Crio’s Question? – Banner Banter

The Bulldogs have had a succession of wry and witty banners this season.

What do they choose for next Saturday?

Here’s my opening bid: “Up Yours Oakley!”



  1. It was never touched – Libba.
    Untouchable – Libba Jnr.

  2. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    To bandwagoner Sydney fans:
    “We grew here
    You flew here”

  3. Our living away from home allowance is a dim sim

  4. Dogs! You can’t walk a swan around the block.

  5. Bob: that would (most appropriately) need a Jimmy Wong reference

  6. At least we can afford to live in the suburb of the team we support.
    Never yet used on the banner but a retort in the outer against Hawk and Blues fans apparently.

  7. standing room. southern stand. footscray v hawthorn. Cowper St v Noble Park. Legendary moment.

  8. More blood in a bulldog
    than in any swan

  9. “We’ve come this far
    The time is right
    Let’s undo that name-change
    Footscray has more bite”

  10. No doubt the Bulldogs Banner man Danny McGinlay will have a cracker comment in tune with the historic nature of the day.

    Maybe along the lines of……..

    If when the Bulldogs last made it
    And you got a mention,
    In the birth notices that year,
    You can now claim the pension.

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