Crio’s Q: Alternate Summer Soundtracks

Rather than “the cricket’s on the radio”, the companion sport for this summer is becoming “the BBL on FOXTEL.” For pubs, couches and campsites with access, the Big Bash is the preferred distraction. It is carving an undeniable place in the holiday landscape, but some parts still worry me.

The music, for example.

Especially in Adelaide, I found it loud, intrusive and irrelevant. Random bursts mid-over. Token demands for crowd noises.

Surely that can be approved.

It’s the soundtrack of our summer. Come on music fans. What about some tips for the “spin doctors”.


  1. The Big Bash is like the old gag about the German tour operater .You vill have fun! My first suggestion would be the introduction of a bowling machine as bowlers have no part in the game as it stands. Either that or give the bowler the chance to bowl Power Balls in their spell. Two balls that can be bean ball or bouncer and lets see the pretty boys get on the front foot then.

  2. “Mouldy Old Dough” – Lieutenant Pigeon – for Warney and Haydo and all the pensioners in for a collect

  3. ‘Solitary Man’ would be no good for the Hobart Huricanes as they don’t have a single Hobart person in their team.

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