG experience. But it might not be…
Sports schedules can play havoc with our lives.
When have you had to put your life on hold, or in to overdrive, to satisfy a sporting need?


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    When South Aust were hosting the Final of The Sheffield Shield in Season 96. 97 I was still nursing at the time and had copped a shocking Roster re The Final so on a warm day I made a Doctors Appointment rugged up jogged the 3 ks there went in sweating like a pig result prescribed Antibiotics given sick certificate for a wek and was at
    Adelaide Oval for 1 The arrnouncement that A Gilchrist was going to be a superstar and then the Spine Tingling heroics of Peter McIntyre and Shane Georges last wicket partnership surviving the last hour to win us The Shield Yes I rather changed my life by means of which I am not particularly proud of but by Geez it was worth it !

  2. Ends justify the means

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