crio’s Q(uandary)?

The first game of the season is next Saturday. That’s crept under my guard. I still thought the Tiges and the Blues had cornered the right to the first bounce.
So far I have watched neither practice matches nor any of the babble on FoxFooty or elsewhere.
Usually I reckon the year starts when they play at the ‘G.
But the Footy2012 liftout in the Sunday Age has prompted me to submit a LadderLadder to Gigs ASAP.
I need tactical advice.
Last year I put the Doggies on top and copped the blowtorch.
A thought for 2012 is to get Gigs to construct a ladder from NAB Cup performances…and then tip it upside down. I reckon it would be truer than pre-season results.
Anyone got strategies for putting together a winning list?
***details on how to join in the fun are on this site. Is also a “pick 8” and tipping comp for those interested. Have a go.


  1. Area = TTr2

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