Crio’s Q: Olympic armchair experts

Every four years armchair experts adopt a sport, its rules, its champions and its scoring nuances. Outside of the Olympics there is very little general interest in beach volleyball or diving or table tennis or women’s 400m running….. But, from under a rock we emerge to absorb and then challenge Drew Morphett, or Sandy, or Peter Landy or, wonderfully, big Dazza Eastlake as patriotism, ratings and sport get blended.
So ‘fess up…what sport do you cyclically become “special comments” from the armchair?


  1. Crio – for me its gymnastics. By the end of the Games I am a far superior judge than the official judges. I even give scores with decimal places in them.

  2. After last night the Aussie arm chair experts will be volatile.

  3. Crio,
    It’s gotta be the diving: the smaller the splash, the better the dive !!!!

  4. Stephanie Holt says

    Slalem canoe. Rivetting. Twist, duck, whoops, ouch. Basically sums it up. Perfect armchair workout.

  5. Mick Jeffrey says

    BMX, so we can cull the contenders for Classic Crashes or Super Stacks where the prize is a trip for 2 to…..

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