crio’s Q?

Fans don’t like their side losing. It always hurts. But after the Hawks had reeled in the Cats yet still lost, I wondered…
would you prefer to get beaten by “lengths” rather than by a “nose”?


  1. Lose by a lot. I got 2 loads of washing on the line by half time. The beef rending in the pot in the third quarter. And the dog walked in the last.
    A very productive Saturday, that would never have been possible in a close game.
    Dunno why the Avenging Eagle wasn’t grateful.

  2. I like an 8 goal lead at quarter time then a nail-biting finish with a goal after the siren to secure victory. It’s the best of both worlds.

  3. Mick Jeffrey says

    As a player….get pumped. At least the beverages afterwards can be shared with perhaps one or two laughs.

    As a fan, narrow loss.

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