crio’s Q?…scoreboard pressure

My son was skeptical when I told him last week that anyone would sign on for Even par after 3 rounds of the US Open Golf, knowing they’d be in the money. It’s that sort of tournament.
As it happened, no one broke par. The nearest, obviously, was the victor – Webb Simpson (1 over).
Is this good sport? The players have at times rebelled…”too hard!”, they’ll cry. The Networks scream for birdies and eagles, drivers and “target” golf.
Aussie Rules fans are used to relatively high scores, hence the outrage at Ross Lyon’s “death choke” game style. But is unaccountable free running what we want?
Soccer, of course, cops scorn from those who can’t see the excitement possible in 0-0.
Cricket, conversely, has been decried for at times making bowlers irrelevant as big bats, small grounds and tight restrictions create run fests.
So what makes a better game? High scoring or “earning your keep”?


  1. Crio – ALL the skills of the game on display. As simple as that. The scoreboard will take care of itself.

    I watched the last quarter of the 2009 grand final the other day (because it was raining outside). What a magnificent piece of footballing history that is – all the skills on display AND a tight, tough contest where both teams could walk off with their heads held high.

  2. The one where your team wins is the better game!

  3. Keep staying things about Scoreboard Pressure and you just know where you will end up….

    My first birdie was on a par three at Corrigin but I was on my own… does that count?

  4. John Harms says

    I loved the tournament, and I loved that the winning score was +1. I don’t think the course was unfair. A key was that the last three holes were birdie holes, but often the confidence was shot before the turn, let along by the 15th. Very tough opening few holes – 460m par 4 to start. And those par threes! But then you have holes like the 245m 8th. The final groups had every opportunity. There will be about a dozen golfers kicking themselves at the moment.

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