Congrats and thanks to Dennis Gedling for his remarkable 100-day World Cup series.

Dennis Gedling Wembley

Our man Dennis on a pilgrimage to Wembley.

We are blessed with many writers whose commitment to the whole Almanac concept is just fanatstic, but our man Dennis Gedling is something else.

Dennis contacted me with a suggestion he write a story a day for 100 days in the lead up to the World Cup. I was expecting a little 120 word snippet pointing at a youtube highlight.

What has followed has been nothing short of phenomenal. For 100 days, Dennis has written lively, thoughtful, descriptive essay of 1000+ words, every day.

It has been a mighty effort, and has given tremendous insight into why the World Cup is held in such regard.

We are very, very grateful to you Dennis, for your dedication, and the words and images you have given us.

We have one to go – the No 1 moment – which will be published this afternoon.

The others can be found HERE.

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  1. ned_wilson says

    Absolutely amazing effort – great stuff Dennis. Lets hope we get a few more magic moments in the next week or two.

  2. I’ll second that. Huge effort.

  3. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I’ll third it – superb Dennis.

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says


  5. Rick Kane says

    Stunning, just stunning. Cheers

  6. A huge effort, Dennis. Congratulations!

  7. I haven’t read that many but as World Cup fever hits I’ll be sure to be clicking on a few more of the links in the coming weeks. Well done and many thanks Dennis.

  8. Brilliant, brilliant and even brillianter Denis, awesome effort and well done. Have loved them.


  9. Gregor Lewis says

    Many Thanks Dennis!

    Not just for the timeliness in presenting it.
    Not just for the conscientiousness in suggesting it.
    Not just for the dedication & discipline in following it through to the end.

    All those things, but mostly for producing a work of quality, I’d be happy to lose myself in …

    … Any day of the week; Any week of the year; Any year from now to whenever.

    I hope Brazil 2014 gives you some more moments worth adding.

    Great Work Sir!


  10. E.regnans says

    Hats off, Dennis.
    Beautifully done; funny and evocative.
    And passionate.

    You’ve helped oil my conversations with old Italian barbers and an old Italian fruiterers.

    Carn football.

  11. Chris Weaver says

    Well done, Dennis – a marvelous effort.

    It’s not just quantity, either – the boy can write very well!

  12. Not a great soccer/football fan, but read a couple of the articles. Thoroughly enjoyed, gave me an insight that I never had before, and an understanding why the game is loved. Have now read most of them, doesn’t change my thoughts on the game but at least gave me more knowledge. Well done.

  13. Brilliant Dennis. I have read all of them, and you have inspired me to look up a lot of You Tube videos of the goals and events you mention. It has really got my juices flowing for the next month’s tournament in Brazil. Pity about the time difference, so I guess we will have a lot of bleary eyes.
    In honour of your efforts, I will barrack for the Cats and West Perth this weekend (once only offer).

  14. Earl O'Neill says

    Tremendous effort Dennis, onya!

  15. Luke Reynolds says

    Well done Dennis. Have read and enjoyed every single one of them. Learnt a lot. Fantastic writing about fantastic stories.
    Bring on the World Cup!

  16. Peter Fuller says

    Thanks from me also, Dennis. I’ve found your series riveting reading and a splendid antidote to much of the conventional media preview material. I’m sure that many in the Almanac community have had their appetite whetted for the month ahead, irrespective of how long the Aussies stay alive. You’ve given us an invaluable informatio on which to construct our personal ladder of the countries we might like to do well, and those which we will determinedly barrack against.

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