Crio’s Question: Beware the Ides of March….or…?

“Joel’s got a girlfriend”

The statement carried calamitous inferences.


It was my highlight of a dull day at the races a few weeks back. The boss, a Geelong fan and tolerant of the occasional “Georgie Best” still lobbing at the stand, had asked a familiar chatterer how the “mighty Cats” were shaping up this year!


These sorts of fellas used to be everywhere (maybe not behind the “rabbit proof fence” of the Members’ Enclosure) when I first began loving the racecourse.

Dad taught us to relish/cherish them. Some, though, were serial pests. You could cop them repeatedly. Poor Gerry (the Pacemaker), one of our staff at Vic Pk/Cheltenham/Morphettville in the Derby, used to reckon they were moths to his flame.

But most of the coat-tuggers and back-of-the hand, side-of-the-mouth “advisors” were harmless and integral to the track experience….now lamented by those who understood the racecourse was more than just a betting exchange.


The eccentric omen guru is, however, still around.

We’ve all heard rippers over the years.

“Can’t win if on the front of the Best Bets”

“Trainer in a green tie”

All sports have these illogical, unsupported “bad omens” that some urgers love to extol.

It’ll be good luck if you respond!


  1. Never back a horse with 4 white socks.

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