Crio’s Q? – look…it’s important!


There’s been a pathetic push for themed rounds in the AFL’s fixture and marketing budget.
It reeks of insecurity – what kids used to call “try-hards”.
I heard a mention on the Coodabeens last Saturday that live music was to feature in the Grey Smith Bar pre-match. Ian Cover drily queried, “Any danger of a footy match breaking out?”!
Not sure if Heritage and Rivalry have gotten a gig this year, but the cool-cats with the clipboards are still getting the coin even if fans seem oblivious.
Does anyone care about these?


  1. Crio – it’s marketers creating jobs for themselves.
    Like “half-time entertainment,” a lot of these novelties only detract from the experience of attending, and are used to justify inflated ticket prices.
    False economy.

  2. Was amused by the reflections at Whitten oval on Saturday. The Hyde st school band with the one armed bugler. And the Barkly St end scallywag who has nipped down to Forges and swiped a mannequin arm and tossed it into the blanket. Now that’s pre game entertainment. (Apologies CSE)

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