Crio’s Q: Where to get a Sunday fix?

I’m in a winter quandary.
Working most Saturdays, the thought of watching a Sunday game of footy appeals.
Tom and I looked at the options last Saturday night.
Etihad? I know it ended as a good battle, but the venue, price and match-up held no appeal.
VFL? Avalon Airport and Casey Fields!

This is a bit hypocritical, given my past criticisms of Saturday arvo fixtures…..but I’m keen to hear of some good venues and matches (other than U12s) for those of us needing a Sunday fix.


  1. Hi Crio,

    From Sunday May 13 Elsternwick Park will be hosting A Grade matches each Sunday, commencing at 1.10 pm. May 13 sees Old Xavs vs Old Carey, May 20 Collegians vs Old Scotch and May 27 De La Salle vs Old Trinity.

  2. Geez Crio,
    Even the VFL/A doesn’t hold that much appeal any more…

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