Crio’s Q? – When Play Never Stops!

Disgracefully, this tedious Test stopped the other morning when the sight-screen wouldn’t budge.

These mobile billboards have already taken the line-of-sight preferred by rusted-on fans and now they take up time.

Brian Waddle, mocking the shemozzle on ABC Radio, guffawed as he crossed to their man amongst the experts fiddling with gaffer tape and Stanley knives:

“There’s Corbin”, he observed,” in front of CA’s “Where Play Never Stops” sign!”


What other ads do you see that effectively mock the product?


  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Graham Kennedy was the master at extracting the urine during his live reads.

  2. Can’t imagine there are too many punters who ever found the TAB was actually “The Lucky Shop”. And all their extraordinary special deals that they promote (“maximum bet $50”). The corporate gambling industry is the most deceptive, thieving, exploitative, ruthless bunch of scumbags in the country. (Gamble responsibly. If problems persist see your funeral director.)

  3. Richie Benaud was a master of damning some of Ch 9’s competition prizes with faint praise and thickly veiled sarcasm

  4. Mick Jeffrey says

    To be truthful I cringe now when the AFL branded themselves as “Australia’s Game” when….

    (a) Wheel of Fortune was that for many years
    (b) AFL is a LEAGUE, not a game. Australian Rules Football is the Game.

  5. Why do we say a batsman is not out? If an appeal is turned down why don’t we say he is in ?


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