Crio’s Q: The nick-name says it all

They farewelled the Doc last week.

No need to clarify as Darrell Baldock…his simple moniker is enough to identify the subject to all footy lovers.

Like The Don or Newk, it is a heightened level of recognition when a full name becomes irrelevant.

Who else has earned this status?


  1. Paul Daffey says

    Crackers Keenan

  2. Paul Daffey says

    Plugger Lockett

  3. Mark Waugh: Afganistan – the forgotten war.

  4. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Butch Edwards,Tiger Crosswell,Polly Farmer,Presti.

    From the Almanackers: Crio,Gigs,Dips,Smokie,Phantom.

  5. Andrew Fithall says

    Muscles – Ken Rosewell – so named because of his apparent lack of them.

  6. John Butler says

    The Buzz

  7. Big Bird

  8. Jezza

  9. EJ

  10. ‘Sounda’ Sleep

    ‘Tubby’ Taylor

    ‘Beefy Botham’

    ‘Typhoon’ Tyson

    ‘Alphabet’ Robert DiPierdomenico

    ‘Rat’ Platten

    ‘Cowboy’ Neale

    ‘Scratcher’ Neale

    Terry ‘Wallet’

    And….. I went through my B Grade footy career referred to as ‘Fester’ by one of my team mates. (Fester Fumbles of Adventure Island.)

  11. Tangles?

  12. #10. So Phantom, was there a Miser Meany in the team? I imagine there would’ve been a few “Clowns” too.

  13. “Rocket” Rod Laver

    The Golden Bear

  14. The Great White Shark.

    Hmmm. GWS. Wonder if he’s a supporter of Kevin Sheedy’s team?

  15. Gigs,

    when I was on the ground the ‘Miser Meanys’ were my team mates. They refused to share the ball with me.

    I used to double up as the ‘Clown’ as well.

    Happy now?

  16. Always happy reading your comments and articles, Phantom.


  17. Seve

  18. The Galloping Gasometer

  19. #17,

    point of order Herr Bergermaster. Isn’t that his name?

  20. Whale

  21. The Ghost

    The Beast

  22. The Dominator

    There were three other ‘ors” with Carlton at that time but it is perhaps inappropriate to mention them in a family forum.

  23. The Little Master

    And more from Lou Richards: The Flying Dutchman, The Flying Doormat, The Incredible Hulk.

  24. The ‘Little Master’ is the ‘Happy Wanderer’ now Gigs

  25. Australians: Paper Cut Watson (now the Indestructible Paper Cut of Steel), Krab Katich, Our Phil Hughes, Macaulay Paine, Klutzy Haddin, Lemming Clarke the designated nurdler, Studs Johnson.

    Poms: Pik Strauss, Joost Van Der Trott, Skinny Finn, which became Filthy Finn after all the filth he bowled, Chinn Swann, Malfoy Broad, Sledge Crazed Jimmy (thanks, Will Swanton).

    My personal favourite: Mohammad Yousuf is Bat Stevens.

  26. Got a few for the umpires, too: Bowfinger, Random & Morgan Freeman. (They could all be prefixed with “that clown”.)

  27. Bart

  28. Phil Dimitriadis says

    The Big Cat
    Whispering Death

  29. #28,

    Brilliant examples.

  30. Damo Balassone says

    To quote Mike Brady:

    Captain Blood
    Captain Blood
    The infamous Jack Dyer

  31. Yabby.

  32. Paul Daffey says

    Darby Munro

  33. Paul Daffey says

    Skeeter Coghlan

  34. Paul Daffey says

    Tracker Forbes

  35. Andrew Fithall says

    The Macedonian Marvel
    WoW Jones

  36. Fraser “Pocket sized battleship” Murphy
    “Pants” Millane
    Ray “the toughest man in football” Card

  37. From the 60s


    The Weed

    Big Nick

    The Chimp

  38. Michael ‘Disco’ Roach…

  39. … also love that Troy Selwood’s nickname is ‘Bunnings’

  40. Duck

  41. A small group of us used to refer to Jonathan Brown as the ‘Toolman’ for a couple of reasons. One was that he always had the ‘bag of tools’ to fix any problem. The other was that when he first arrived in Brisbane as an 18yr old he, ahem, shagged a university colleague of my wife. She was quite impressed with his talents. We told this story to a friend who named him the Toolman (Roy and HG were big at the time). He was telling a girl, (the girl in question), he had just met at our engagement party why we called JB the Toolman. My wife and I watched on in horror and shame as she said “That was me!” My wife’s response; “I never thought you two would ever meet socially” cracked everyone up.

    As it turned out our friend was quite proud of the conquest as by that stage he had turned into quite the player.

    If you would like to use the Toolman moniker, feel free…

  42. Dick Stuart – 9 season MLB player who hit over 200 hr’s and had a.260+ average. He could hit.

    Alas Stuart was quite a poor fielder, his exploits in the field earned him the nickname “Dr Strangeglove”

    Unfortunately his career preceeded the Designated Hitter era.


  43. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Mopsy Fraser

    Paddles Hadlee

    Murray ‘The Enforcer’ Weidemann

    Charlie Manson

    Pistol Pete Sampras

  44. Got a picture of Mopsey Fraser in the early 60’s when he was picking apples at our orchard just out of Launceston.

  45. Alovesupreme says

    I don’t think anyone’s mentioned “Lethal”.
    I’ve always loved the appropriatness of “Swan” McKay.
    Our host JTH has reminded us of “the Pearl”.
    Does R.S. “and I don’t mean Raymond Shane” count for a prominent jockey of the “80s/90s?
    While on racing, “Pumper”.
    Has “the Shark” been mentioned?
    At the club, he was called “Duck” but he had another nick in the wider community.
    Has “Hungry” got a guernsey?
    “Toad” will probably only identify Alan Aylett to readers of senior years.
    Froggy Thompson, Victorian cricketer and VFL ump.

  46. The real test is the one word recognition.
    If I said my sports hero was “Tiger” – it isn’t – Eldrick Woods is the only answer.

    For all the thousands of Thommos, only old slingshot doesn’t need a joiner in a pub chat.

    “Scobie” was a given for several generations also.

  47. “Flea”

  48. Here’s a whole team of them. Don’t know which club specifically but we’ve all heard of them somewhere.


    Acky ad an ankle

    Gazza ad a groin

    Clarrie ad a corky

    Herbie ad a hernia.

    Harry ad a hangover

    Pete ad piles

    Dezzy ad a dose

    Morrie ad a migraine

    Charlie ad a crucial.

    Trev ad the tom tits

    Albie ad a achilles

    Con ad concussion

    Bazza ad a blood nose

    Nobby ad a knee

    Eddie ad a headache

    Stan ad shagger’s back

    Ocker ad a shocker

    Stevie ad a shoulder

    Hammy ad a ammy

    Andy ad a AC

    Freddie ad the flu

    Iad a go, but the umpy adit inferme

  49. “Cowboy”
    “The Fridge”

  50. Wally.

  51. Crio, do the Brazilian names like Pele and Ronaldinho count?

  52. For sure Ian. Tom and I were expecting them.
    I love the Spanish and Potuguese nicknames that sound so wonderful to our ears…artists, politicians, criminals, sportsmen (interchangeable?).

    El Nino

  53. Pele

  54. Mick Jeffrey says

    From Motorsport (with the Daytona 500 this weekend)
    Dale Earnhardt Sr (who died 10 years ago almost to the day): The Intimidator
    Tony Stewart: Smoke
    Kyle Busch: Shrub
    Darrell Waltrip (now a commentator): DW

    From Cricket
    Andrew Flintoff: Freddie
    Mike Hussey: Mr Cricket
    Chris Martin (NZ Paceman and hopeless batsman): Coldplay (I always use that one for him, may not be official)
    Tim Paine: T-Pain
    James Hopes: Catfish
    Andrew Symonds: Roy (or Simmo….)
    Harbhajan Singh: The Turbanator

    From The NBA
    Hakeem Olajuwon: The Dream
    Clyde Drexler: The Glide
    Charles Barkley: Sir Charles (little easier than The Round Mound of Rebound)
    Karl Malone: The Mailman
    Gary Payton: The Glove
    David Robinson: The Admiral
    Julius Erving: Dr J
    Robert Parish: Chief
    Anfernee Hardaway: Penny
    Mike Fratello (Commentator/former coach): The Tzar (of the telestrator)

    From AFL
    Chris McDermott: Bone
    Steve MacPherson: Supa
    Robert Groenewegen: Captain (think back to an infamous end of year trip)
    Michael McLean: Magic or Mago

    From NRL
    Allan Langer: Alfie
    Andrew Johns: Joey
    Phil Gould: Gus
    Paul Vautin: Fatty
    Steve Roach: Blocker
    Gorden Tallis: The Rampaging Bull
    Glenn Lazarus: The Brick With Eyes
    Trevor Gillmeister: The Axe
    Greg Alexander: Brandy
    Brad Fittler: Freddie
    Hazem El Masri: El Magic
    Daryll Halligan: The Rock
    Dan Stains: Undies

  55. More from the racecourse:
    The Accurate One.

  56. There was a bloke who played for Kalgoorlie City in the Goldfields Football league in the 1960s names Jack Neil. He was tough (dirty) and seemingly impossible to hurt. His nickname was Cement Head.. in the spoken form it came out as Smen Ed.

  57. Damo Balassone says

    El Tel
    The Divine Ponytail
    The White Feather

    The Bearded Burbler

  58. # 56
    Les, that reminds me of Geelong’s Robert “Scratcher” Neal.

  59. The Pod.

  60. Phantom, ..ref #10
    I taught – and later worked with – a fella we dubbed Fester…his was the uncanny likeness to Uncle Fester.

  61. Damo,
    Love the El Tel call…because it could be no other. London’s “Sun” was masterly with their tags.

  62. #9 – Gigs – your reference to “EJ” got me thinking. Are there any other sports people known just by their initials? In fact is anyone famous simply known by their initials, and no other nickname? I can only think of JFK.

  63. EJ was also Mr Football, and only in Aussie Rules could that nickname carry more weight the ‘God’.

    Has Dipper and Pants been cited yet?


  64. Dips,

  65. The program for the V8s in Abu Dhabi last week had a list of nicknames that were mostly initials or extended forms eg. GT – Garth Tander or Brighty – Jason Bright

    The only two of note were The Enforcer – Russell Ingall and Frosty – Mark Winterbottom

    Shane Van Gisbergen is known as the Cheeseburger amongst his peers, but not in this program…

  66. Gus,
    Jason Arnberger was also known as “Cheesy” – there was a time when cheeseburgers were put on the fence to lure him!

  67. Dips #62, ET?

  68. Galaxy Coleman Footscray CHF

  69. “Backdoor” Benny Elias

  70. Dips #62,

    JFK played bonking at the highest level if I remember correctly.

    (Happy birthday Mr President)

  71. Alovesupreme says

    Dips #62 In the horse racing fraternity, a very famous trainer (now deceased but with a Group 1 race named after him), was universally known as TJ, when his given name wasn’t used.
    BT is a possible example, but I’m not sure how much that’s imprinted on my brain by his media employers popularising the initials.

    Perhaps SOS is worth a mention; Sugar (the lesser Healy); Twinkletoes (Laurie Dwyer – because as well as demonstrating great footwork on the field, he was a ballroom dancer of note); Crazy Horse (Cowton); “Dutchy” Holland, NSW spinner – a common appelation for anyone originating from the Netherlands but in Bob’s case just a reflection of his family name.

  72. Yeah, BT shows the imaginative MMM approach. He was Barge at Prahran.

  73. Great win this morning for a classic nickname…
    “Dresses” Baddeley (

  74. Mick Jeffrey says

    #65…..Ingall’s team owner and 2nd tier series driver Paul Morris is known as “The Dude” or by many as “The Dirty Dangerous Dude” (because of his driving style and the fact he’s hit just about every driver in the field), and drove a car that was literally “The Love Machine”!

  75. Mark Branagan says

    There is only one original “Bluey” (Shelton).

    And everyone knew who we were talking about whenever we mentioned “Carl” or “Royce”.

  76. That’s right Mark…and young ‘uns, its not Karl Langdon and Royce Vardy!

  77. There was a bookie in Adelaide known as the “White Ant”…a terminal pest, it was even used in his (unfortunate) presence!

  78. #77 reminds me of team mate of Karl Langdon who was known as “Jobby”

  79. Great call Chalk. Could only refer to one player.

  80. Two of the classics from suburban footy. The Pope, shortened to Pope over time, because he’d never pass the pill, and Tickets.

  81. Great call that Pope one Pal.

    We had a bloke at Old Scotch (in Launceston) they called ‘The Moth”. He was never out on the training track on dark, cold winter nights. He was always on the trainer’s table under the lamp.

  82. heard a good one on a sports radio staion last week…”The Ant” because he was always picking up things 4 times his size [in the nightclub sense not the gym]

  83. Leigh Brown is “Anvil” – when he played for Freo anyway.

    Not sure that it qualifies as immediately recognisable but I can’t think of a more apt nickname for a footballer.

    Justin Longmuirs smaller brother was known as ‘Shortmuir’

    No matter what the context, whenever I hear the word ‘Demon’ used I immediately that great picture of Fred Spofforth, in cap with moustache twiddling a ball in his fingers.

  84. Crackers, Knuckles and we had a bloke running around at Braybrook in the eighties called Autumn Leaves I think it was because he was always laying on the ground

  85. As a kid in adelaide, Dad always told me about the jumps jockey known as Autumn Leaves. His wife would pack his hospital bag for him before he left for the races. His record was impeccable.

  86. His name is Les Boots. Bayden Findlay did a doco on him. He had 38 rides and fell off 39 times.

  87. Yeah. He’s Autumn Leaves. Hilarious.

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