Crio’s Q: Head to Head

Apparently another Pies Flag is a given. The world, it seems, is back on its hyperbolic axis – despite their last consecutive (can’t bear “back-to-back) premierships being over 70 years ago!

Here’s a way to stay interested in what will manifestly otherwise be a “cakewalk” – using the increasingly popular “head-to-head” betting. And it is a good tester for those trying to put together a “Ladder Ladder”.

How do these pairings seem?

Bulldogs / Hawks
Saints / Cats
Blues / Bombers
Demons / Crows
Lions / Suns
Dockers / Swans
Eagles / Power
Tiges / Roos


  1. These are the head to heads most talked about at the moment.

    Pies vs Bombers
    Bombers vs Pies
    Pies vs Bombers
    Bombers vs Pies
    Pies vs Bombers
    Bombers vs Pies
    Pies vs Bombers
    Bombers vs Pies

    Every one else can pack up and go home now. This season is all over.

  2. Phantom,
    The Sun’s Code of Conduct insists you mention Hirdy several times in any article. Even better if you can quote Sheedy referencing Lloydy talking about Hirdy – and the Pies.

  3. Of course, I am sorry. I know now Crio.

  4. malthouses pies vs hirdys bombers
    buckleys pies vs bombers bombers

    and any combination of the above but my tip is malthouse vs thompson

    why has there been so little said about bombers’s influence???

  5. Dave Nadel says

    #4 Because Hird is the “Brand” Bomber is just the most experienced of several assistant coaches

  6. and the pairings at this early stage.

    dogs/hawks dogs $1.80 hawks $2.05

    saints/cats saints $1.95 cats $1.85

    blues/bombers blues $10.00 bombers $1.04

    demons/crows demons $1.70 crows $2.10

    lions/suns lions $2.10 suns $1.85

    dockers/swans dockers $1.90 swans $1.90

    eagles/power eagles $2.00 power $1.85

    tigers/roos tigers $2.15 roos $1.70

  7. #5 by you saying assistant coaches, I am reading that Hird is REALLY the head coach, as in Hird has so much experience that he is going to tell Thompson to take a flying leap if he dosn’t agree with his advice. Read. Hird no coaching experience whatsoever; Bomber Thompson 2 flags etc etc etc. I for one don’t think so. thats like buckley telling malthouse what to do next year, it won’t happen.

  8. Dave Nadel says

    #8 No I wasn’t saying that. I really don’t know what the exact power relationship is between Hird and Thompson. What I was getting at is that Essendon (and perhaps the AFL as well) are getting behind Hird as a marketting tool – as a brand. He may be a brilliant coach, he may just be a front for Thompson, Wellman et al but he is the hero on whom Essendon fans are pinning their hopes for future success and Essendon club is pinning its hopes for financial recovery.

  9. tim dixon says

    #8 I take your point, no offence was intended. I would love Hirdy to become the next Sheedy and just between you and I, I think he can, I think he is one in a million. I love James Hird and I love the bombers because of Kevin Sheedy, my dad has been a richmond man for his entire 83 years and HE loved Kevin Sheedy (they share a birthday 24/12 along with Warren Treadrea) so, even though I barrack for Port, (a fact my father hates), I still love the Richmond greater family, that includes Essendon, (if that makes sense!), I wish the Essendon football club, whoever is coaching them, all the best.

  10. #6 – I’ll take the $2.10 Crows v Demons

  11. I’ll lay the Bombres (and crush back on Blues)!
    The match-ups stood up fairly well.

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