Crio’s Question: Any room at the stables?

I’ve never really adjusted to the “book ahead” psyche which has crept into sport over the last few decades (my middle-aged definition of recently!).

This crossed my mind today when someone mentioned that it could be 37degrees and maybe stormy on Saturday.

“Pity those poor bastards who’ve paid heaps for the Southern Stand”, was the reply.

Melbourne sports fans have apparently been spoilt.

Cheap standing room tickets from the Salvos meant even the GF was a walk-up “back in the day”. Test matches? No worries. Flemington? Just roll up.

But marketers and theatre-goers have shifted the landscape – as has TV coverage, which has tilted the balance back to those owning the wallets.

Why would I pay good coin before knowing the dual variables of Melbourne’s weather and my condition?

For years my passion has been to get to live sport whenever possible. It’s what I grew up with and what I rate as the greatest experience possible.

But there’s no way I’m committing to an outdoor fixture in advance. It just doesn’t add up.



  1. I bought tickets for Saturday back in Dec 2013 when they first went on sale!

    I’ll be in the shade of the member’s stand…….

  2. too clever Judge – obviously not an ironic byline and clearly a well educated fellow!

    I’m obviously old-school. How anyone would commit to a Hanging Rock concert, for example, is beyond me!

  3. I’m with you Crio. Too old and set in my ways to change.
    We hang onto our Eagles memberships because we know that in a 40,000 seat stadium in a million population town, there is another 20,000 on the wait iist. But often we go as much because we paid for it, as my enthusiasm for the game. We buy the 12 home games for the 6 we actually want to see. The rest I’d rather watch my nephew play in the local league.
    Book Springsteen and the Sting/Paul Simon concerts months ahead – but the rest is morning coffee “I feel like movies, music, theatre, sport, chardonnay and an early night” seat of the pants life planning.
    It masquerades as spontaneity, but is really buggered if I know.
    I like to paint the outline of life, but leave the colours until I check what I’ve got a can of left in the shed.

  4. Mick Jeffrey says

    These days I always plan ahead, especially if there’s a running event in the morning. The last time I really made an impulse decision to go to a game would have been the 2010 prelim (Saints v Dogs) which was done a week in advance. These days however I plan to go to something like the Boxing Day test months in advance, even if I feel I don’t need to purchase tickets until the day like the Sri Lanka test a few years ago. A lot has to do though with getting to a city, and camping in town.

  5. Totally agree re: Outdoor concerts

    Still like the freedom of rolling into the MCC without a pre-reserved seat! Although they are making it harder and harder………

  6. My current ‘low brow’ sporting calender does not require advanced bokings. Be it races in Ardlethan or Yea, or the footy in Donald or Corowa, no booking is required. Sport the way it used to be, pre corporatisation.


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