Crio’s Question: Big J.Brown – say it ain’t so

I need to see it again. But I don’t want to see it again.
Has anyone noticed the TV ad where big J. Brown blurts his joy at achieving KPI targets?
It was over before I had processed the whole charade.
KPI targets! Not “pack crunches” or goal assists.
Not Teddy Whitten flogging footy boots, not even Maxy (Mister) Walker spruiking Aerogard or a tram choir praising Four’n’20.
Jonathan Brown for, I assume, some accountants. What? Why?
Is this the most improbable sports product placement?
Which have worked (or failed dismally)?
….and any recommendations for advertising execs to consider?


  1. Well Crio, we would have to say J Brown is in the time on period of the final quarter of his career; where to from here?

    With you being down the ‘Bool last week, considering J Browns family links to that neck of the woods, would there be a role for him in the future promoting the races there ?


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