Crio’s Q?


White leather jacket, sleeveless. Red trim. Justin Bieber accompanied him to the ring. Floyd Mayweather must’ve been freakin’ confident of avoiding bloodshed if a pop music prima donna had been enlisted as his cut man.”


The apparent juxtaposition of Bieber/boxing is part of the charm in this brilliant opening to a review of the welterweight title unification bout in, of course, Las Vegas.

It is not uncommon for outsiders to be drafted in as sporting sidekicks. Ric Charlesworth was a famous cross-code guru. He had, it was perceived, what we’d today call a “portable skill set”.

Others are drawn more for notoriety or prosperity – was Bondy really a yachtsman?

Some are a pretty good fit. I watched on at Adelaide Oval on Easter Sunday as Simon Katich waddled around in his role as club runner and mentor to the young GWS. Made sense.

What fits and misfits, real or imagined, can you come up with?



  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Not really sidekicks, but here goes anyway.

    Rob Lowe and Collingwood ?
    Abba and Carlton ?
    John McEnroe and Carlton?
    In fact, any visiting minor celebrity holding/wearing an AFL team jumper.

    Rudi Webster and Carlton/Richmond ?

    George Plimpton and several sports.

    And totally unrelated, and to misquote the Painters and Dockers, how do you pronounce your nickname – is it Crio like Peter Allen or Crio like the Shell Refinery ?

  2. Well known Jockey, Luke Currie, won a Tasmanian boxing championship. Off the top of my head, i think it was the flyweight division. ‘ Jockey/Boxer,skilled in two sports.


  3. Cowshedend says

    How about Happy Hammond leading Geelong onto the ‘G’ for the 1963 GF.
    Also, without any relevance whatsoever…Tombei the mist , the sidekick to Shintaro

  4. Eric Bana & St Kilda !
    Tim Rogers & north Melbourne !


  5. Very true Glen, although we have covered celeb fans before….guess I was looking more for the odd “bolt ons” as per Bieber. Cowshedend’s Happy Hammond is clubhouse leader.

    Swish, no one ever used the tag to me before Almanacking – I imagine it more Lisa with an “S”

  6. Andrew Fithall says

    Pop singer Cyndi Lauper is given a fair bit of credit for getting professional wrestling into the mainstream through her appearances and promotions.


  7. NZ Prime Minister David Lange took up motor racing, appearing appearing in the New Zealand One Make Ford Laser Sport series while still in office (disclaimer: Wikipedia just told me that last detail).

    And the current NZ PM seems to fancy himself as a golfer….

  8. There are several basketballers who fit the bill:

    After his 1st retirement, he played pro baseball. After his final retirement from the hoops, he performed the role of “assistant captain” to Fred Couples at the President’s Cup (golf).

    After trying some professional wrestling, Dennis seems to have appointed himself as some sort of attache (apologist) of Kim Jong-Un

    After a successful and lucrative sporting career, he became better known as Roger Murdock (co-pilot on the original Flying High movie).

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