Corowa heats up (and blows away)

We drove over the border, across the majestic Murray for one final time in 2014. Off to Corowa, the old heartland of my maternal family. Firstly to the RSL, where we caught up with the rellies, then off to the track.

It was a pleasant day temperature wise; low 30’s. The challenge was a  strong headwind whipping in from the West, producing huge plumes of dust, at times severely impacting on visibility. The soil is so dry, having received such scant rainfall, the dust blows every where. We’re a dry, barren land, but we are hotter now than ever. 2014 was the hottest year ever recorded. Without getting on my soap box, the swirling dust made me think of the reality facing us, which is that climate change is irreversible and dangerous. Droughts more regular and longer, hotter temperatures breaking recors, all of these are realities we have to contend with. Phew, I needed to say that. Anyhow, back to the track.

A seven race card, with TAB status saw a good turnout for the final meeting in the Riverina for 2014.  Despite the difficulties caused by the wind a good day was had by all. Yours truly finished up in front, which always helps. Honours for the days went to Albury based apprentice Lily Coombe who claimed a double. She has been having a purple patch of recent, this being her third double and eighth win in the final fortnight of 2014. The female hoops had a good day, with Brooke Sweeney and Rebekkah Prest also riding winners. Last time we saw Rebekkah riding was at  Ardlethan back in March. She has made a good progression from the picnic circuit across to the TAB races .

For both the Sweeney and Prest  families it was cheers all round with the families having success both in training, and riding winners on the day. The Sweeney family is doing well in recent months, with speedster Sweet Emily being in scintillating form in the city. How far can she go ? Four wins and a placing in her last five starts, very impressive for the speedster from Jerilderie.

For the locals only Mandie Jones had any runners, Kibwe and Hardenup. The latter is literally a hard horse to follow but on his home track he is worth supporting. All four career wins have come at Corowa, and his ten starts at home have seen the four wins and a pair of placings. He flew home on the day, to an enormous home town cheer. Paying $9-40 and $2-10, which I thought was overs, but  having my hard earned on him, there were no complaints from me. This collect assisted me in finishing the day in front.

The meeting at Corowa finished our 2014 visits to race tracks, far and wide apart. Let’s see what 2015 holds. Frohes Neur Jahr to my fellow Almanackers. Happy punting,




  1. Glad you had a winning day Glen…tried your email address to no avail (and it won!).
    From the replays, it appears Corowa is a leader’s track?
    Sweet Emily didn’t just win at the Valley, she seems to have broken Miss andretti’s track record!

  2. I thought yo were a traveller till I read Crios list
    Where to next?

  3. Ta Crio, i’ll drop you a line soon. the e-mail address is cactus. There was an on track bias at Corowa early on but in the sixth the leaders were swamped. Yes Sweet Emily has set anew record; good on her. I tried to get an update from Phil Sweeney as where to next, but he’s a man of few words, so i’m none the wiser.

    G’day Oges. Yes Crio has a list of venues surpassing me, but it gives me something to aim for . Happy punting !


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