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It was probably the report of an Almanacker wearing a hoodie to a Lord’s Taverner’s dinner that has brought this matter to (ahem!) a head.
Beau Brummel Flynn, having indulged sartorially in matching tie and scarf at The ‘Bool, was outraged.
Hoodies, it must be said, are essential for all 15 year old boys or if you intend to nick smokes from a 7/11 (a possible Venn Diagram here PJF?).
But: there is a time and a place and, most specifically, an age for most things.
This is not my usual territory. I reckon ties are for tossers and that function trumps fashion. But I grew up in Adelaide.
Only a few weeks back I sought counsel from wise barmaid Brig. Our dilemma – and one that Knackers brazenly flout at Book launches (maybe an exception?) – regarded the age at which it is OK for people to wear a footy jumper if they are not playing. Part of me reckons it is kinda cute, certainly harmless, but ultimately unwise once you are 16 or 6 feet.
And don’t start me on beanies with thongs!


  1. I stopped wearing my Geelong jumper to the football after the 2008 Grand Final. I was 32 and 6’5″. I continue to wear my Geelong hoody to Cats games following its debut for the 2009 final series. It is being rested at home for this year’s finals series.

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