Crio’s Q?

The feast of finals last week necessitated the crowning of a batch of champions.

How each sport reacted to the final whistle/bell/hooter differed markedly.

I’m one who doesn’t like the ground to be invaded by cameramen, journos and hangers-on. The AFL’s gotten ugly in recent times, as the crowd in the stands feels like it is a backdrop for television and radio commitments.

I didn’t watch any post-match on the weekend but the pattern’s usually pretty standard for each comp.

Tennis has an excruciating series of humble, generous speeches (of the sort TomRio referenced in his excellent piece).

Cricket has Channel Nine up their nose and sponsor plugs but otherwise is less cluttered, especially after a Series win that no one really rated anyway!

Soccer has a wonderful tradition of keeping out of the way. Look at the EPL, the biggest in the world. Players and managers leave the pitch and, by appointment (Mourinho perhaps excepted) they meet the press. With less physical invasion permitted, the TV producer on the FOX coverage on “Socceroo Saturday night” elected to flash a baffling, invasive series of close up that made me giddy. Why not pull back for a view from the stands and then zone in to specific moments? That stupid Spidercam is a toy they can’t leave alone (hands out of your pockets son!).

The Gridiron I missed – keeping a perfect record of never watching a full match. It’s ending, I imagine, in the USA way, was pandemonium followed by boring platitudes from billionaires.

What process do you prefer?

From the old cricket-style raising of the bat and polite applause, to the mosh pit of a boxing match – how should Champs be feted at the final bell?


  1. I must admit I do like the big blowers that create a ticker tape snowstorm backdrop in club colours. Although in the AFL it would be a nice nod to the past if they instead dropped a fuckton of ripped up phone books.

    On a side note, why do soccer players always do that bouncing up and down thing on the podium. Maybe it’s podiums that make grown men do it – starting to happen in the AFL too.

    Serena – for someone who moves so well on the court that celebratory jig the other night was tres unco!

  2. I reckon Cadel Evans’ celebrations after winning the Tour de France were spot on. No hysterics, just calm speeches that demonstrated how pleased he was whilst acknowledging the other riders. Then he returned home for a while to wind down and mix with the locals. Superb stuff. Perspective is important.

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