Crio’s Question: 2010 Highlight Reel

DVD producers are preparing to launch “That was the year that was…AFL 2010”.

What should be on it?


  1. A doco of Molly Meldrum’s party if the Saints win the flag.

    It would be longer and more noisy than Woodstock.

  2. It may also have a dash more Caligula than Woodstock originally had.

  3. Essendon CEO/President/take-your-pick expressing support for Matthew Knights?

  4. John Worsfold’s Churchilian “no way we’ll win the Spoon” statement.

  5. All the disciplinary incidents in appropriate chronological order that show just how inconsistent (incompetent) the match review committee are from game to game or week to week.

  6. An Aker-less DVD would be fine.

    Aker: Big Fizz

  7. Andrew Fithall says

    Michael Malthouse smiling through gritted teeth when saying how pleased he was with the new and proposed coaching structure and succession planning and how he would be more than ready to step into a meaningless, over-paid role after the 2011 season.

  8. All those Blues supporters ripping up their memberships at the start of the season, upset that Fev was traded.

    Mix it in a montage with Michael Voss through the season, upset that Fev was now up there.

  9. The look on Simon Black’s face when Brisbane told him he had to take a pay cut to pay for Fev.

  10. Fev at the family day in the park.

  11. The no booze Blues Kruize

  12. Damian Watson says

    Does anyone know why they haven’t compose these videos/DVD’s in recent years? I used to love the Season That Was!

    Vision of Mick Malthouse in the coaches box and press confrences would provide you with your money’s worth.

  13. A whole season’s footage of Brent Harvey in action.

  14. hmm.. i think there should be a dvd with the best goals of the season along with the celebrations (Didak’s shimmy)…hmm OR 2 hours worth of Buddy, Higgins, Deledio, Mooney and Dawes working out, now that would be great to watch ;)

  15. Goddard’s and Jurrah’s marks in Round 21.

    Jack Riewoldt’s 10, and Mark Lecras’ 12.

    Highlights of the seasons of Barlow/J-Pod.

    The Neagle/Byrnes goal umpiring blunders.

  16. Pamela Sherpa says

    I’ll never quite get over Andrew McLeod’s retirement. A DVD full of his highlights would be wonderful

    A DVD of player/coach/club/league stuff ups would be long enough to last the summer

  17. Pamela, I agree on McLeod. A joy to watch.

    The other notable retirees should also get their due attention.

    I note that it required the contribution of some of our younger Almanackers to turn the conversation’s frivolous tone. Good to see who the real adults in the place are. :)

  18. The “train crash” of Harbrow and Jordan Lewis.

  19. A whole DVD of Brady Rawlings’ highlights

  20. Lewis Jetta’s 19 points.

  21. ^^ ;)

  22. All Travis Cloke’s misses from within 20m, or would that take up too much space?

  23. It’s a beautiful image adam, but let’s not go too early with the call…there could be a grand finale!

  24. Don’t call too early adam…there may even be a grand finale!

  25. Has anyone else read Martin Flanagan’s book on a year at the Western Oval? Clearly envious of John Power’s “The Coach”, he hung around for a largely uneventful season, documenting not much at all…a book about almost writing a book!
    A bit like going to the cricket. You can luck in or out.
    2010 would have been a beauty down in Barkly Street.
    Start with the pre-season Cup and then wait for it all to unravel.

  26. I noticed that the Dogs are playing this week Crio.

    One more win and they are in a Grand Final.

    I know our beloved leader is slightly broad in the beam but she is not singing just yet.

    You have got to be in it to win it. They have nothing to lose.

    Footscray / Collingwood Grand Final?

  27. David Downer says

    Lowlight: Lenny Hayes not in the All Australian team.

    As absurd as the price of a Prelim final ticket this week.


  28. #13: Josh, especially Boomer’s “Point of the century” versus West Coast.
    #25: Have read both “The Coach” and “Southern Sky…”, Chris. If Flanagan couldn’t make the season interesting, no-one could. Wasn’t Flanagan “embedded” within the Demons’ inner sanctum last season with the view to writing a book? My favourite quote from “The Coach” was Barassi saying “Practice makes perfect is bulls***! Only perfect practice makes perfect.”

    In my opinion, a real necessity for the DVD would be a fly-on-the-wall look at all those All-Australian team selection meetings. You know, the ones where Walls et al turn up with their favourites (Buddy, Judd, S Johnson etc) already pencilled in no matter what, and then go through the charade of pretending they were the more worthwhile contenders.
    This All-Australian stuff probably deserves it’s own thread.

  29. DD – the price of a Prelim finals ticket is beyond the pale. If I want to take my wife and three kids and sit in the nose bleed seats just below the peak of Mt Khartaphu it will cost me well over $200. The players will look like ants on a picnic sandwich and I’ll probably be surrounded by bad mannered Collingwood rabble.

  30. Dips,

    could ‘bad mannered Collingwood rabble’ be considered a tautology?

  31. Phantom – yeah, nah

  32. I’ve just been mulling over the fluctuating year us Doggies have had and then started reflecting on StKilda’a changing fortunes…Roo’s injury and more sex allegations. I guess the main difference is that they have overcome their strife and look to be peaking.

  33. I’m sorry Crio, I am not taking that ‘woe is me’ mumbo jumbo.

    I expect the Saints / Dogs clash to be a lot closer than the great unwashed are predicting.

    Your ‘Mr Magoo’ ‘we’re doomed’ mantra does not wear with me.

    You have to stop sookying and believe. You are in a prelimary final, again, for Ted’s sake. (Didn’t think I could say the ‘G’ name on a secular family blog so I referred the Bulldog’s next best thing.)

    Just imagine if.

  34. Brad Scott would have to be a highlight of the year. Somehow, he and Bailey may have been the only coaches not in grave peril at some stage of the season.

  35. Surely a ‘bad mannered rabble’ of Collingwood supporters is the correct collective noun? Or is it just a rabble?

    I’m just contemplating this and considering what a collective of Freo supporters would be; with a smattering of purple, red and green you could argue for a ‘spectrum’ or maybe an ‘orchard’

    Just like a collection of dugongs was once described uncharitably as a ‘Whitnall’

  36. David Hale coming on for his second game of the day.

  37. Sydney Malakellis says

    Mathew Stokes and his facial hair before and after the arrest.

  38. Fantastic call. That’s exactly what I was looking for. What a great calendar we could make!

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