Crio’s Q: A nice meal with some friends

Cup Eve..time for another established Almanac tradition. The lunch.


I must admit to not being a big “liunch” attender. Either working or wary!


But lunches and sportsman’s nights tend to develop a notoriety that probably includes some recounts from our worldly readership.


Anyone game to break the “what happens at the function stays at the function cone of silence”?


What are some of the more memorable lunches and “sporties” you’ve attended?



  1. Greg Carpenter’s chat at yesterday’s Almanac Lunch was fascinating.
    However, I am not prepared to divulge any secrets…..

  2. John Butler says

    For those who missed yesterday’s lunch, the future of Australian cricket was resolved by a panel of eminent persons.

    It was decided that approximately 9 horses would dead-heat for the Melbourne Cup, that the steak was preferred to the lamb (just), and that most of us grew in intelligence, acumen and wisdom with each passing beer/wine.

    There may also have been a cure for polio achieved without all of KRudd’s to-do, but I had to go to the loo.

    In other words, another Almanac lunch.

  3. just missed you Smokie. Good day by all reports and an earlier end than is customary.

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