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John Steffensen (who??) managed one A-Qualifier this week. To a country questioning increased taxes and hardships, his faux American rapcrap about “mistreatment” was world-class. He is a tosser.
Defending champ, “The Man”, valiantly tried to fight back. But, unlike in the ring, he may have found a serious contender. Nevertheless, with $US at stake, Mundine apologized for his appalling 9/11 comments and pointedly dodged acknowledging Allah, thanking God after beating another punching bag. Tool.
Aker has bravely and consistently thrust his name in front of the selectors but increasingly seems just a “try hard”.

When any publicity is good publicity it takes a special type to rise above/below others as a total wanker.
Who else deserves to be in my trifecta?


  1. If Stephenson doesn’t run, will the winner of the Olympic Men’s 400m have an asterisk beside his name?

  2. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Ricky Nixon would rate highly in the masturbatory, media mole stakes.

  3. Litza,
    I believe Tamsyn has been selected, to borrow the magnificent phrase invented by the Rowing authorities, as the “non-travelling reserve”!

  4. Actually Tamsyn deserves a mention in this thread… she sought a lot more media attention that her athletic ability warranted.

  5. J Steffensen has magnificently confirmed my suspicions about him this week.

    I watched a “movie” on Ian Thorpe just the other night – what a completely self obsessed tool. It shocked me.

  6. I reckon Luke Shuey’s West Coast player advocate, David Grace, deserves a dishonorable mention in dispatches here as does Shuey himself. The old ‘blame the victim’ strategy, favoured by many a two-legged predator over the centuries, is apparently alive and well in the west.

  7. Pat Cash.
    Remember the press-conference immediately after he lost in
    the early rounds of the Aus Open. When asked why he lost,
    he replied “Because I had my period”. The noise which
    immediately followed was the sound of a pin dropping.

  8. Tomic.

    What a line up of egos that woudl be, Steff, The Man and Bernie.

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