Crio’s Q? – nearly newsworthy; comfortably cringeworthy

Did you see the News services last night which gushed that Jarryd Hayne had nearly scored?


Reminded me of the VFL wrap in the Sunday Mail when I was a kid. From my reading it appeared that Robert Day and Bugsy Jaworskyj were piloting the Hawks’ push up the ladder! Of course, it was all about the audience and its needs.

The world is smaller but our minds may have responded likewise.

What’s an appropriate level of coverage that informs without the cringe?


  1. Aus nearly on the map! Just a step or too away! I’ve written a bit about the cringe, which I term the ‘colonial cultural cringe’ – it is about being an off the map small country and hoping sport puts us on the map.
    The other term is ‘small country syndrome’, although isolation is also a factor.
    The Canadians do the CCC well and in many ways the Japanese share it (eg re their baseballers in the MLB).
    The really bad version I have called ‘Our National Folly’ – that fighting in other people’s wars, and invading other countries puts us on the map. I feel a long article about how the the Xn crazies decided to destabilise the Middle East – George W Bush, Tony Blair (Bush’s lapdog) and John Howard (Bush’s even smaller puppy) by invading a country which was not full of WMD. I feel a lecture coming on!

  2. Given commercial stations have to fill hours upon hours of news bulletins and the ABC/Sky have to fill a 24/7 network with “newsworthy” items, every item will just about be cringeworthy these days simply to pad out the time.

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