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Last Wednesday marked the 37th (!!) anniversary of the first Cricket World Cup Final.
I remember it. Mostly I remember being allowed to watch some of it on TV…a late night novelty. Clive Lloyd’s imperious ton and Viv’s deadly throws cannoned from Lord’s through my little black and white screen in the Adelaide ‘burbs.
I thought of this again on Saturday night as our place stirred to watch the Black Caviar race. Being able to watch live from Ascot is, to kids like my Tom, an expectation rather than a privileged revelation.
To those of my vintage, there are some landmark moments when it was worth breaking a night’s sleep to allow another timezone in to your loungeroom.
What memories do you have of setting the alarm and putting on the kettle for a special TV moment?


  1. used to love staying up for Wimbledon. Borg V McEnroe x 2 great games; McEnroe v Lewis – fizzer.

    Have a few friends over.

    Used to go over to a mate’s place and watch the FA cup final – sometimes 10 – 15 people there. Invariably someone would go to the kitchen or toilet and the rest of us would scream and yell pretending a goal had been scored and when they came back it would still be 0-0.

    1983 cricket world cup. Windies seemed to be cruising to victory; next thing I saw the cup being handed to Kapil Dev. Missed everything in between while I was asleep!!

  2. Now that’s a topic Noel…the ones we slept through!

  3. Andrew Starkie says

    Yep, FA Cups; the annual Augusta heartbreak; Ashes; Olympics.

    Do Charles and Di count? Live Aid?

  4. Royal weddings don’t count. Nor did i watch Live Aid.
    Lots of FA Cups…I suspect the chance to watch top level soccer all the time has contributed to my lack of FA Cup interest recently.
    Have you actually set the alarm to get up for something at an Olympics?

  5. Now I reckon there is a subtle difference in this based on whether you are an East or West Coaster, and the time zone/starting time in Europe. Wimbledon is brilliant at the moment in WA. Live on 72 @ 6.30.
    My point is that most EuroSport has been a late night, rather than an alarm set/wake up in WA or SA.
    Soccer World Cups and Euro Cups are probably the exceptions because of the Euro evening starts. The Olympics will be a bugger out West for that reason. 8pm in the UK is 3am in WA(what the???), but a tough but doable 5am wake up EST.
    Anyway in the 80’s I was trying to do a serious political job in Canberra, while maintaining a part time career in punting and claret tasting. I prided myself about always turning up, despite these handicaps. I only missed an early flight to an important meeting once. I think it was IBF’s British Open. I set the alarm and went to bed early, so I could wake up for tee time. Everything went well except I forgot the reset it for the 6am flight to Melbourne. Nodded off with the Open in the bag, and woke up at 9am with an inner satisfaction for what I had witnessed (and in my mind partly facilitated) and an inner dread for what I had missed.
    I always set at least 2 alarms now. To be sure; to be sure.

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