Crio’s Q: Mum’s a good sport!

Sunday’s blizzard conditions really tested the resolve of footy Mums in Melbourne – none of this tea + toast with the newspapers stuff.

More and more, it seems, Mums are involved in kids’ sporting development. No longer is it just “Mum’s taxi” or the canteen roster, but myriad other roles, including coach, trainer and scorer are filled by supporting Mothers.
When my son played Juniors, his mighty Colts proudly never lost on Mother’s Day and the song was always belted out arm in arm with the Mums in the middle of the ground…”Are we any bloody good?”…before the kids scattered for a hot dog!

Here are some [email protected] anecdotes I treasure…maybe others would like to add some of their own?

-from the U10 footy team. Maria, our head trainer, raced out to a stricken boy. “What’s hurt?”, I asked her. “His confidence”, she replied. “What did you do?”, I wondered. “Rubbed his knee and told him he was really brave!”.

-from my own Mum…when I played my “mini-League” game @ Glenelg Oval. “I arrived just before 1/2 time and stood up when everyone sat down; then left when your game finished”.

-my son’s Mum ringing me after our Tom, aged 13, bowled his first over in senior cricket……”He bowled really well; nearly a maiden”. “Great. What’s a near maiden?”, I replied. “Well”, she stated deadpan,”the first 5 were dots but the last one went for 6″.

Only a Mum could see that triumph.
Hope it was a good day for you all.

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