Crio’s Q: The Next Wave

Let’s not let the great win at The Bullring hide the need for Australian cricket to embrace a transitional phase.

This should be exciting – a far cry from the “unchanged” lineups when teams were so predictable.

It also should place increased emphasis on Shield and Futures performances as players strive to thrust their names in front of the selectors.

Here are some 23 and Unders to keep an eye on…

Nic Maddison (NSW) next big thing!

Peter Handscomb (VIC) young St Kilda opener ready for next step

Tom Beaton (WA) Mt Lawley’s latest gun bat

Meyrick Buchanan (VIC) from the Colac clan

Mitch Marsh (WA) all rounder hoping to expand from 20/20

Glenn Maxwell (VIC) having a great start to this season. Bats brilliantly and bowls good offies.

Tim Armstrong (NSW) young Dubbo bat and quickie

Alex Keith (VIC) time to deliver on the hype

Matthew Wade (VIC) turns 24 on Boxing Day. Hope to see him at the ‘G.

J. Pattinson (VIC) huge wraps

M. Starc (NSW) big leftie

P. Cummins (AUST) might be alright this young fella!

N. Lyon (SA) good last Test. Only 24 this week.

C. Boyce (QLD) nice young leggie


Any others to watch?




  1. I put a serious jinx on Handscomb who got a golden for the Vics today! Bird ripped us open….is that the former chucker?

  2. Answer my own Q here…Jackson Bird – no “priors”.

  3. Although he seems to be having a dog of a year I wouldn’t write off Aaron Finch just yet. He is only just 25 and last year he couldn’t do a thing wrong. I can’t see why he can’t recover last year’s form.

  4. not quite firing in the “Futures” I think Dave. He looked to be a Hodge replacement 2 years ago.

  5. Broadening the topic further, I watched India v WI last night. Had India batted we’d have all nodded at their great list and the Windies’ demise. But they bowled and bowled and bowled. The West Indies have finally got some promise and none more exciting than Darren Bravo. He is the real deal. His older half-brother, Dwayne, is immensely talented and dynamic, but this left hander looks top drawer.

  6. Did anyone watch the end of the India v WIndies Test tonight? Plenty of blunders. Plenty of drama.

  7. thebendingone says

    Burns and Lynn are young batsmen in QLD who will play Test cricket and worth watching.

    I’m finding it bloody fustrating that Vics keep going around with McDonald, White and Hussey who are collectively finished and holding up the young players like Handscomb. The sooner the Vics ditch Shipperd the sooner we start generating genuine Test players.

    Why is that Victoria has produced so few Test class batsmen in the last 30 years? Yallop, Jones and ?? Hodge was stiff but was never going to be a great Test player but where are the young Vic batsmen pushing up for Test selection. Seriously, if Warner can be touted asa Test batsman what are we doing in Victoria??

  8. Lynn I have seen. Burns was mentioned on this site last year. What do you know of him?
    I went to the MCG this afternoon. Deck very good and slows tried to bowl too quick. Boundaries in too far. Lauchlan’s figures are awful but he was not too bad. Hussey just belted them with disdain.

  9. Dave Goodwin says

    It’s worth taking a look at the stats of the players picked for the just-concluded Australia A game. It’s a sad story on the batting front. Warner’s first class average is in the 60s but he’s only played about 9 first class games. The other 2 bats you tend to think of as contenders, the Tasmanians Cowan and Bailey (the latter especially because he’s a potential alternative Australian captain) are only averaging 39 odd in lengthy Shield careers (but at least have runs on the board). That’s the same average as keeper Wade (in 49 first class games) and his case must be strong – with a keeping change surely due at Boxing Day. Stats wise the only one of the newfast bowlers who is at the level you’d traditionally expect (in terms of proven record over some length of time) is Cutting – he should play. There are a lot of cricketers out there whose names are coming up on the basis of potential. Performace is always a better basis.

  10. Joe Burns has dug in at the MCG.
    There was definitely an Almanac celebration of him last year. Can someone recall/locate it?

  11. What went wrong with Phil Jacques?

  12. Another fast leftie put up his hand in Canberra today as a containing bowler. anyone know anything about Jason Behrendorff?

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