crio’s Q?

Earnest Ernest again looked home for all money in the last at Warwick Farm until Heartbreak Hotel “jumped out of the ground”.
“Ernie” finds ways. He is talented but has become a “muncher”.
He is cruelly misnamed.
Those who bet on omens or names are often quick to skite. But traps exist.
After his failed firewalk, Nigel “not so” Smart was pilloried.
Sometimes a name just doesn’t fit.


  1. Andrew Fithall says

    John Harms wouldn’t hurt a fly.

  2. Andrew Fithall says

    David Downer is actually fun to be around.

  3. Andrew Fithall says

    I wouldn’t like to have a doona filled with Craig Down.

  4. WARNING: This posting has a PGA rating.

    The defence lawyer for Rory Jack Thompson, who was convicted of murdering his wife, cutting her up and flushing some bits away in Hobart some time ago, was Pierre Slicer.

    (Sorry kids)

  5. Andrew Fithall says

    Pamela Sherpa is afraid of heights.

  6. Andrew was never placed in the school sports. He was fifth all the time

  7. Paul Daffy dropped the slips catch. He ducked.

  8. Cow Shed end says

    Karmichael Hunt,doesn’t seem a bad bloke!

  9. Andrew Fithall says

    Cow Shed end – that made me laugh.

    Peter Schumaker doesn’t even own a last
    John Butler refuses to get me a cup of tea
    Bill Walker drives everywhere
    Stephen Cooke mainly eats takeaway
    Rick Kane is opposed to corporal punishment

  10. former Archbishop of Manila, Cardinal Sin….hmmm

  11. Archbishop Desmond Tutu is a cross dresser.

  12. Stephen is hawking his intelligence to get a virgin into space.

  13. Dave Nadel says

    Rene Kink was straight, but the Victorian politician Thomas Bent was (ethically rather than sexually)

    Bob Hawke opposed the Vietnam War, I don’t know any Liberal politicians from the 60s named Dove .

    Wayne Carey didn’t seem to care much for anyone apart from his Mum.

    Gary Sweet keeps playing thugs in movies.

    Usain Bolt clearly did in the Olympics, but Andrew Bolt is a nut that doesn’t move from his position on the extreme right.

  14. Andrew Fithall says

    Dips O’Donnell actually prefers canapés

  15. AF – Dips O’Donnell,actually prefers Guiness. Try and work with that one.

    This is very funny. Phanto’s stretch with “Fifth-all” was very clever.

  16. Dane Swan aint overly graceful.
    Dean Cox would upend a row boat.
    Jake King will never ascend to the throne.

  17. Stewart Cink was a talented swimmer before taking up the golf clubs.

    Steve Hooker has just the one partner.

    Terry Gale was no good in windy conditions.

    Lance Armstrong has strong legs.

  18. In the spirit of AFithall.
    “Peter (Petrus – Stone as in petrify – Saint P – You are the rock on which I shall found my church) Boulder Stoen must have rocks in his head”
    Don’t worry I’ve heard it all my life. Mum – now that you are in a better place – what were you thinkiing?
    I don’t care if he was your favourite brother – it just doesn’t go with Dad’s surname.

    On a different note I will always cherish Colin Thiele’s “Sun on the Stubble”. A classic along with Alan Marshall’s “I can jump puddles”. SOS is a book about an outsider boy in rural SA who is tormented by having his initials monogrammed on his school bag (Bruno Untermeyer Gunther) = years of childhood torment.

  19. Obamas in pyjamas

  20. The Prime Minister of Fiji is Frank ‘Barney Banana”

    (This is the kids section)

  21. Matthew Scarlett is never embarrassed.
    Tom Liberatore is heading for jail.
    Jack Watts is not setting the world alight.
    Daniel Metropolis came from Perth.
    Jarryd Roughead …. hang on, that’s Crio’s next comp.

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